25 DIY new build furniture ideas

25 DIY new build furniture ideas

Whew, we made it through the week guys! I don’t know about you, but with it being Spring that means our family schedule has kicked up into crazy town. I have one child in Baseball, and two in soccer. This means games on Saturday and practice during the week times 3. I have so many plans for my home and a ton of projects I want to tackle, but the past few weeks I have not been home much to get them done. I was needing a little inspiration, so these 25 DIY new build furniture ideas is just what I need to kick off this weekend!

25 DIY new build furniture ideas. Simple tutorial and easy to follow instructions.

I get questions and comments all the time about how I must spend a lot of money on my home, decorating and furnishing it. Umm, no! We have a monthly budget like any other family and have yet to win the lottery. I do spend more than some, and less than others when it comes to updating or decorating my home. But, I cut a lot of the cost away by DIYing things. Sometimes it is smaller crafts or easy home decorations, then other times it is a complete furniture redo or new build. All of these are ways to decorate my home for less.

coastal inspired living room

These 25 DIY new build furniture ideas is a mix of a few of my projects and some amazingly talented blogger friends of mine. All of them share complete tutorials within the individual blog posts. As much as I like decorating my home and sharing it with you all, there is only so many hours in the day and my skill level is still newbie-ish when it comes to building furniture. These ladies impress on a massive scale and it gets me jonesing for my power tools!

dining room with coastal decor

I love getting ideas from other homes, seeing something I like and either making it or tweaking it to work for my home. The Spring home improvement to-do list has begun and it is a doozy this year for me. We have plans to revamp some flower beds, possibly put in a new fence, finish the laundry room, make some built-ins, and a gazillion little tweaks to my decor. Now that it is warmer here in Wisconsin we are full steam ahead to get things done. We have limited time to get outdoor projects done, and limited time to enjoy our outdoor space. It is crunch time!

Ideas to decorate and enjoy backyard patio area

I tend to do a few home projects during the week, sometimes on the weekend if it is a bigger project. For the most part we try and enjoy the weekend, aside from our kids activity schedule. This weekend I need to keep myself together, we are celebrating my littlest little is turning 6! He is not 6 until next week but we are celebrating with a party with our extended family this weekend. I blinked and my little one is not so little. I love to entertain and have people over, I love a full house, giggling kids, music playing, good food, kids running in and out of the house… give it all to me. My baby being 6… I am not so sure how I like that. My kids insist on growing up and there is nothing I can do about it! So today I am focusing on what I can control, which is my home and drooling over the 25 DIY new build furniture ideas. Today I am taking some notes for furniture ideas and cleaning my house, so much cleaning. Which I always do, I clean before people come over and make a mess. Just how I roll!




  1. So much DIY furniture inspiration here! My favorites are the shoe organizer and the wrap around wooden desk…so awesome!

  2. Wohoo, so much inspiration! I’m always impressed with the people who actually get things done. Most of the times I’m just stuck with ideas. Happy Birthday to your smally 🙂

  3. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    That fireplace is amazing. Wow, you have skills. So mAny nice finished projects displayed here. I wish I had the patience for it.

  4. Love all the different tables and storage ideas you have made and decorated. I would have to change some design around of course. Your ideas are wonderful along with paint choices and placement and uses of the pieces.

  5. I love looking at all the decor ideas – so much beautiful inspiration. I love to entertain and also clean before people come over, knowing I’ll have to do do it all again when they leave.

  6. Rebecca Bryant says:

    OMG, these ideas look amazing. I love how bright some are. I really need to work on getting my small house into shape with some new designs. I also need to find an away to store photo props that are laying everywhere.

  7. These are all such cool ideas! I need some more storage space, so I may have to try one or two of these!

  8. Your blog is so inspiring. I have so many DIY home projects I want to do and now I want to add DIY patio furniture!

  9. I love making things for your home. It makes it look rustic and very homey! I don’t think you can ask for a better look!

  10. I also love getting inspired on my home design by reading other blogs. I like getting ideas from them and then recreating in my house, make it very homey and welcoming.

  11. This is my first Spring/Summer in our new home so I have been in the same frame of mind. My list is really long, too. I’m working on entry table right now.
    Looks like you’ve got a lot of great going on! Have a wonderful DIY Spring.

  12. I love the idea of all these different furniture pieces. My husband is extremely handy I definitely want to try making a couple of these things for our house.

  13. I love the coffee/tea bar. It looks so inviting.

  14. Ohhh I’m moving apartment on May first and some of these are super inspiring. Good timing!

  15. These are just so sweet! I love the kitchen cabinet organizer. Since you build it yourself, you can easily customize it. What a great idea. The cloth cubbies are so cute. I wish I was better at this kind of stuff.

  16. Since I became a blogger a few years ago and began to explore the many many DIY projects out there, I’ve fallen in love with DIY. Some DIY furniture projects like they stepped right out of an expensive showroom.

  17. These are great ideas. I have been wanting to revamp my house a little for spring and summer.

  18. I’ve been following yur blog for awhile and I love all the work that you do. I find myself inspired to pick up a saw!

  19. You have a beautiful home, Emily. I’m not very good at DIY so I wouldn’t be able to do anything like this 🙁 I do think everything looks amazing though

  20. I love the milk jugs! It adds a cute touch to the decor. My DIYs either turn out grand or really crappy, lol.

  21. I love all of this! Your house is so beautiful. I need to try to do some of these.

  22. I love these design ideas! We recently moved into a new home and I can’t wait to make our house a home. Thanks for giving me some great ideas.

  23. I love all of these ideas! Unfortunately, these days I’m having trouble just envisioning how I want to hang my photos up on the wall.

  24. Love the way you have organized the kitchen rack. Thanks for sharing wonderful tips! I will be using some of these tips!

  25. That coffee bar station I need. It is super cute and It would be a great area to show off my mug collection!

  26. These are all such great ideas. Love some of these tables and they look easy to make too!

  27. you always do the most amazing DIY projects. I am always impressed by them.

  28. That are some really cool ideas! When I settle down I want to do most of my furniture myself…

  29. Jacqui Odell says:

    Lots of great ideas! I want the shelf for my shoes. Shoes are all over the place here.

  30. Debra Hawkins says:

    I love the little table with the rod for the roll of paper on the side! My kids would absolutely something like that!

  31. SO BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love what you did with your home. It’s so unique and everything complements each other.

  32. I like the idea of building furniture. I’ve never done that before and I think it’s great if you have a specific theme in mind and you’re not sure where to get the furniture. It’s cheaper too! You’re so talented when it comes to this! Very cool!

  33. Hannah Marie says:

    I so love seeing amazing DIYs like yours because I am afraid to start one. Your ideas are rally pretty 🙂

  34. I love the idea of upcycling! Making something new, out of something old, is awesome! I also love that it’s usually not too expensive to do.

  35. Love of these ideas!!! I love a nice DIY project!!

  36. I just love that coffee station! I am always looking for creative ways to add storage to my small kitchen. So cute!

  37. These are all wonderful DIY project and all of them are beautiful. I like the coffee bar setting the best. I wish I had one at home and most of all, I wish I was as crafty as you!

  38. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are some great ideas for DIY new build furniture ideas. I love DIY projects because it is fun to turn something not so pretty into something pretty. Happy birthday to you son and thanks for sharing the information.

  39. Wow, I love the designs! Now I have another inspiration to redecorate my home. I love the photo wall design. Perfect for my travel photos I guess,

  40. Fi Ni Neachtain says:

    Lots of gorgeous DIY furniture inspiration here. I’d absolutely love to make my own furniture. I enjoy upcycling things so maybe this could be my new project.

  41. I am loving all of these. We will be redoing our entire house soon and I am going to have a few DIY projects going on.

  42. Time for some spring updates for me, these are great ideas! So true how the schedules fills up as soon as spring hits.

  43. Loving all your DiYs. I wish I could do one of them? I love to copy your table makeover.

  44. These are such great ideas! i love to work on DIY projects too around the house and this would be perfect for when we buy a home.

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

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