What makes a house a home series – week 4

What makes a house a home series – week 4

Another weekend has come and gone, which means we are back at it with the What makes a house a home series – week 4! I am really loving all of your answers on what makes your house into a home!

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My house being a home is obviously all having to do with my crew, my gaggle of littles. They make this place, they give it life (and a few messes). I would have a much cleaner house, less laundry to do, and a lot more money… but my house would be empty. This trio of kids are what is the true heart of this home! Each week I have gotten to take a peek inside your homes, here in the comments as well as on social media. It is such an honor to see those moments frozen in time to show what makes your house into a home. Hearing about your home, the people in it, or the home itself. All of it counts, your home is what you make of it.

I think next week I am changing it up, I will go a little less “pretty” with my featured picture. Let’s get real about what a home is, so show me the nitty gritty, the good, bad and ugly of having a home. Hey, if you are blessed to have a home with people in it, you are blessed to deal with a mess. Just science! Not only do I talk about homes, I talk a ton about home decor, DIY and craft ideas. This coming week I am bringing a lot of inspiration around here, I have a fireplace feature project that I did this weekend. It added some color and a tiny bit of drama to my living room. The full reveal and tutorial for that will be on Wednesday, be sure to check back! I am also crafting away to my hearts content, and have a ton of simple decor ideas coming your way as well. So many ideas and projects, so little time!

Be sure to jump in on the fun and show me what makes your house into a home! Use the hashtag #OHNHhome on social media so I can follow along. Let me know all about your lovely home, the memories and people inside of it.

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  1. Kids truly do make a house a home. Having the grandkids over and making a mess is so much more fun than having a spotless, empty house.

  2. robin masshole mommy says:

    My house is a home because of 2 things. My “stuff” and my kids. Without those things, this would just be a house.

  3. My kids and their art makes our house a home. We are all artist and we hang the artwork everywhere.

  4. What makes a house a home for me is just having my family with me. I love my child’s artwork, I have it up everywhere. But honestly for me is not to have a clean spotless home all the time but one that looks lived in.

  5. The people in it makes my home 🙂
    And seeing my son’s collection of mini sticks strewn all over the place and odd Legos here and there!
    Music is always on too!
    I think the internet gives us a false sense of what a home should look like – always clean, perfect everything. Nothing is perfect 🙂 I really like that you’re going out of the box and showing that life is real. People need to see that too!

  6. My home is special because my grands live next door and walk over all the time!

  7. A home always smells like something is cooking in the oven or on the stove. It is the dinners shared, the movie marathons, the mess, the rushed mornings. I may not have the perfectly organized home, but these things make my house a home.

  8. A home is a place where everyone should feel welcomed. Doesn’t matter what your decorating style or lack of is. For my mom is was all about always having good food and great refreshing drink to serve.

  9. My house is a home because of my kids. They bring fun, life, and havoc into our house on a daily basis and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  10. My kids do make my home a home. They’re both in college, but they commute (thankfully!). Sometimes their “stuff” drives me crazy, but it is part of who they are. I need some color in my living room, so I’ll be checking back!

  11. No kids but it doesn’t follow that we don’t make a mess lol; mostly in our little kitchen 🙂 We love to cook so going through the motions of preparing the food and sitting down and having a conversation over food (preferably with wine!) is our thing.

  12. I don’t like empty houses that don’t look lived in. They seem so sterile to me. Now that I am an empty nester my cats make my house a home and yes it is very hard to keep my house clean.

  13. My family makes my house a home. yes they make messes and create work, but I love it.

  14. I think love is what makes it a home. Kids or not, love is what matters. Even if all you have is a pet.

  15. Family, memories and emotional connections to what is in the home are what makes a house a home to me. Our son is married and away in college but we still have his childhood mementos in his room that his wife and he use when they are here visiting.

  16. I agree that family is at the heart of everything we do and everything that we are. I am sure your children appreciate all the little touches to make their place that much more amazing.

  17. Rebecca Bryant says:

    Hearing my son walk through the house makes it a home fro me. He is my heart.

  18. The messes definitely seem to be unavoidable! It’s definitely part of a house being a home. You have to be comfortable enough to be messy!

  19. The people and animals in my house make it a home. We love our family!

  20. My family makes my house a home…no matter where we are, as long as we are together, we are home.

    What a lovely series. Thanks…Lynn

  21. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    My favorite series! What a sweet photo. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else besides my little home.

  22. My family is definitely what makes our home a home. I’m so happy with my little family what wherever we are.

  23. Kids definitely make a house a home. I sold my house in one state to move into an apt in another. Love it just as much!

  24. Comfort, ease, kitchen aromas, noise- they all make a house a home! I love making memories

  25. my kids of course is what make our house a home. And that means it’s not as clean as it used to be and I don’t get to do everything aruond here that I want to but it’s all about the laughs, smiles and memories we’re making.

  26. My house is filled with memories and also daily duties. The daily stuff is just as much what makes a home as the memories of special events.

  27. My kids are all in college and on there own, but they always come back home because my home was filled with lots of great memories and they miss that.

  28. I think kids, family and love is what makes a house a home. You can fill a house with things and it can still feel empty.

  29. Claudia Krusch says:

    I think what makes my house a home is all the love that is inside it. I love to listen to the kids playing together and the great smell of cookies baking.

  30. Our house would definitely be so much cleaner without the kiddos, but I can’t imagine life without them. I open my home to the ladies of my church every other week, and at first I was really embarrassed by the messes, until one of the ladies told me that it makes them feel at home, and that they don’t come to my house to see my house, they come to see me, and each other 🙂

  31. My family and daughter are what definitely makes a home. Personality, comfortability, and toys everywhere make it perfect. I wouldn’t wish for anything else!

  32. My family is what makes my house a home. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that! 🙂

  33. There seriously isn’t anything like a house that feels like a home! Warmth makes me feel like home.

  34. Great series and you are so right. Its the people in the house that make it home.

  35. I love this series! It really is who you share it with that makes a home!

  36. No doubt that my family makes our house a home. It is so much more than a structure with four walls when we are all together inside.

  37. The food smell is big in my family’s home! My husband use to say that when we first started dating, I always smelled like food haha!

  38. What a fun little sharing campaign! Our house is a home because of the people in it!

  39. Our little family makes our house a home. Little details like kid’s artwork, family pictures, and keepsakes also give the house a cozy and homely feeling.

  40. Well having kids at home really gives it a life. I remember cousins bringing their kids at home during vacation and it really was a lot of fun having them in the house. I must say, A house is a home when you are sharing it with family.

  41. My family makes our house a home. Everyone have their little space, but every evening, we all gather around the table to have family dinner.

  42. You are so right! Family makes a home. I love having my whole family gather at the same time. Those times are the best!

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