Spring home tour – a coastal and bold style

Spring home tour – a coastal and bold style

Today is so exciting! I am sharing my Spring home tour – a coastal and bold style, and this home tour is extra special because it involves 25 talented home decor bloggers and their stunning homes all decorated for Spring! It will be going on all week, with 5 bloggers sharing their home each day. You will be able to see them at the bottom of this post.

Spring home tour, DIY and craft ideas to decorate a home. 25 Spring home tours from talented bloggers with a decorating style for everyone.

Let’s get into my Spring home tour! Once I purge my home of all of the Christmas and holiday decor I am ready for light and bright. I am also leaning towards more bold colors and patterns, which has been really fun to play with. I typically link to each particular project within the post, but I will be adding most tutorials into a slide show at the bottom of this post. This way I can do less talking and we can let the picture speak for itself. Otherwise I get very wordy and I suspect I lose you all halfway through the tour.

entryway with a open concept floor plan

entryway with wainscoting

DIY rustic console table with reclaimed wood ans galvanized pipes

You gotta have a little something that says spring, pretty sure this is decorating 101.

simple spring decor ideas

decorating with shells

The great things about decorating a home is to find items that are versatile for all seasons. If you are like me and decorate your home for the holidays, fall, spring and summer that means there is a lot of redecorating. Which is so fun, but a lot of work. No one has the time, money or storage space needed to have completely new decor items for each season. Getting versatile items like glass vases, hurricanes, lanterns and baskets allow them to be filled with new items specific to the season. Such a low maintenance way to change up the decor each season.

small entryway ideas

large gallery wall ideas

living room with gallery wall

I have such a sot spot for throw pillows, give me all of the pillows! I adore the gray and white geometric pillows, mixed with textured turquoise pillows adds just the perfect touch of bold an relaxing. I recently had someone mention my home is a mix of casual, coastal and bold-ey rustic. I thought it fit well, however I do not think that specific style is a thing yet. I also get asked all of the time about my white sofa. I have three kids, who are wonderfully normal and messy kids. This sofa stays white because it is from Ikea and is fully slip covered, every single white fabric you see can be taken off, washed and bleached to get the dirt away. I usually wash this once a month or so. Fun fact, we were having a movie night with the kids and juice got spilled all over this sofa the night before these pictures were taken. I was able to wash, stain remove and air dry this before pictures were taken. This is why my white sofa works well for us!

spring decor with flowers


table decorating ideas for spring

Spring to me screams flowers and color. In Wisconsin we are dealing with cooler temperatures still, so I do not have my flowers blooming outside yet. I have however filled my home with beautiful fake flowers. This is not the stereotypical and corny fake flowers. There is a way to make them work and add such a pretty touch to a home. I will be breaking down how I use fake flowers in my home next week, also sharing my favorite places to find the flowers.

beach decorations

navy and turquoise blue decor

coastal inspired living room

I just added the navy blue shiplap to the fireplace and I am wishing I did it sooner. The living room was needing a punch of color and texture.

coastal decor with wood and natural elements

Another does of reality, my dogs were playing with this ball while I was taking pictures. I managed to keep them out of the pictures, but the ball under the table was missed by me. I did the best I could!

decorating for spring with fake flowers

geometric throw pillows and blankets

family room decorating ideas

These shelves on either side of the fireplace will be replaced with built in options, I hope soon! I just have to find the time to make them.

bench and throw pillows for living room furniture

Fun fact, my Grandma painted the water picture above this bench. She is such an amazing painter and I am blessed to have her work in my home. Little touches like this is what makes our home special.

bold and coastal decorating ideas for the living room

coastal style living room

wood anchor decorations

shelf decorating ideas

The walking stick as well as the cameras on this shelf are also family items from Dale’s Grandpa. Having a story for the decor items really makes this home feel lived in and unique to us.

small decorating details for living room

open concept dining and living room ideas

california casual style living room with shiplap wall

The dining room… I have been hinting at it being done for months, but there has been a few hold-ups with the final reveal. I am simply throwing up my hands and claiming that I am only human, with a real life house. I have new chairs coming and still cannot decide on some crown molding. However, done or not this room will be explained and shared next week on the blog. I created a great cabinet and shelving that works great for storage. Sometimes the perfectly packaged after does not happen is neat as I hope. I am sure you all can relate, decorating my home is a process and this room has had a few hiccups along the way.

dining room with coastal decor

decorating for open floorplan home

antique console table with wood details

Having a small seating area in the dining room may seem a little much, with the living room being so close. But I cannot tell you hoe many times us, or the kids sit here. This is also a prime spot for conversation when we have people over.

decorating with peonies

decorating with tulips

More fake flowers!

dining room spring decor

DIY dining room decorations

When I informed Dale that I was painting the ceiling blue he looked at me like I was crazy. He has since admitted I was right, which is big people! It is actually the first time I have done any kind of feature on a ceiling, and it now has me looking up for all of the rooms in my home. There is so many options to paint or add wood to a ceiling.

DIY built in cabinet for dining room

ideas to fill glass vases for home decorating

Here is more of the versatile decor, these glass hurricanes were filled with acorns, red beads and pine leaves for the holidays. Now we have sea shells and rope. This brightens them up for spring!

beach home

coastal style dining room

house with gray and blue decorations

So much blue and pops of green! As I said, spring is all about color. Not just pinks and yellows, really any bright colors are what make the home feel ready for spring. I brightened up the decor, simplified some of the items. My home was filled to the brim at Christmas time and towards the end of the season felt very cluttered. Now it is a fresh start for the year with simplicity this spring.

decorating for spring with peonies

decorating with succulents

dining room with coastal decorations

Remember to come back next week for the breakdown of all that I did in this room!

DIY kitchen ideas

simple kitchen counter decorating ideas

I followed the same trend of keeping things simple in the kitchen.

kitchen redo

The sun room off of the kitchen is getting a mini-makeover. I am moving around the furniture and seeing what works in there. I was not done for this Spring home tour so that will be coming up in the next few weeks.

hallway with DIY wainscoting

It is near impossible to decorate a hallway. I always have this little table but do change out the decor items frequently.

coastal inspired living room

Whelp guys, this is my Spring home tour – a coastal and bold style, and I am loving the fresh feel it has. With the clutter of the holidays gone and winter behind us I have a need for my home to be simple. Although this time of year feels alive, everything is changing so quickly… snow is melting, flowers are growing, leaves are bright green. Adding the bold textures and colors to my home follows along perfectly with this spring feeling.

I get questions all the time on where I got certain items in my home. I have compiled a pretty solid list of furniture and decor items that I have or something very similar. Trying to help you all out as best I can. Don’t forget to scroll through the slideshow to see the tutorials of any DIY projects I have in my home. There is so many and can be difficult to link to them all within the post text, sometimes repeating myself of focusing too long on one item. So this way you can easily access those tutorials, make it yourself or just enjoy the pictures.

Spring home decor for a coastal style

I hope you enjoyed the Spring home tour – a coastal and bold style, now you get to enjoy all of the other bloggers with their home tours. There is so many variations on style, which I think is so much fun. Even if I am not full blown contemporary or farmhouse I can still appreciate a beautifully decorated home and all of the work that goes into decorating it. This Spring home tour hop is filled with stunning homes, talented decorators and tons of inspiration for spring!



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  1. Rebecca Bryant says:

    What a beautiful spring touch you put on your home. My brother is helping to remodel his trailer he is living in.

  2. There are so many things I love about your home that I can’t even pick a favorite. That light blue table is amazing.

  3. such a pretty home, emily! i love all of your happy blues and that painted ceiling and reclaimed table are my favorites!

  4. I definitely love the coastal style! I am a girl who belongs at the beach. If I ever get my dream, that will be my design style for sure. I love this! Can you do my house when I move 🙂

  5. Love the navy accent above the fireplace – beautiful! And such a fun coastal touch to your home to make it light and airy. Such a lovely tour!

  6. The interior of the home looks really bright and spacious. It would really give you a feel-good relaxing vibe with a design style similar to this.

  7. I am in love with the drift-wood table in the entry hallway. I think that gives the room the needed pop of the coast!

  8. I love how you have really captured spring throughout your home wish i could do this!!

  9. This looks beautiful! I love all the seaside touches – makes me feel ready for spring AND summer!

  10. There are so many different choices to choose from. Nice to see all the different ways to use them in a home. Tons of pictures can’t say you didn’t take enough pictures.

  11. The home looks so beautiful and bright. I love all the light in the spaces. Also, a coastal look is my favorite theme of interior decor!

  12. I love the light colors and the coastal and sea decor! It makes me think spring and summer and I’m so over winter now!

  13. Emily,
    I am still captivated by the addition of your dark shiplap..love!! Your color palette makes me so happy. Great tour, my friend!

    Much Love,

  14. Oh you are such a natural at this whole home decorating thing and I’m totally jealous. We moved into a new home a few months ago and I have no clue what I’m doing, but you’ve given me a bit of inspiration, so thank you and Happy Spring!

  15. My favorite things to decorate with are photos, paintings, figurines and pillows. I especially love Thomas Kinkade art for my walls or anything with angels in it fill my space with this serenity that I really love.

  16. I have definitely fallen in love with this style! It is so beautiful and I love the colors. You have given me tons of inspiration for my own home. Happy spring!

  17. Wow, what a fresh look for spring! I love that photo wall, it really brings it all together.

  18. I love your house – it’s so warm and beachy. We have pretty much the same sofa as you and it’s amazing how well white slipcovers hold up, don’t you think? We even had a big black Newfoundland, and I still wouldn’t have traded those slipcovers!

  19. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    This is a beautiful home! It would be a dream home for me! I love the white, greys and then the dark floors!

  20. I love your family photo wall. I have been wanting to do something like that with family photos in our house.

  21. Such a beautiful beachy themed home! I would totally do this if my husband let me, but he’s rather boring when it comes to decor and the walls LOL Doesn’t want me making any holes.

  22. Everything is so bright and cheerful, ready for spring. I just adore the water painting your grandma painted!

  23. Rebecca Swenor says:

    The coastal and bold style really works for your home. I love this style and would love to do something like this to my home. Grey never was a color I liked but it looks great with the blues. Thanks for sharing your awesome home and ideas.

  24. These are all so pretty and inspiring. I have a coastal themed home as well and this gave me some great ideas. I started a photo wall, but need to add to it.

  25. Claudia Krusch says:

    I am in love with that fireplace. I have a photo wall and it is my favorite spot in the house.

  26. Everything looks so good. I’m going to add some decor to my living room walls and update my decorative pillows and see how things look.

  27. my teen guide says:

    What a beautiful tour! Your photography is always so beautiful and your home has such pretty light. Thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful details for inspiration!

  28. I am so inspired the home is so chic and clean. I am loving the nautical theme for the spring and summer.

  29. Beautiful pictures of your home.This post is a perfect inspiration for spring decoration.

  30. Wow I love your Spring DIy projects. I love the soft color combinations. So clean, calm and peaceful.

  31. I love the giant gallery wall you’ve got – the scale is perfect!

  32. I just love your style. so light bright & timeless!!

  33. It looks beautiful! I especially love that navy shiplap over the fireplace!

  34. Wow, what a refreshing Spring theme. I love all the photos of the family on the wall!

  35. I love all those gorgeous pops of aqua. It’s one of my favorite colors to decorate with!

  36. I love everything about this home, the coastal feel is amazing.

  37. Victoria heckstall says:

    A great ideas! I feel insecure about these kind of setup. Lol! Very awesome and amazing!

  38. This style is very nice. I really like how fresh and calming everything is. It certainly has the coastal vibe.

  39. Emily!! I always love your use of colour; and you know that your coastal touches are right up my alley! Such a fun and pretty tour!!

  40. It’s so pretty! Your colors flow so nicely together and the coastal touches are perfect for the season!

  41. I love that you take pics from far enough away to see how the rooms interact with each other! so few bloggers do this!

  42. What a beautiful tour Emily! Love all the colors and coastal accents!

  43. I’m with you – throw pillows are the best! I love the mix of the modern geometric with the mint.

  44. Your home is so beautiful and I am still in awe over the fireplace!

  45. I love watching your space evolve, Emily! Your living room, in particular, has undergone such a transformation since we first “met” through blogging. 🙂

  46. Everything goes together so well, and the cohesive colour scheme helps achieve the simplicity you wanted!

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