Nominated for the JDR Industry blogger awards!

I am so excited to share this with you all today, I am Nominated for the JDR Industry blogger awards! 

Our house now a home interior design award

When I started this blog three years ago, I had no goal in mind, no set plans for this. I simply wanted to talk about decorating my home and maybe get through the crazy days of three small kids at home all day. The days of babies and pregnancy are blessed, but very long and tough at times. This blog was a little something I had just for me, to reign in my insanity a little. Now that my kids are in school full time this year I have been fortunate enough to count this blog as my day job. Seeing continued growth in all avenues with Our house now a home has given me so many opportunities to turn this into a full fledged career.

However, even in my wildest dreams I could not have foreseen all that I have gotten to experience and accomplish! I have worked with amazing brands, met so many wonderful people in the decorating and blogging industry. I am working full time, and my literal job is decorating my home. Say what?!!! Most importantly, I was nominated for the JDR Industry blogger award, in the interior design category!!!

You can vote for me here, towards the bottom of the page. There is a lot of blogs in my category and they are all amazing in their own ways. Honestly, no matter how cliche it is to say…. it is an honor to be nominated! Seriously, I love what Jackson Design and Remodeling is doing to support and celebrate bloggers. Too many times brands or other large companies take for granted the work and influence bloggers have. Here is a great company that is acknowledging the unique way bloggers add to the home design industry. It is such an honor to be included in this talented group.

I would of course love to win, but simply being a part of this group and recognized in anyway is above and beyond what I ever thought possible. When I started this blog, no one saw it, literally no one. I am pretty sure if you had searched the exact blog name, it still would not come up on search results for the first year. No one knew Our house now a home existed. Through so many hours of work, time spent marketing and researching, DIYing and picture taking I have stumbled into an amazing opportunity and career. To know that people voted for me to even be nominated for an award like this is crazy!

Thank you so much all of you for being on this journey with me, supporting this blog and talking home decor weekly! Being Nominated for the JDR Industry blogger awards is one of those bucket list moments as a blogger and I am enjoying this ride regardless of the outcome of the voting. If you do want to vote, you can do so only once, but can vote once on any device; phone, tablet and desktop all count as different votes. Not saying you have to go that far in your voting of me, just giving you all of the information!

I am off to celebrate this nomination and enjoy the weekend! Next week starts another week of home decorating and DIY projects!

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