Easiest DIY picture frame – Simple steps to display art

Easiest DIY picture frame – Simple steps to display art

Let’s get to some DIYing! Or in this case a mini DIY project, this is the Easiest DIY picture frame – Simple steps to display art! I have made a few frames for wall art in the past, but these I am sharing turned out so good!
How to create a DIY picture frame - Turning poster prints into works of art. Simple tutorial

My fireplace is going through a bit of a transformation, it got a little nip and tuck. I added the shiplap to the wall as well as decorated it with new items for Spring. I am loving the fresh and clean look to this fireplace now. Holy Shiplap I am in love with this space! Before I get into the tutorial for these DIY picture frames, I want to talk about the prints themselves. They are stunning, and created from the incredibly talented Stephie Jones. I fell in love with her watercolor and gouache paintings right away. She is from Virginia Beach and is inspired by the beach for all of her coastal prints. There is a lot of other prints, not just beach related. She has a amazing set-up for any visitors to her site that sign up for the newsletter receive a free digital print download! I received these prints to download, then I chose where I was going to have them printed and then that is it! The quality of them are top notch!

Wood backing for DIY picture frame

If you are like me, you see wall art as a big part of the decorating process. I wanted to do these beauties right, so the plan is to create a custom frame. These two large prints I ordered in an over sized 20×20. I am going to create a frame for them, with a portion of the back showing. So the end result is an illusion of a matte board framing the pictures.

Wood needed for DIY picture frames

I ended up with two (add size boards here). I also used long and thing wood boards, they are 2 inches wide and will be perfect for the frame!

cutting wood at 45 degree angle

Measuring the length needed, setting my (table or miter?) saw to a 45 degree angle.. ignoring the mess of wood dust surrounding this. Eek, that is rough looking.

how to cut wood at a 45 degree angle to make a DIY picture frame

Perfect cut! I always cut this a little longer than is needed, so that is necessary I can cut more. It allows me wiggle room to adjust things.

making sure boards fit right for the DIY picture frame

They fit! Notice the extra wood piece? When selecting this kind of wood for a frame make sure they are not warped. A lot of times I have to pick and choose certain ones in the store. Any that are warped will make it difficult to lay the frame flat. The extra piece was a little too curved, it would not lay straight on the boards. So I had to cut another one.

corner for DIY picture frame

These are not connected yet to the board. Once they are connected they get the perfectly snug fit needed to make these two ends be flush. If you still have issues get some wood filler and rub it into the crack. Once dry you can sand down any lines and then paint over it.

backing for pictures painted white

I painted the large backing boards with two coats of white paint. Remember this is what will give off that matte frame look. These backing boards are also what will keep these frames together, giving it the structure. It does not matter too much what kind of boards you get, I would just not recommend to go thinner than 1 inch, otherwise you run into problems of them not being sturdy enough to keep the frame together. They will potentially bend or warp over time if they are too thin.

turqoise spray painted wood frame pieces

My love of all things turquoise is back in a big way. When I saw these beach and water pictures I immediately thought of a bold turquoise frame. Which is actually what made me decide to DIY these. Aside from saving a ton of money (good luck trying to find a low cost, large and square frame) but I would take that expensive frame and then paint it turquoise. I decided to DIY it and save me the hassle and money!

Using a ton of wood glue, and laying it onto the back of the frame boards.

how to attach wood to DIY picture frame

Press them into place!

How to create DIY wood picture frame for large pictures

There is two options to make this work, I forgot to take a picture of the clamps I put into place for these. I had the clamps on each side of each frame piece for about an hour. Making sure it did not move while the wood glue was adhering. If you do not have clamps, small nails can be used to attach the frame pieces onto the backing as well. You can just touch up with a little paint to cover the nail holes.

measuring to center oversized poster for DIY wood picture frame

Now to attach the pretty pictures! I measured where the center of the board would be. Adjusting the prints until I had them pretty evenly centered.

marking spot to attach large poster to DIY frame

I marked each corner with a pencil.

Then remove the print and using a spray adhesive I sprayed the entire center backing. I forgot to have a picture of this as well. The above picture is me finding my corner marks to place the print in the correct spot. Since there are two of these pictures I wanted to have everything be as identical as possible, one picture being off centered will be pretty obvious.

smoothing out picture on spray adhesive

Once I had it place properly, start from the center and work to the sides, smoothing out any bubbles. You have to really be careful with this part. Because of the prints and the waves it is not too obvious if there is a few bubbles under the picture. But with a different print it would be very obvious if there was bubbled up pieces. Take your time and smooth it all out. Once all smooth then go and smooth the sides to make sure no end or corners will pop up.

surf and beach wall art

That is it! These beauties are done! These pictures are titled The Swell and Flow, you can find them by clicking on the name. I also have the Inhale, Exhale print but life happened and my kids spilled milk on it before I could take pictures. whomp, whomp. So I am ordering another print and will make a frame for that as well. I will also update this post to show that picture as well. Aren’t kids fun?! See, my home may be “Pinterest” ready but I still have kids that spill things, although it was my fault for setting the picture on the dinner table… even if no one was eating on it I should have seen the error in my ways beforehand.

Step by step tutorial to make large sized wood picture frame for art print

I love that the DIY picture frame works so well with these. Because I made them myself they make this art pop in the perfect way. Custom art at over half the price. Wohoo!

custom artwork

beautiful surf painting

watercolor beach painting

The colors in these are gorgeous! It makes me miss home (San Diego, California) so much!

A coastal style home decorate the fireplace mantel with DIY projects and simple crafts. Keeping the decor low cost and full of California casual charm!

If I just stare at these and not out the window I can almost feel the ocean breeze and smell the salt water. Let’s just ignore the piles of snow on the ground here in Wisconsin, M’Kay?

Easiest DIY picture frame!


I warned you, this is truly the Easiest DIY picture frame – Simple steps to display art! I have always loved wall art, it can really make a space. Getting large scale pieces can cost a pretty penny. For years I did not decorate my fireplace mantel correct because I was using too small of scale items. I did not think outside of the box with decor, just looking at the big over sized wall art pieces in store and knowing I could not splurge hundreds of dollars for one picture. Now that I DIY things, it has opened up a world of options to me. I customize and create the perfect art for my home, making it myself or getting prints to download and create a frame. All such low cost options to keep that decorating budget down! Now my fireplace has the correct scale with the decor items, and my bank account (or husband) is not crying over the extensive charges. Win/win for all!






  1. How crafty of you! They are great picture frames and very versatile. Could be put in different places of the house. Great job doing it on your own. I might consider doing one too soon.

  2. Rebecca Bryant says:

    Those are beautiful. I am loving the whole nautical feel.

  3. That came out really awesome. I love the color you chose for the wood, too. It’s super pretty.

  4. I love the turquoise of the frames against the dark blue wall. Very pretty! And those prints are gorgeous, too!

  5. Oh wow, you DIY skills are above and beyond anything that I create