DIY sliding barn door

DIY sliding barn door

Alright guys, this post is a long time coming. I seem to decorate my home and DIY projects quicker than I share them on here. I am sharing all of the secrets to creating a DIY sliding barn door over at Homedit! I get asked all of the time how I can have so much content to share on the blog, I must be running out of projects by now. Which is not even a little close, I have projects done that have never been shared on the blog, still waiting for their chance to shine. Not to mention the huge number of projects I have plans for but have not had time to create yet. I have a lot of decorating and DIYing for the foreseeable future.

DIY sliding barn door, easy steps to create the look. Great solution to a small space in your home, adding function and style.

Be sure to click here for the complete tutorial for this barn door.

This DIY sliding barn door came about because of a problem area in my home. I have a laundry room that is also the entryway from the garage into the house. This laundry room opens into the end of a long hallway. There is so much going on in this small space, and the swinging door for the laundry room was really annoying.

Here is the corner that became our organization station or mudroom as people call it. In order to utilize this space I had to have the door open to enter the laundry room, go to the far end of the laundry room and then shut the door. Only then could the mudroom portion of this space be accessed. It was a hot mess!

I still have a lot to finish up in the laundry room portion and hope to being tackling that project soon!

But, lets get back to the DIY sliding barn door, the function of these doors are amazing. They are so dang cute too! We considered taking the door off of it’s hinges and calling it a day. Then reality set in and I remembered I have 5 peoples worth of laundry happening, which means there is a lot of mess. Being able to shut the door when people are over is always a good thing. Another option was a pocket door, those are great for space saving. However, you have to open up the wall to put them into the wall. A lot of work. So the barn door felt like the best solution to thus problems.

Here is a fluffy Teddy and the hallway right after the wainscoting, before door handle changes, wood floors and the barn door was installed. In this end of the hallway we have two kid’s bedroom doors, a closet and a bathroom. So much is squished into this space and it is a high traffic area. It needs to function like a well oiled machine.

Queue the DIY sliding barn door to the rescue! For barn doors in general you can create the door completely like I did, or you can use an existing door and get the sliding door hardware for it. There are no rules with barn doors, they do not even have to be rustic or barn door-ish to work. Simply a sliding door on a wall does the job fine. I want my barn door to blend into the existing wainscoting on the wall. I also am adding a window to the door to add just a little bit of light in the room. y hallway is dark and the laundry room is dark, it is a big chunk of no windows in this part of my house.

Here is where you can see the busyness of this corner of the home. So much happening with the kids bedrooms, bathroom, closet and command center.

Solutions to a small home, creating a barn door

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  1. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Oh I love your home! Can you come renovate mine to look like yours?! LOL

  2. I love that so much. It’s so beautiful! Barn doors are my favorite look, but I never once thought about doing them myself. I have to get my husband on this!

    • Thank you! I wanted my barn door to match my wainscoting, but also using a regular door and then fitting it to the sliding door hardware is a great option too!

  3. An amazing project Emily I love that barn door and it makes the space look bright and airy – I adore it

  4. I love the look it gives to your space! And barn doors are a great solution to small spaces isn’t it.

  5. Chasity L Boatman says:

    I love this! In Savannah they turn old carriage buildings into homes. I always loved the touch that the original carriage doors gave to the home. Your door looks really similar, but the ease of a sliding door would be convenient for a home.

  6. Rebecca Bryant says:

    That sliding door is so wonderful. I love it. It is gorgeous.

  7. I have always loved this look. I have a small doorway I’d like to try this with leading into our den.

  8. I was just telling my husband this weekend that we need a sliding barn door to our office area. Great tutorial.

  9. I love this look. thanks for sharing this

  10. It came out beautifully! Have you had any problems with it swinging out? I want to make a door like this for our laundry room but we have a fish tank within swinging distance and I don’t trust my children

    • Thank you! We have had this barn door for about 2 years now (it took me a while to share it on the blog) and it has never been knocked off of its hinges. I am not sure on your kids ages, mine are now 9, 7, and 5 so they were little when this was made. Never any problems with it for us.

  11. Oooo I need share this with a friend. She wants to do this for her kitchen, we were just talking about yesterday.

  12. Wow, you guys did some great work. The door looks great and I’m glad it has been working out well for so long!

  13. I love this door! I’m lucky my husband was able to change our door knob! LOL!

  14. I absolutely LOVE this and one of these would go perfectly with the natural decor of our home! Thanks – I will show to the hubby since he is the DIYer in the fam!

  15. I totally adore the look of sliding barn doors. Would love to have a sliding barn door for my office area!

  16. I love the look of this door. I’ve never been a huge fan of pocket doors so this is a great fix.

  17. I love how this turned out! I’m saving this because I am trying to move into a new home – I need some great ideas! Nice work!

  18. You have a beautiful home and you did a great job on this project. The door looks great.

  19. Saving this!!! I am obsessed with barn doors and this is gorgeous!

  20. I have always wanted a sliding barn door! Now I feel empowered and might just start hanging one!

  21. Victoria Heckstall says:

    Hanging a door on a track means you don’t have to rip open and reframe a wall for a pocket door.

  22. I love this! Such an awesome solution for narrow areas with a lot of doors. Love the window too – thats an excellent something extra!

  23. It looks so good great job! I see sliding barn doors is trendy in the diy home world but this looks so classy in your home.

  24. Great job! I love barn doors! My house has too many angles so barn doors wouldn’t work for us.

  25. Wow that door came out looking amazing! I’ve only really tried beauty DIYs, I should challenge myself with a home DIY haha.

  26. This is exactly what we need for our bedroom! The house we just bought has an outdated accordion door. I couldn’t decide what it needed.

  27. Wow, that turned out nice. I love this look too! Very beautiful.

  28. Thank you for sharing such an in-depth tutorial! Some of the sliding barn door tutorials I’ve seen skip many steps, but I appreciate your attention to detail!

  29. I love the barn door and it turned out awesome. I already decided next time that I build a house I will either use pocket doors in the master bathroom (I hate the double doors) and in the laundry room. I might also consider doing barn door too if it matches the design.

  30. This turned out fantastic! I love the decor in your home and your taste, wish I could hire you to do mine for me!

  31. It came out beautifully!! I love barn doors – I’m in the midst of adding one to my laundry room! Love your DIY!

  32. Oh my goodness that looks amazing – I would never have guessed it was handmade it looks expensive.

  33. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    That is an amazing DIY project! Not only is it functional but fashionable as well!! It looks so professional!

  34. Oh wow I am in love with this. I love the look of it. I so need to install one of these for our closet in our bedroom. I am not the handiest person but your guide makes it seem easy enough. I need to convince my husband to give it a try.

  35. This is so cool! My husband and I have been wanting to make one of these for our new home.

  36. That is so cute. Your house is really now a home. I love how organize it is as well! Another inspiration for the readers who are looking for ideas.

  37. I love this! I so want a sliding barn door to hide my blogging studio. It’s such a mess from my photography set up and all the boxes I receive. But, I don’t have a wall to put the sliding part on, just the ceiling. Do you think you can do that?

  38. well dang, you’re very talented! I love sliding barn doors and wish I had one or two or three in my home… thanks for the step by step instructions, this post as well as those HGTV shows always makes me want to tackle home jobs : )

  39. I love this idea. I have been trying to think of a place where a barn door would fit in our house. Great job!

  40. You placed that door in absolutely the perfect location. I can just imagine what a pain it was to have the old door constantly banging the dryer. Very nice tutorial I am pinning it to my farmhouse board.

  41. I wish I was more of a DIY person. I suck at it but this is so cool. Very creative.

  42. That is a great job! We have a sliding door at home. My father did it. We love sliding doors a lot. Great tutorial!

  43. It’s gorgeous! You are way more talented than me. I love how you added the glass. Beautiful.

  44. I have a feeling that we will need to build our own door for the laundry room (it’s an odd size) – I always wanted a glass pane and I never knew how easy it was to install yourself!

  45. Oh wow. I love how it turned out. I’m not that much of DIYer though so I probably would have either suffered or paid somebody to do it for me lol

  46. The article was detailed and easy to understand! I have learned something new from it! I’m a DIY lover and always search for some new ideas to be busy with them. Yours is going to be my present project! Thanks for sharing such super DIY ideas!!!

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