A coastal inspired spring fireplace mantel

Spring is coming! I am saying more to myself, hoping to convince Mother Nature it is true. We have had such a mild winter, with some crazy warm weeks we all got spoiled. Then reality set in and I have a foot of snow on the ground and shiveringly cold temperatures outside. Guys, we are going in the opposite direction! My home is bright and cheery, it is been de-holiday-fied and I am in full on coastal/beach mode. I need the outside to reflect the inside now. Regardless of what it may look like outside, inside my home is all about Spring, and I am sharing A coastal inspired spring fireplace mantel!

10 different styled fireplace mantels, decorated for spring. Including a coastal style inspired fireplace mantel. DIY projects and simple crafts turn this mantel into a beach decor lovers dream!

Not only that, this is part of a Spring Mantel Blog hop! This means I am showing off my fireplace mantel and then at the bottom of this post you will find a ton of other bloggers with their bright and spring themed mantels! So much inspiration, so much pretty, so much light and bright colors! Here is my new and shiny fireplace mantel, in the past I have been inspired by coastal decor but have not gone all the way with it. I always felt weird having a beachy home while living in Wisconsin. However, I cannot fight my love for all things coastal. Even though I live in the Midwest my heart remains in my home town nestled on the coast of Southern California.

Coastal style living on a budget

Here is how my fireplace looked last summer, it has gone through a few changes. I created the large wall decor using a curtain panel. While I adored the over sized aspect of the wall decor it was a little on the plain side. The decor has worked great to layer things in front of or around it.

Navy blue shiplap feature wall on fireplace - Modern twist to the country classic

Last week I did something even bigger, more bold, and included so much Shiplap! I created a wood feature wall to my fireplace, this navy blue feels right at home in my living room.

coastal style fireplace mantel decor

Here is what my fireplace mantel is looking like for Spring. In the past I have added a very Easter inspired look to my fireplace, but this year I am leaning toward the blues and clean lines. Going for a streamlines version of my decor, it feels clean and fresh and I adore it!

surf and beach wall art

The stunning pictures are done by a talented person, Stephie Jones, her paintings are pure perfection! I created the frames for these pictures and will be sharing the tutorial to them tomorrow. So be sure to watch out for that!

wood anchor decorations

navy and turquoise blue decor

I added a few smaller accessories to the fireplace to have a different visual. The wood feature wall, as well as the three wall decor items are so big. I felt like this needed a little grounding with smaller items.

coastal wall art

beautiful surf painting

Ah, I love all of the blues and greens! This is the most green I have had in my home. The combination of turquoise, navy blue and pops of green feels so fresh!


California casual living room

Here is the tiniest of sneak peeks into the rest of my home. I will be sharing a full Spring home tour on March 28th with a huge group of blogging friends. I still have a few tweaks to make to my home. With the way my home is transitioning into a more bold color scheme I am finding myself wanting to change things up to match this new look. The addition of the navy blue into my decorating has upped the boldness. I am also finding myself having less “stuff” and a more streamlined approach to my decor, a slightly temporary feel. You know, with Shiplap….  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A coastal style home decorate the fireplace mantel with DIY projects and simple crafts. Keeping the decor low cost and full of California casual charm!

A coastal inspired spring fireplace mantel for me was created with a lot of DIY projects, so much blue, and my love of the beach. It feels like Spring to me because there is so much color in spring. Here in Wisconsin once the snow melts everything explodes into color, even on the side of the road you will find stunning flowers just growing wild. Also, spring signifies hope to me, hope that summer is on it’s way. I am in my element with long days, sun shinning, being outside all of the time, windows open… ahhh, guys I need spring to be here! Don’t forget to check back to tomorrow for the tutorial on how I made the frames, and in two weeks for my Spring home tour!

Spring fireplace mantel ideas

Lastly, enjoy all of these beautiful Spring mantels! I adore all of the different styles featured here, even though it is not my style I still admire the pretty so much! 


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