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  1. These are absolutely stunning! My brother – a total grunge skater kid (he’s going to be turning 25 years old soon) – just bought a house with his girlfriend and he just installed a wood wall using barn wood that he found at his girlfriend’s house. yup. Found it HIMSELF on pinterest. I just about died. Now I call him Mr. Pinterest. It looks amazing when he painted it. Really adds character. Love all of these.

  2. I love them all. I especially like the DIY Wood Plank Wall with the blue mixed it. It’s so unique and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before. Love them all!

  3. candy says: Reply

    We love the look of wood and at one time was wanting to building a log cabin. To much up keep where we live. Built a beautiful new home and downstairs in our front room we did two walls with slip lap and love the way it turned out.

  4. Oh my gosh these are absolutely gorgeous! I would really like to do something like this on one of my walls. I think I will have to for this post onto my husband to get him a clue to what I want to do. There’s so many awesome choices here.

  5. Oh my I love that wood plank wall!! Absolutely stunning. I want to do that in my dining room.

  6. Eileen says: Reply

    I love the idea of a wood feature wall! It really adds so much character to a room. I’d love to do something like this for my place too!

  7. Rebecca Bryant says: Reply

    Wow, so many gorgeous rooms. I would love to be able to remodel my home but I am a DIY challenged girl.

  8. Doria says: Reply

    So gorgeous! Up here in New England wood is a big thing in homes and I’ve always been a fan 🙂

  9. I used to always think of wood walls as having old fashioned paneling on them. Yuck! You have shared so great ideas. I love them and am thinking of a way to add that look in my home.

  10. Eloise says: Reply

    I absolutely LOVE wood work! from crown molding to well crafted paneling/chair rails… anything that looks well made! I cannot wait to own a home again (had to sell mine and it had beautiful wood decor just how I liked it!) Thanks for sharing this post for future ideas : )

  11. Oh wow, these rooms are truly beautiful! Wood gives a room such a cozy feel to it, you can’t help but relax.

  12. Pam Wattenbarger says: Reply

    These are all beautiful. I had never really considered a wood feature wall until you wrote your post about it.

  13. Milena says: Reply

    I would love to do this in a few places in our home. We live in an old house and the walls are always cracking.

  14. I think shiplap when I hear wood walls. There are so many different ways to do it though. Loving the bold plaid at the top of the wall!

  15. Claudia Krusch says: Reply

    I love the look of wood in a room. I would love to add a wood wall feature to my dinning room.

  16. My Teen Guide says: Reply

    What a gorgeous rooms ideas, those re vibrant and unique design.

  17. Wow, these are all so beautiful!! I love wood accents, but I’d never really thought of a wood accent wall. Now I want to go out and build one. haha!

  18. If I had my way, I would love to live in a log cabin! I love the cozy feel of wood! However, I think I would make do with a wood accent wall. These ones you featured are so beautiful!

  19. Ali says: Reply

    These wood accents are amazing! I’m afraid I don’t have the decorating know how to know which wall to do in my home but it might be worth asking someone. So cool!

  20. When I think of wood on walls I think of the old paneling they used to use years ago. What great ideas and colors and how nice the wood looks.

  21. Having wood as a feature wall was not anything that I had ever thought of before. It really looks gorgeous. Brick or rock I have thought about, but not wood. I will have to consider it now.

  22. Amanda says: Reply

    I absolutely love how gorgeous decorative wood can make a wall truly pop. We have wainscoting in our dining room and I really think that is the reason why we bought our house.

  23. Angelic Sinova says: Reply

    All of these rooms are simply gorgeous! I absolutely love that bathroom with the blue checkered wall. So cute!

  24. Oh my! Spool inspiring!

    1. Ahh! Auto correct is such a butt. Sooooo*

  25. rika says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing these inspirations. I love wood accents, especially rustic woods!

  26. I’ve never imagined how beautiful a room is going to be if you add a wood feature to it. These are lovely ideas for doing just that! I will make sure to take these into consideration when I remodel a room in my home.

  27. Oh I love these! I think they bring such a warmth to a room!

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