20 stunning door makeover and DIY ideas

It is officially Spring, which means it is home improvement season! If you are like me, you have started taking stock of your home and making a plan of action to get things done. I have a lot of outdoor plans for our yard but need to wait for it to warm up here. I also have a ton of interior plans for my home, adding wood work, finish the laundry room, bathrooms, basement and a few door projects. Which is why today I am sharing 20 stunning door makeover and DIY ideas from some amazingly talented home decor and DIY bloggers!

20 stunning door makeover and DIY ideas! How to paint, build, or upcycle doors for the home!

I can only bring so much inspiration, I am one person, with one home. But I am also just a girl… standing in front of a home… asking to decorate it! I love decorating my home, I also love this blog. Which is why sharing ideas of other talented bloggers is such a happy place for me to be. I get more ideas and inspiration, you get all the decorating eye candy, and I support my fellow blogging ladies!

DIY barn door in hallway

When I first started decorating my home the doors in the home were overlooked, I did not ignore them, they were simple just there. Once I fell hard for home decor I did a few things to change up my home and the doors were a part of that. I changed the hardware, painted them and even built a barn door which you can see above. I will be sharing the tutorial of that later this week! It has been in my home for a while and made a few appearances in pictures, but I have never shared the full tutorial here. Doors are one of those smaller  parts of a home that make the bigger picture that much better. A door will not make or break a space, but it certainly adds to the overall look, it is the icing on the cake. A cake is still good without icing, but not as pretty or as yummy. In fact if you are like one of my kids, the icing is the best part. I love the details in a home, the wood work, lighting, trim or other small details. They are what makes a home feel 100% decorated and thought out. I put a lot of effort into my home, and enjoy every moment of it. These 20 stunning door makeover and DIY ideas  show just what some paint, wood or an idea can do to help transform a space!

From front doors, to closet doors, to barn doors…. there are so many options, colors and ideas to transform a door and allow the door to become part of the home decor! 

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front door makeover

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