What makes a house a home series – week 3

What makes a house a home series – week 3

This weekend I got so much done around the house, and we squeezed in some fun with family and friends. It was a great weekend, but I am ready to kick things off with What makes a house a home series – week 3. This blog is about making a house into a home, one DIY project at a time. However I am fully aware that what really creates that is the people living in the home, memories made, laughter, fun, and love. I want to make that connection, show the true star of the show when it comes to creating a home.

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A big part of our home is DIY projects, we are all about the creativity around here. The above picture shows my littlest little Gavin enjoying the art table. This weekend I got my DIY on, I changed up a few things in my home and did a last minute and unexpected bedroom revamp for my daughter Nora. It was quick and the results are adorable. I will be sharing the reveal of that this week.

I also got to work on a fireplace project for my living room, adding some pretty details. It is not quite done yet, but I am loving the results so far. Anyways, we were filled with creativity this weekend and that is what our home is about as well!

Be sure to jump in on the fun and show me what makes your house into a home! Use the hashtag #OHNHhome on social media so I can follow along. Let me know all about your lovely home, the memories and people inside of it.

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  1. I’ve been dabbling in some DIY projects, specifically a T-shirt quilt of my favorite college T-shirts that I’ve been working on for years. This post is motivating to get back at it and finish all of the projects I’ve started. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Fi Ni Neachtain says:

    How amazing that you have an art table! I’d absolutely love a space like that for my little ones in our house, sadly it’s too small, but when we move it’s definitely something I’d like to install. Looking forward to seeing your fireplace makeover too.

  3. robin masshole mommy says:

    My house is a home because of the mess LOL. I like to call it “lived in”, but seriously, all the toys everywhere are what makes my house my home.

  4. I didn’t do any major DIY projects this past weekend. I did make a spring wreath for the front door and it turned out really pretty. Looking forward to seeing your daughter’s bedroom and the living room fireplace.

  5. Our house isn’t very large (at least not to us) so it’s pretty full of “stuff”. I always think that what makes a house a home is the love, the memories and the personal things like pictures.

  6. My house is a home because of the people and love that we share within it. There are so many memories within these walls and I could not think of a better place to share them with my family.

  7. My house is lived it fro sure. I admit I am not the best housekeeper but my house is clean. there is clutter and chaos but that is a sign we love our home.

  8. I love that he’s got his own art table. My kids usually had (have) a mess on the kitchen table with their art and now it is homework! But all those things make a house a home.

  9. Our house is a home because of the mess, the aroma of dinner cooking in the kitchen, the whirring sound of the washer, dryer and vacuum cleaner. It is the love we share under a single roof that makes this house our home.

  10. Some people want a show case home, done by a designer everything perfect. I love making and giving as gifts DIY projects. Truly make a home welcoming and warm. Come on in put your feet up, have a drink and let us all enjoy each other.

  11. Love this post, and I totally agree that my home thrives on creativity and DIY projects!

  12. Sounds like you had a busy and productive weekend. Looking forward to the projects reveal. Love your son’s play/work space especially the window for displaying art.

  13. A house is a home when we feel the warmth and comfort not only of the surroundings but the people we care about. Great job on the table.

  14. I’m looking to change things up in my bedroom to make it homier so when I want to read, I have a comfortable area other than my bed :).

  15. I love that art table and how you used the sugar mold for crayon storage. Too cute! I’m definitely going to use some of the ideas from your art table organization post.

  16. Sounds like you had quite the busy weekend!! 🙂 I love DIY weekends!

  17. DIY weekends are the best! We are in the process of converting some Land of Nod bins that my girls have outgrown for our son. The are going from pink to grey. He’s going to love them!

  18. I am looking at some ideas for my child when she grows up and the idea of an art table is a great idea. Loving this idea. Can’t remember if I had one when I was younger…just remember the crayons 😀

  19. I had events this weekend so I didn’t get to do the craft I wanted to start.

    Now I have to do a quick Dr. Seuss character look for my daughter to wear to school on Thursday.

  20. I love getting the littles involved in DIY projects! Since I love doing home projects, it’s a fun way to share that love with my kids. Our hous feels more like home when we all pitch in to make it that way!

  21. As Meredith said, getting the little involved in the DIYs is what makes our house into our home. THey take pride in their work and they take better care of it. Mine absolutely love the time together. I think “traditions” make it a home as well. We do warm milk with ciinnamon and Chocolate coffee creamer added to it every night before bed at our house. Whenever we leave town my kids miss our home and part of that is because they miss our daily tradidtions….
    LOVEing all your projects!

  22. It’s always fun to see other people’s DIY projects, and yours are so creative. We’re starting on some things for the house, and you are definitely inspiring me.

  23. I love that rug by the art table! What a fun pop of color in the room 🙂

  24. DIY projects and creativity DO make a home!

  25. That little art desk is so cute! I am ALL for DIY updates to your home. I’m currently redoing my home office with a few fun DIYs.

  26. My kids would just adore having an art table. My daughter is really into crafting. We just don’t have any room in our tiny house right now, though I hope to have more room in a year or two!

  27. I always love seeing other people’s ideas for decorating as I just have no clue what to do. It helps to give me ideas.

  28. Can you come over to my house and do some projects as well? Bwah! LOVE your art area!

  29. You sure are making your place homely. What s beautiful way to make your space more you and much more comfortable to your vision. That’s wonderful!

  30. A big thing for me is comfort. I want a home that I feel comfortable in every room. So beds, chairs, lots of throws and not a lot of fuss.

  31. We just recently became home owners, so we are turning this house into our home! I love your DIY projects!

  32. My house is a home because of the people and love that we share!! There are so many memories we have shared here!

  33. What a fun series! I love this! Our home is a very busy multigenerational home. I love having my grandfather living with us. It gives my kids a whole new perspective of what is real and important in life.

    I looove that rug you have in there! Adorbs!

  34. The art table looks great. I am planning on doing one for my office. I hope it turns out as nice as yours did.

  35. My house is a home because it has my favorite people (and dogs) in it! It’s a gathering place for our family and friends. We always have a good time. Plus, I think there isn’t a corner or crevice that we haven’t added our personal touch to make it our own via DIY.

  36. We are a DIY household, too. There is something so rewarding about tackling a home improvement project – learning a new skill, working your brain in different ways, and being able to step back at the end and say “I did this!”

  37. So many great tips in this post. Having a good room for the kids makes all the difference

  38. DIY Home projects always make me feel accomplished when done. This sounds like a good project

  39. What a great kid space! Love the art table and the frame with the art on the wall!

  40. Such a cute area to put that cute art table in. Love it!

  41. Such a great idea! I love the art area for the kids!

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