What makes a house a home series – week 2

What makes a house a home series – week 2

Today we continue on with the What makes a house a home series – week 2! This blog is about so much more than just my home, or even decorating. The main theme of it is what makes me decorate my home, it is the life inside of my home. The life inside of all of our homes, this is what making a house into a home is all about!

house with small kids and decorating ideas

Last week I introduced this new series to you all, and I really hope it takes off in a special way. It is an idea I have, so I can see all of your inspiration. Your lives, your home, your loves, you moments in time that create the home. On this blog I also try and highlight the value of conversations, I adore getting to know all of you! Show me your home, your kids, your pet, your spouse, a good home cooked meal all pretty on the table, anything that creates those wonderful memories that we hold dear. Those moments shared in the house that we all call home. I will also be sharing one moment, a recent or one from the past that made my house feel like a home. This picture above is my music man Caleb practicing guitar. He hopes to be a singer/song writer one day and we adore his sweet voice and quiet strumming of the guitar.

Share your pictures on social media and use the hashtag #OHNHhome. This way I can click on the hashtag and see all of you lovelies and your home. Each week I will randomly select a few of the entries and put them in a collage to be shared here. I will also share the social media profile of those 6 features. So if you are a blogger or have a website it gives a little bit more eyes on your profiles (yay free publicity). 

I am so excited to get to know you all! I bring you into my home daily and breaking down that wall to see what creates the warm and fuzzies of a home is going to be so special. If you do not have social media and want to play along you can always send me a picture through email at emilye1@gmail.com. I will enter the picture into the random selection and share your first name. Let me know what you think of this, are you as excited to see what makes a persons house feel like a home? Let’s get this  What makes a house a home series – week 1 started!

Maybe it is the cozy fire, the stars from your front porch, the messy pile of toys in your living room, the cuddle session with your littles on the sofa, a quiet moment drinking coffee, even the dirty laundry! Let’s see those moments, the ones that will be filed away into the happy place that is your home.

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  1. I try to make my home warm and inviting. I just returned from being on vacation for a week and I was so glad to say hello to my bed. My mattress is perfect for me and the bedding is soft, warm and cozy. I’ll have to say that my bed helps make my house a home and it’s good to be home.

  2. I’m not really sure what makes my house a home. I think it might be the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I walk through my door after being away. As well as the familiarity of my possessions.

  3. robin masshole mommy says:

    Our house is a home because we live in it – and it shows. All our stuff and so many memories are here.

  4. Allowing out family to “live in it”, the couches are for sitting, the pillows are for hugging. It is not a museum and I want it to all to be used! If we can’t be cozy in our own home, where can we? I look forward to following on Social Media.

  5. For my anything to do with my family make a house a home! I can be anywhere in the world and as long as my family is with me it is a home! I just love spending time with them.

  6. I currently live in an apartment, but I do try to make it as homey as I can. Curtains are what make a room cozy to me. Just seems to tie everything in together 🙂

  7. I want people to be comfortable when they come into my home. To feel relaxed, enjoy some laughs and good food. Make memories.

  8. The feeling of my home is so important to me. I want to be sure it feels warm and inviting. I want it to represent the love and laughter that takes place.

  9. I love my couch and I love my bed even more. I make sure my bed has the comfiest pillows. My couch always has pretty, huggable throw pillows and I go for soft lights in the living room. Cozy is the name of the game to make my house a home.

  10. For me, customization is what makes it a home. Our own paint colors, photos, etc. all give it the personal touch.

  11. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I am really loving this series!!! What a cool instrument for your son to learn!

  12. I love that picture of your son playing the guitar. I’ve got a picture of my son playing his at about that age. Now he is 19 and amazing at playing. It’s a great instrument.

  13. For me, it’s the people that are in the house that make it a home!
    Everything else could change but it the people aren’t there it just doesn’t feel like home. 🙂

  14. Our house is a home because it looks lived it. It’ were we make memories everyday.

  15. Our home is home because it is where practically every memory that my husband and I have together has been made. Our house is built on love and that makes it a home!

  16. I love my home. I have put my personal touches into every space, decorating to create a warm, inviting mood. It’s amazing what a difference that can make!

  17. Our home shows each of our personalities. My living room space is full of anchors and seashells because I love cruising and the beach. My husband tv room is full of superhero collectibles, etc and my kids rooms are over the top all about their interests.

  18. Home is a place where one is able to unwind and relax no matter how bad of a day they’ve had. I like to curl up in bed when I just need a moment to myself!

  19. For me, my home is filled with personality, comfort ability, and toys everywhere! It’s a place we can relax, have fun, and spend family time together while my daughter grows and learns.

  20. Laughter, love and the smell of good food makes our house a home! My little guy plays guitar too- and I love hearing that in my home!

  21. It definitely makes a huge difference. Though I have never owned a house, I know that when I decorate the space i live in, it truly feels like a home!

  22. I definitely think all of the customization, decor and people IN the house make it a home! Decorating to your own tune and having your family together – there’s nothing like it!

  23. I love the picture. It’s really cool that your son is passionate about the guitar. It’s great that people will be able to join in and share what makes their houses special.

  24. I love that you focus on the real reason for what a home is. I truly wish more people had this focus!

  25. I try to make my house a “home” but it’s hard when you live alone. I need to cozy it up for sure!!

  26. i would like to participate the #OHNHhome! im very interested!

  27. What a lovely idea for a series, though I live alone I try to make my space as homely as I possibly can though it was not easy

  28. What a wonderful idea and a great way to appreciate all the little things in life. My kids and my poodle make my house my home. I’m blessed to have their love and company!

  29. I always get warm and fuzzy when I am at your home! so comfy and stylish. You are such a great mom and multitask so well! Thats great about your son wanting to be a song writer. I grew up in a musical family, so its so nice to have a child get into that.
    Hugs Maria

  30. To make my house a home, my family has to be there. They make it warm and fuzzy and the most secure place to be in.

  31. A house is a home when it has truly personal touches. Nothing turns me off a home design that seeing a sterile, pinteresting space with zero photos, mementos, handmade objects, souvenirs, heirlooms… Part of why I love your home: it’s full of personalized touches!

  32. To me, home is all about how it makes us feel when we walk through the door. Warm and inviting is essential!

  33. I’ll have to work that hashtag into rotation!

  34. Definitely love coming home to a clean home with a cozy fire in the fireplace and all of my family!

  35. My house truly feels like home when all of my family is around chatting and laughing!

  36. I love this post Emily. Such a great idea. I like my house to be warm and inviting. I always have a candle lit when we are home and I just gave my stepson and daughterinlaw one of my favorite candles-my stepson smelled it and said it brings up good memories of visiting your home! That made me feel so good.

  37. I like lots of special mementos and personal items that are gathered over time!

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