How to make a dining room table – the modern take on the classic style

How to make a dining room table – the modern take on the classic style

When it comes to this blog, I share all about me decorating my home. However, I decorate my home and would be regardless of this blog. Which means things get done in my house that never get turned into blog posts. Such as my dining room table! I know, this is a big project. But, I am here now to fix this with todays post, How to make a dining room table – the modern take on the classic style.

how to make a farmhouse table - an updated and modern flair with a coastal feel!

I shared this detailed and massive tutorial over at Homedit, click here to check it out and make a DIY table of your own!

I feel like I want to add that this is not your Grandma’s farmhouse table, not that there is anything wrong with your Grandmas table. I am sure it is lovely. Or anything wrong with the classic farmhouse table, there is a reason it is classic. What I did is what felt right for my home. I went with a different table top, doing the planks in a herringbone pattern. Also staining the wood a pretty and oh-so-coastal gray color. Even adding in the galvanized pipe brings this into a more modern realm.

Do you have a room in your home that is tough to decorate or configure furniture? How have you managed it?




  1. robin masshole mommy says:

    That table is absolutely GORGEOUS! I would love to have one of those in my house. It came out great.

  2. Love this project and you make it look easy. I am not the best at DIY projects, but your tips and pictures here make me think that it is possible and doable!

  3. Do you want to come to my house and work. I love want you do with wood and I could use help building a porch with a ramp so i could get in and out of my house.

  4. I am doing renovations in my house and I would love for you to come and create this. I love it.

  5. I absolutely ADORE this table! I need to see if I can get my brother in law to come over and help me build something. I need to get a kitchen table and haven’t been able to find one I like. I’m thinking I may need to make one to be happy with it.

  6. Like how you used industrial with the wood. Different looking base which helps set off the top. Turned out really great looking. Instructions are easy to follow.

  7. That table is nothing short of amazing. Aren’t you the creative one. You made that? Wow! And it’s beautiful at that.

  8. Oh wow! That table turned out absolutely amazing. Love the style and color.

  9. Catherine Sargent says:

    The table came out amazing. I could use a new table and I love the idea of making my own.

  10. My husband loves to make stuff with his hands and I think he would love to make something like this. I am definitely going to tell him about it because I love the table and I would love it if he made it.

  11. You did a great job with the table. I like the rustic look of the table and would really be a great dinner table.

  12. that is a lovely table. You are very talented with wood.

  13. I love how this turned out! I wish that I had more time for projects like this, this would look great in my kitchen!

  14. Goodness, oh my! That’s a gorgeous table! I cannot believe you made that. It just blows my mind how talented you are.

  15. I love your take on the dining room table. We recently upgraded our dining table by doing an antiqued, blue wash over it. Now it looks shabby chic and rustic – love it!

  16. I would love to design my own table. I am in love with the pattern you chose for the top. This is a stunning piece. I will have to plan it out for the spring.

  17. That turned out fantastic! Looks like something you would buy for a hefty price at World Market.

  18. I feel like every room in my home is tough to decorate. LOL! I LOVE that table! I would one one just like it.

  19. I wish I had the tools I needed to make one of these. I’m not crafty with wood working but I have a friend who is.

  20. I like the herringbone pattern you did with the wood. That really brings a new dimension to the classic farmhouse table.

  21. I love DIY projects but this is another level! I can’t believe this is homemade, very well done.

  22. Holy cow that table is GORGEOUS!! You did a fantastic job. I have a friend who makes these and boy do I wish I was this talented!

  23. I love how this project turned out. The table is beautiful! I wish I had at least a fourth of your talent!

  24. I’m so impressed – this table is gorgeous!

  25. That looks beautiful, I love that! It looks pretty easy but I know it is not, thank you for the tutorial though.

  26. I LOVE how this turned out, beautiful job!

  27. Absolutely love your table!!

  28. This is stunning Emily!

  29. I love that dining room table!! I would love to be able to make something like that!!

  30. We need a new dining room table. It’s my goal to redecorate the entire dining room this year, paint and everything!

  31. It’s absolutely beautiful! I love the angled wood inlay on the top and the metal bar in the center bottom. Great details.

  32. What a stunning piece, Emily. I am a wood working amateur and building a table like this is on my bucket list! Will be sharing on my Facebook page!
    Ps. Visiting from the Woodworking + DIY Facebook group!

  33. Love the use of the rod in the middle! This turned out great! You killed it1

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