Dining room inspiration

Dining room inspiration

Whew, we made it through another week! I am so pumped for this weekend because we have no plans, other than a lot of DIYing. My kind of weekend! Today I am sharing some Dining room inspiration from some of my very talented blogging friends.

dining room inspiration with different styles

I am working hard on my dining room, finishing up a few small details. The tiniest of sneak peeks is in the above picture, but there is still a few additions needing to be done. I am so close I can taste it! Because I have been in DIY mode aka beast mode I am dreaming in paint colors and table decorations. I thought it was fitting to share some great inspiration of other dining rooms. The fun part with this is I am sharing a lot of different styles of dining rooms.

I take inspiration from differing styles and blend them into a coastal-rustic-modern-bold-casual hybrid which becomes my humble abode. Almost no one who decorates has one specific style, or at least a style that fits in just one box. These dining rooms are all unique, creative, welcoming and so pretty! A lot of them have a ton of DIY projects, which is my favorite kind of decorating! I like that some of these rooms are simple in their color schemes and others hit you with the best pops of color. Having there differences is what makes each home unique and perfect.

So let's start this weekend off right with some wonderful Dining room inspiration! We all deserve a little break, and basking in the beauty of these home decor bloggers dining rooms is just what I need to kick off my weekend of DIYing! You can click on the image to be taken to the blog and see all of the details of the room! 

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  1. Your dining room is looking amazing! I can hardly wait to see the end result. I’m loving all the dining room inspiration since I’ve been wanting to repaint my dining room for a while.

  2. These are great ideas for dining room inspirations. I love the DIY projects and the idea of using your own style which makes your decor unique. Everyone’s style differs from one another and mixing styles is a great idea. Thanks for sharing the awesome different dining room inspirations.

  3. This is gorgeous! I don’t have any one style for sure. If I like it and can afford it, that’s what goes in my house. As long as I’m comfy and cozy!

  4. Those are great colors, they remind me of summer. Decor like this is not uncommon living here at the shore.

  5. Oh my goodness. So many fabulous dining rooms! Most look like something out of a magazine <3

  6. I love the cork topped table in the inspiratons – it is beautiful and unique! I also really like the reclaimed wood art on your wall. It’s one of my favorites!

  7. I am a very artsy person and so I love the wall paintings you have in your dining room.. It just spruces up the room and makes it look so big and nice.

  8. These are all very beautiful decor ideas. I have been wanting to give my dining room a makeover for a while, these ideas are great inspiration.

  9. Love the hardwood floors and the eat sign.

  10. I love that lantern (?) in the corner and your lighting fixture. It’s so completely unique. What a wonderful flair you have!

  11. So many great rooms to look at! LOVE the inspiration! Still have to do my dining room, So I’ll have to pin this!

  12. Is that a cork dining table?
    How do you protect it from all the wear and tear?
    We have little kids so I would be worried about them picking at it… cause we all know that’s what kids do. Ugh!

  13. I just have way too many things in my house. I love how clean your look is for your room.

  14. Oh my goodness! That is your dining room? I love it! I want it! 😉

    When I was younger (like before children and before a career), I spent quite a bit of time collecting books on decorating and organizing and buying baskets, etc. We lived in a smaller home and it was all about being efficient and effective with that space utilization.

    Then, somehow, all of that reading (and doing) went to the back burner as I became a CTO in the financial industry. Well, your post has inspired me! I insisted on the last house purchase, that the house needed to have a dining room. Now I know where to go to find that inspiration that I need 🙂 Thanks so much! -Deborah

  15. I love the sneak peak of your dining room. It looks great. I really love your light.
    Also, I liked seeing all of the different designs and ideas throughout the other dining rooms. So neat to see the different things and choices people make for their space.

  16. Hi yes, its my cork dining table that I bought from IKEA. I was really worried about that too, but it really hold up well. I think its already been coated with a protective layer because even when my messy 4 year old makes mess from meals like spaghetti Bolognese , it just wipes straight off!

  17. Thanks for including me in your roundup of fabulous dining rooms – love them all..including yours!

  18. Love love love! You have totally inspired me to redo our dining room, and have given me so many great ideas, thank you!

  19. I am not sure what I like the best. The colors in this room are great – I think my daughter would really love them. I think the cork table is so cool

  20. It is really looking great. It is inspiring me to make some changes in my own dining area. That’s a sign that you have done something right!

  21. I rent so it’s hard to update a room. However updating the table and light like this is a perfect way to do it when I don’t own.

  22. Your dining room is such a Pinterest dream! I love it so much. It inspires me to do my own dining room!

  23. you have the best ideas for updating your dining rooms. I have been inspired to make an update to mine. Of course after I update my bathroom and kitchen first. I have to stay focused on the priorities otherwise nothing gets done. I will saving this post for when I am ready.

  24. Your dining room looks lovely! Your family will enjoy their meals and good conversation there. The other pictures are lovely too. Makes me want to renovate the soonest. If we do, I will go back to this post for inspiration.

  25. This is perfect ideas turned into a reality. I will watch out for your project to be finished. The design is so nice and good to the eyes!

  26. This is all great ding room inspiration! I need some major dining room help…LOL!!

  27. I love your dining room and the colours are perfect. 🙂

  28. Looks so lovely, bright and cozy! I really want to do makeover!

  29. I’ve never seen a cork dining room table. I love it! I’ve been thinking about redoing my dining room this year. Love the ideas.

  30. So much gorgeous inspiration! I love that chandelier!

  31. Love the bright colors and the table is very unique. Love it!

  32. everything looks so beautiful. sometimes just small things will make a big difference.

  33. thanks for including my supremely under-exposed photo 😉 ahahah I really need to revisit those!

  34. I love them all, but the Grillo Designs room steals the cake in my opinion! Love the chalkboard wall and the buffalo check!

  35. DIY decor is my favourite, too! It is so much more personal than stuff from a store.

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