Valentines day kid craft idea

Valentines day kid craft idea

I am sure anyone who reads this blog knows that I decorate my home with my kids in mind. A lot of times that includes getting them involved in the decorating, this Valentines day kid craft idea I am sharing today is all about those little ones.

Simple DIY wall art perfect to decorate the home for Valentines day! This kids craft is fun, easy, low cost, and is a special way to celebrate this holiday of love!

I spoke last week about how we incorporate my kids into celebrating this holiday of love along with sharing another simple Valentines day craft. This idea is along those same lines, I love to have my kids get involved with crafts, and finding ways to decorate our home with them is even better. Yes this means things will get messy, and a whole lot of glitter was used in this process. But, it was fun, my kids enjoyed the freedom, and they take such pride in something they made being used as decorations in our home. It is worth the mess!

I always try and keep a few canvas’s on hand, just in case. Yes, I am that kind of person.

This is where the sneakiness comes in with parenting. I wanted to give my kids full control with this Valentines day craft but I still want to have it blend in with the rest of my home. So that is does actually feel like decorations. So I pre-selected colors that would work with my home. Adding the pink….. because… Valentines day!

Using painters tape and letting the kids dictate where I put it. The goal was for each of them to make a big heart and then decorate it. Two of my kids wanted to put a bunch of lines in the heart, and one wanted it without any lines. It was fun to see each of them with their own opinions. They all had a vision for this and I was just here to help them make it happen.

When using painted tape it is pretty simple, just be sure to push it down flat. So no paint can seep through.

Hearts are done!

Now the kids get to paint! Again, I let them lead on the paint combinations. I am sure if you have ever been a kid or been around kids you will know how exciting it is to paint. I think it is the excitement of a mess, but also seeing something all on their own that they are creating come together. My kids get really into crafts, and I simply try to give them even more ideas for them to choose from. A lot of times kids get stuck in their ways and do not think of new ones. Of course it is all dependent on the child. I have one that knows from the start what she wants to create. The other two I always give a few ideas and they choose from there what to do with them.

As you can see, the paint the kids used was paint samples I had.

It can be tempting to push the kids more into what will be “perfect” or “Pinterest ready” when it comes to crafts. But, I can guarantee they will enjoy them more if left just the way they want. You will also cherish them so much more!

Once the paint was dry it was onto the next step, adding some fun texture and color to this! I used a bunch of washi tape for this portion.

Again, letting the kids dictate exactly how they wanted this to go. I had to help put the washi tape on the canvas, otherwise it did not stay on long. But as you can see, my tiny dictators told me exactly how they wanted it to be.

My youngest was all over the place with the taping, but I let him have his chaotic 4 year old self ways.

“Alright, alright, I will put the tape there. Geesh!” My kids can be bossy creative people.

Then it was time to take the painted tape off. If you have older kids they can do this part. My kids have zero patience so I pulled the tape of for them.

The hearts with the tape all over it were a little bare.

Kids or an adult can trace around the heart to make it be more defined.

Then of course my kids wanted to fill in the blanks spaces with something, which of course meant lots of glitter! I put the glue down, this way the glitter would be in just the blank lines. My kids are lots of things, but slow and steady is not one of them.

Then it was glitter time! One child chose gold glitter.

The other chose white and sparkly glitter. This is the perfection of letting the kids lead with crafts, even though they are technically the same craft each one turned out differently. Showing off their perfectly imperfect personalities.

It was a masterpiece! Worthy of any wall in my home!

My daughter Nora, who went with the more subtle fully pink heart wanted writing on it. She asked for me to write these words on her art.

Then outlined the words in glue and topped it off with more glitter. She was not going to be left out of the glitter fun.

What we ended up with were 3 uniquely beautiful DIY Valentines day wall art.

I know I see kids crafts all the time on the internet, and some I seriously side eye. Psh, kids are not neat, precise, clean, or organized. A perfectly executed craft with no obviously smudges or mistakes had to have been helped out a lot by adults. Or we are using the term kids craft very loosely. Not shading anyone who has crated a kids craft, but you can usually recognize a fully child created craft. My kids are wonderful, creative, loud, they lose interest fast, they have big ideas, and they are messy…. so very messy.

These Valentines day kid craft idea are just what I will cherish years from now. I will happily display them on my wall, maybe eventually adding my grand kids and their creations into the mix too. At the end of the day any kids craft should be about the experience, the creativity and most importantly the fun! Kids are the best excuse for fun, they demand it almost 24/7.

Having kids create something like this is helping them again their independence. Give them options and give them time to decide. I loved seeing how each of them, given a similar task went about it all in very different ways. All with different results.


So, this may not be the more perfectly executed Valentines day kid craft idea to ever exist. But to my kids, and me they are pretty dang perfect. The idea, the fun, and the results are what you make of it. Just like what Valentines day should stand for, it is all about love and making the people you love the most feel special. When I decorate my home with things my kids made they love it. Their pride for their creations is wonderful, them seeing my show off their hard work is special, and it makes our home feel even more “ours.” So when it comes to kids crafts enjoy the process, celebrate the results, and encourage their individuality. I should mention that these would be really sweet gifts for a parent or grandparent. They can be decorations for your home, or gifts for someone else. From the heart, with actual hearts… cannot get much better than that for Valentines day!

Do you have any favorite kids crafts your family has done? Have you DIYed a Valentines day gift? 




  1. robin masshole mommy says:

    That is a really cute idea. I don’t allow paining in my house, so hopefully they will do something like this in school 🙂

  2. That is super cute. I used to do these kind of things when my kids were little.

  3. This is such a fun idea for a Valentine craft. I love the color choices and especially the abstract art.
    Oh yes, the children always love working with paint! Pinned it.

  4. I love this kids craft so much that I want to make one! Maybe I can talk my kids into making them with me! They love to paint so it may not be too hard to encourage them.

  5. I love this idea! It’s a camera that the kids can do really easily and have a lot of fun with it I would love to hang up in my house.

  6. Soooo cute!! Your kids are GOOD at painting within the lines, lol. This is a great idea – thanks for sharing!

  7. You are the best mom! I am so touched by how much time your spend with your kids making projects. You are always making the time to do things with them inspite of your crazy schedule as a blogger. I am very inspired by this. Hugs Maria

  8. What great fun to have with the kids. Very cute and looked like a blast.

  9. Your kids did a fabulous job there. How often do you do these craft & decors at home? Pre-selecting the paint colors was a brilliant idea.

  10. Such an easy craft for your kids to complete, yet also feel like they are part of making your house theirs. Lovely idea and I will share it out. 🙂 BTW, your kids are adorable.

  11. What a really great craft idea! I always keep canvases in our house because we all love to paint. Can’t wait to make these!

  12. You can tell the kids are having a good time making these paintings. Concentrating so hard on what they are doing. Wonderful idea.

  13. That is an adorable idea! I need to try this with the kids since we have canvas!

  14. what a great craft idea. They looked like they has fin and the finish product looks so good.

  15. I really love that you have the kids doing these decorating projects. The pastel colors are just perfect!

  16. These are too cute and great crafts for kids to do for V-day. I like the way you use washi tape, its one of my favorites. I may have to do this with my little ones.

  17. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    These turned out super cute. I used to love doing art projects like this with my kids when they were younger.

  18. Emily! Wow! This is absolutely clever and the results turned out so great! They are a true work of art that I would hang proudly in my hallway!

  19. What a great project to make with little ones. I know they must be so proud to see their art hanging on the wall. I love that you were sneaky and got your colors in!

  20. This is an awesome Valentine’s Day craft and what a great keepsake for mom, too! I love how the tape is wide enough to help little ones stay in the lines!
    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  21. I adore this Valentine’s Day craft. I totally have a couple of mini canvases on our shelves right now. My daughters would love if I surprised them with a craft project!

  22. I love this! So creative , without being difficult. The end result is beautiful and something you can have forever. The colors are so pretty

  23. What a fun and cute idea. I love the paint colors that you selected and how you let the kids create and design these amazing paintings.

  24. This is such a cute idea for Valentines and is simple for the kids.

  25. I love this Emily! It shows your kids that you value their work!

  26. Such a cute and simple craft that shows true love. I would love to make these with my boys for all of the valentines in their lives.

  27. This looks like a great kid’s craft!! So cute and can hang in your home all year round!!

  28. Your children are adorable! I love the art project they did it turned out very nice.

  29. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This kids Valentine craft idea is an awesome idea and I will have to share it with my niece for her kids. These are all cute Valentines day hearts. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  30. The results were great, but I loved the process most. I think it’s exceptional how you involve your kids and don’t expect or want cookie cutter results. You are showing them that being creative is lots of fun!

  31. oh how cute. i love the idea and they look like they are enjoying themselves totally. i love the colors they are using.

  32. Omg how cute is this Valentine’s Day craft!!!! I bet my four year old daughter would have a bast making these!!!

  33. I love the wasabi tape detail, such a cute idea!

  34. Such a cute craft idea. My kids are too old for this now but they would have loved it!

  35. Love these ideas.. Kids are so creative and we have to let their imagination grows

  36. How cute! Looks like they had a blast working on it.

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