Simple Valentines day arrow craft

Simple Valentines day arrow craft

Can you believe that Valentines day is just a few short weeks away?! After the rush of the holidays, in our house we jump into preparing for my daughter Nora’s birthday. This is at the end of January, and then bam… Valentines day! It is celebrating whiplash, but I love it all! Today I am sharing a really cute Simple Valentines day arrow craft. They can be used as decorations or a sweet gift. You can add a message to the hearts, and if you have kids this would be a fun Valentines day craft for them too!

Simple valentines day arrow craft, great for decorations or a gift!

Truth be told my husband and I never put a ton of merit into Valentines day. He is my favorite person, we hang out and spend time together any chance we get. A lot of times this does not mean date nights…. because kids. But hanging out after the kids go to bed, watching a movie or having a late dinner with just us. We carve out time in little ways. Once we had kids I adore the idea of sharing this holiday of love, we have explained it as a time to celebrate the people that are in your life and mean the most to you. It can mean a parent, friend, sibling, cousin, or even a crush. Trying to focus on the sweet parts of this holiday and not the old adage of it being a strictly romantic holiday only to be celebrated by loved-up couples.

As I said, Dale and I celebrate our love for each other in smaller ways throughout the year, so a required day is not needed. However, we do use the excuse of Valentines day to go out on a date, typically on the weekend before of after the actual day. A little quiet time and conversation of more than knock-knock jokes and telling someone to not pick their nose at the table is always nice. I know a lot of families that use Valentines day in the same way we do, a celebration of all kinds of love. This Simple Valentines day arrow craft is perfect for that! It can be an activity to do the day of with kids, given to kids with a sweet note attached, or even a spouse as a cute little extra gift. Or simply as a decoration for the holiday.

For this the supplies I am using are a few wood doll rods, but you can use straws or even pencils for this. I painted them white. Then I am using wood textured paper, however regular paper is fine. Lastly some cute washi tape to add the flair and sweet to this.

Cut the paper of your choice into angled pieces.

These become the arrow tails. I am creating a very whimsical cupids arrow, cute and not even a little realistic looking. I used a hot glue gun for this portion.

Gluing the pieces to one end. I alternated between putting on two or three just to keep things interesting.

Next, glitter! I used crafting glue and added a very generous amount to the opposite end of where the paper arrow tails are.

To keep the mess to a minimum (which is near impossible with glitter) I set a plate down to catch the extra glitter. Then sprinkle glitter on the arrow, covering the glue completely.

It was magical, pretty and sparkly. I chose the gold because as I said, this is a whimsical interpretation of the arrow, and gold glitter is pretty dang whimsical!


Next up, once the glitter has dried, time to add the Valentines colors to this. I purchased varying colors and patterns of washi tape from a craft store.

Wrapping pieces around the base of the arrow. It adds just a tiny touch of pink, which is a Valentines day requirement with crafts. Also adding other colors that go along with my home. This will allow the arrows to be decor for my home since typically I do not decorate with pink adding a touch of blue really helps these mesh with the rest of my decorations.

I also varied the number of the washi tape and the placement of them. Have fun with it!

Lastly is adding a heart! A cupids arrow needs a pointy end, and since I am going with the whimsy a heart pointy end is the perfect way to finish this craft off!

I glued it to the end.

These Simple Valentines day arrow craft are done!

I admit I am not too crazy with Valentines day decor, after the wonderfulness (but hectic) fall an winter holidays I need a break from changing things up in my home. These are fun to put on the dinner table with a pretty floral arrangement (given by your husband of course). It is also fun to have these be part of celebrating the holiday with your kids. Put their name on them and place them on their seats in the morning, with a sweet note. This will set off the sweetness of this holiday and let your kids know they are your valentine too!

Adding a few of these to your home is just a tiny touch for this holiday. No need to go all out, I know I do not. Between Christmas and then Nora’s birthday at the end of January, with all of the birthday decorations I do not have it together enough to also decorate my home for this holiday. Tiny touches like this add a festive feel without taking up too much of my time.

Dale and I like to keep any Valentines day gifts to a sentimental level, instead of just blindly buying something for each other. We have created a family of love tree in the past, given a notebook with sweet words to each other, or simply picked a favorite picture of us and put it in a frame. Keeping things simple, low cost, but big on love is the best kind of Valentines day gift! For the kids I always give them a little bag filled with tiny gifts like a notebook for them to draw in, some stickers, and of course Hershey Kisses.

I feel like with Valentines day everything should be simple. Of course the big and overly extravagant gestures are what we dream of, but with true love the simple and small gestures are what mean the most. A gift of your favorite flowers, a card with words of love, a horribly cut out heart with your name almost eligible written from your kids… those are what this little holiday is about. This Simple Valentines day arrow craft goes right along with that. Keep the decorations simple, the gifts simple and from the heart, and the day filled with love!

How do you celebrate Valentines day? Any plans for this year?




  1. Fun!! These are too cute!

  2. Oh my gosh! How cute are these? I’ll have to try them with my kids! Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. These are SO cute!!! I’m not crafty at all. It I think I could manage these. The glitter is my favorite and with arrows being so Trendy you can’t go wrong. Thanks for suggestion straws too!

  4. That is a cute craft. Perfect for a school art day. Kids would love making them for sure.

  5. Those are super cute! These would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day centerpiece. Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Those are the cutest! They’re great for decor or as part of an overall Valentine’s Day gift. So adorable!

  7. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I am going to show this to my daughter. She loves making little crafts like this! I have everything too! So fun!

  8. These are adorable. Not only a great craft but a great holiday decoration!

  9. this is such an adorable DIY project… I’m going to Pin it for later (my kids and I WILL be making these this Valentines!

  10. Rebecca Bryant says:

    Oh my those are super cute. I like the sparkle of the glitter on them.

  11. What a super cute Valentine’s Day idea! I think the kids would enjoy making these!

  12. This is such a cute and original idea! Perfect for a class party!

  13. We aren’t major crafters in our house but around the holidays we like to find simple projects that will give us a laugh while we play… the simpler the better. I think my little one and I could master your arrows and make them look amazing. Thanks for adding to our fun!

  14. Claudia Krusch says:

    This is going to be a fun craft to do with the kids. It is perfect for Valentines day. I will have to get the supplies I need to make them.

  15. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I have been looking for some cute craft ideas for Valentines day. I love this! It looks so cute and easy to make. My kids will love it.

  16. Love that you added so much fun stuff to make these! Washi tape is EVERYTHING! Love the gold glitter and the cork looking ribbon!

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  18. So cute and easy to make. My girls will have so much fun doing this project.

  19. Oh my gosh! These are adorable. My daughter is a crafty kid, always making things for her friends — the BFFFFFFFS — and I think she’d love to make these for them for Valentine’s day this year. Great tutorial.

  20. These are so cute! My daughter is a little young for crafts, but we may give these a shot anyway 🙂

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  24. This is such a cute craft idea for Valentine’s Day! I bet our kids would love to make this! Thanks for sharing.

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  26. I’m taking up bow hunting this year after seeing this!

  27. These would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day centerpiece. Thanks for sharing them

  28. The craft is amazing. I will definitely do it for this year’s valentine’s day. Thank you for the detailed instructions. Love it!

  29. Totally adorable! I’d love a group of these in a galvanized bin!

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