Broken wall art gets a new life with this DIY wood pallet frame

Broken wall art gets a new life with this DIY wood pallet frame

 Let me give a little background of myself, I grew up in Southern California and was raised by my young Mom and my Grandma. Going to the beach, being sun kissed, salt water hair messy, and sand between my toes was a daily occurrence. Once I moved to Wisconsin when I was 18 and met Dale se settled into small town life. But, the beach and the colors never left me. We go back there every year and spend a good portion of our summer on the same beaches I grew up at. I am very close to my Grandma and we stay in her adorably coastal house on a hill, with a view of the ocean. Which is why my home reflects this feel, the casual, bright, cool colors and coastal style. I have it all over my home, including this new wall art. Today I am sharing Broken wall art gets a new life with this DIY wood pallet frame. DIY wood pallet frame, rescuing a broken wall art and creating a new frame for the coastal style art!
I am very close to my Grandma who is almost 90 years old. She has such a great sense of style for her home and was DIYing things before Pinterest was even a thing. She somehow just knew how to redo furniture, strip paint, and build things. What I am trying to say she is my hero, and with decorating she is the reason I decorate the way I do. Growing up in her home made me adore the blue tones and everything coastal. Last summer when we were visiting she had this cute wall art that was broken. The frame was busted and the glass was broken, she was going to throw it out. I loved the colors in the print and decided to bring it home with me.
It is coastal without being too much. I have also not had a lot of red in my home, so it is fun to have a little pop of it. I created a wood pallet wall art a while ago. But it was not meshing with my new dining room look. I am changing things up, creating a more bold feel, with less country and a lot more color. Also bringing out more streamlines elements and a modern twist. Totally makes sense right? I promise you I am close-ish to having it all done. I have teased about it, but still have some work to do. In fact, on Friday I will be needing your opinions on some wall colors, be sure to check back and weigh in on things.
For now I am going to share how I created this wood pallet frame, that I eventually used as the backing for my Grandma’s wall decor.
 I purchased a pre-cut frame from Michaels in the sale area. I am assuming that someone returned it from the custom frame area. It was on sale for $3. I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do with it. I think we all know I have a serious hoarding problem. It came in handy though. I am using some wood pallets and this frame to turn into a great DIY wall art piece.
I selected a few different sizes of wood, varying from thin to wide. Cut them down to size.
I made sure all of them fit within the frame. I also sanded them down, to make them be as smooth and pretty as possible.
I set them out in a order that I thought would work within the frame. Setting the bigger pieces on each end and then sporadically laying the others within it. Giving a variety and a non patterned look.
I had all of these sample paint colors. I chose a dark green, dark gray, light gray, off white, teal, mint green, and dark blue. I thought they were something that will fit in my home regardless of where it is in my home. The frame is a dark gray color. I had enough to paint all pallets with two of the same color. So I had two dark blue, two dark green, etc… I am a serious painter guys. Also, notice the pretty ceiling light? All of this work for that beauty.
I only did one coat because I liked the rustic look to it.
Bringing in the frame and putting a line of wood glue within the frame.
Then pushing each pallet piece into its designated spot and smushing it into the glue. I let it sit overnight. Once done I added a simple picture backing to this, allowing me to hang it.
The frame is ready to be hung. This is how the frame looked right after I made it. As it is here works perfectly fine, and it did in my dining room for a while.
However, I have been slowly rearranging things in the dining room, giving it more of a bold look and less of a country look. I planned to get some new wall art in here, which I did do. But after a visit to my Grandma’s last summer I knew the perfect way to incorporate the shovel picture into my home. It involves tacks. That is it people!
Seriously, I put the picture in the center of this, because the pallet works with any direction, I simply turned the art vertical. Then pushed white tacks into each corner. I could have also used double sided tape to put on the back of the picture. It brings out the blue colors, and goes along the lines of that bold style I am craving in here.
The beautiful white table is also a Grandma given piece. I adore the tiny detailing on it, and finally have a great spot to have this in my home. With the contrast of the dark color cane chairs this side of the dining room is the exact overall style I am wanting.
I like to keep the decorations simple for a table top, these items allow varying heights which is a great way to decorate.
 Seriously, it is insane how simple something like some wood pallets and a poster print can turn into a beautiful wall decor! The fact that this has a special meaning coming from my Grandma make it that much better. When we purchased our home here in Wisconsin I used a lot of the typical coastal colors, but stayed away from the overt beachy style. I felt like it did not make sense for a house in the Midwest. Over time though my love for all things coastal has taken over. I could not fight it anymore, and if loving coastal decorations is wrong I do not want to be right!
We now fill our home with pictures from the beaches I went to, shells we collect, and other decorations that remind me of California Now that we spend time there every year it has become something each of our family hold dear. Our time spent in California is so precious to us, we unwind and settle into a slower pace, enjoying family and friends, and so much beach time! I am also starting to incorporate the “lake” life that is so strong here in Wisconsin, representing for Dale and his love of nature. Finding that happy balance between what we both hold dear to us, and incorporating that into our children’s childhood home. I do wonder if they will carry on these same cozy thoughts of nature and the beach?
A coastal, little less country and bold wall art is made! This is just what I am always talking about. Thinking outside of the box, getting creative and even using what you have to create that dream home. Sharing how this Broken wall art gets a new life with this DIY wood pallet frame is exactly what my home and this blog are all about! What would have most likely been discarded with the broken picture became a new take on the art, and has a new feel to it. My wood pallet art most likely would have felt too tired for my new style and I most likely would have sold it or given it away. Putting the two together I have a sentimental piece in my home, that was DIYed too! A pretty good combination!
Do you decorate similar to how your childhood home was? Have you moved away from the area but still bring that style with you?




  1. That is such a fun idea. I love wooden decor projects. Those little shovels are just too cute!

  2. Such a great piece! What a wonderful story that goes along with it. I love all of the colors too.

  3. I love that piece! I don’t decorate as my childhood home because we move so much it’s sort of changed wherever we move to. For me I just like wood and photographs.

  4. That is so cute! I grew up in New England and a lot of the decor tends to be colonial, New England farmhouse, etc. My household was different because neither of my parents were from my home state, so I’d say my taste in decor is very different from where I grew up!

  5. This came out adorable, I grew up near the beach also, and there is nothing better! Bless your sweet grandma!

  6. I love this idea!! I love how it gives a great pop of color to the background. I will have to try this!

  7. What a great DIY project to bring your childhood home into your own. I grew up in FL, but now live in GA. I would love to bring some beachy tranquility into our house.

  8. I love everything about this. I love doing projects with pallets and since I live in Florida, anything beach is fine by me. This is so cute!! Thanks for sharing

  9. Oh my gosh, this looks fantastic. I am so not handy or crafty. Though, I’m good at asking someone else to do my diy, kinda funny to say.

  10. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    This turned out really cute. I like that you were able to repurpose your broken wall art into something beautiful.

  11. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Wow what a great DIY and upcycle project!! It really came out beautiful and I just love the colors you used!

  12. I love how it turned out. Such a great focal point. Im always looking for pallet crafts to do!

  13. What a cute idea! I love the way the blue picks up the blue in the adjacent room, too. You have an excellent eye.

  14. Very nice tutorial! I love using old things to create something new. The art gives the room a beachy vibe.

  15. Oh wow, I need you to decorate my house with suggestions. That is just too cute and creative.

  16. Rebecca Bryant says:

    WOw you are so talented. Come over to my place and work on my issues. I could use some of your decorating skills and talent.

  17. Claudia Krusch says:

    I love finding new DIY projects to tackle. I have the perfect spot for this. I will have to get the supplies I need to make one this weekend.

  18. I love this so much! Hubby and I finally got our first home and it is a shore home. We lived in SF years ago but have settled in Galveston. I love that this has the feeling of shore but doesn’t go too far. Really, really nice.

  19. What a great recycle and upcycle! You are so crafty and are inspiring me to take on a DIY project of my own with some leftover materials in my house.

  20. Wow. That project of yours came out so beautiful. I live way inland and it really takes extra effort and long drives to get to a beach. I wish I was as crafty as you so I can make something like that to remind me of our wonderful trips to the beach.

  21. Oh wow, what beautiful decor you’ve got here and loved reading about your story. We moved continents and I try to bring some of the previous life things into my current home

  22. When I first saw the picture, I thought this looked way more complicated then it is. You did a great job showcasing how easy this is and it turned out really well too!

  23. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This DIY wood pallet frame is a great idea for broken art. I love the way this looks and this style of art. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  24. It’s so perfect and fits right in with your decor making everything stand out! I wish I had an eye for decorating my home 😉 Pinning & sharing!

  25. Ashley Mullins says:

    This is so cute and creative! Looks super easy! It’s so sweet that it came from your grandma’s house too!

  26. Bonnie @wemake7 says:

    Oh my gosh! That looks awesome! I love everything about it.

  27. This looks like a great DIY project!! I should have done the same thing to a couple of older home decor pieces I had.

  28. This is a great recycle/ upcycle! I love how it turned out.

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