Let’s talk home decor, traditional Christmas colors or neutral?

Alright, today is something new which I am so excited to roll out. Let’s talk home decor, traditional Christmas colors or neutral? This space on the internet for me is all about connecting with others, sharing my home and ideas, but also getting to talk home decor with people who get my obsession. Even if your home is full-on country chic, or modern simplicity. We can all relate to the love of decorating, of making our house into a home.


So today I am breaking down a new aspect of my blog, having this become a place to talk all homes. Not just mine, but yours, yes you. The one right there. Hi you! I see you and I am excited to start talking to you! On my social media I asked a question about Christmas decorating color preference. But first let me back up a little and explain the back story. I explained in my Christmas home tour, Dale (my husband and legally obligated bestie) insists on the traditional Christmas colors of red and green. Even down to colored lights on the tree and outside. This is non-negotiable to him, who for the rest of the year throws up his hands and gives me full decorating freedom. But don’t mess with this mans Christmas!


I on the other hand love the simplicity and beauty of neutral colors. White lights are so dreamy and look like fairies literally floating around in my home, sharing the glowing magic with us. Now that I am a decorating lover I also adore adding some newer elements and colors. Grays and blue, which should surprise no one if you are a frequent reader of this blog since this is the main colors to my home year round. It helps transition my home into this season without having to go and get new everything if I incorporate a few of those cooler tones into my Christmas decorations.

Our home is a mainly traditional feel for this season. With pops of gray and a smidgen of blue. I justify it to Dale by saving us money, which he is all about.

simple Christmas ideas for the home


I also added some cleaner and lighter colors to my decor this year. Putting in a few additions of the so pretty and clean neutral look.


My fireplace mantel I squeezed in some blue, which I again claimed was to make the large wall decor work with the rest of the room. Otherwise making or purchasing a new one would have to happen. I know this is as much as I can possibly get Dale to concede. He would have a checkered green sofa with red pillows all over. He is Mr. Traditional with Christmas decorating. Since he does not make these requests for much else in our home I acquiesce to him, but this is his one veto! He pulled the Christmas traditional decor card out, I have received it and put it to action. He gets one! Buahaha!!!!

Now comes the fun part for me and why I am bringing this up here, because I want to win this argument hear what you all have to say! So let’s talk home decor, traditional Christmas colors or neutral? Seriously, I am wondering what you all think? How do you decorate your home? Have you ever changed it up, switched teams? Maybe you decorate in bright turquoise, if so can I come and visit because I lurve turquoise?! This blog is mine, about my home but it has always been my goal to have it become a place to celebrate all homes, and get to know you. So let’s get to chatting, this is just us having some coffee talk. Be sure to check back because I will be engaging with you all and responding to what you have to say. Let’s do this!

I would love to see your home decorating too, if you have social media post a picture of your home in all it’s Christmas glory and tag me in it or use the hashtag #letstalkhomedecor to let me be nosy and see your home! 


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  1. Scott says: Reply

    This is the year we head out of town for Christmas, so our decorations are very sparse. Just a stocking or two and a wreath – that’s it!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      How fun to be going away for Christmas! I hope you have a great time!

  2. Catherine Sargent says: Reply

    I love all of your Christmas decorations, your home is so pretty. I like to add some color. Last year we bought a purple with glitter artificial Christmas tree.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Oh wow, that purple tree sounds like such a fun way to decorate!

    2. Dale Burmeister says: Reply

      Purple tree can we see a picture. Would love to see that decorated.

  3. I really think it’s all a matter of personal taste. As long as you do a good job and keep everything balanced, either option works just as well.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Very good points! I love seeing all of the variations and honestly need a few different houses to cover all of my favorite styles and colors for decorating. 🙂

  4. I go entirely whole hog for Christmas. I’m all about bright Christmas colors and decor that borders on tacky. I’m living the Christmas dream!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Ha ha, Love it! Own it and enjoy the big time bright Christmas decor!

  5. Everything is absolutely beautiful. It looks like a warm cozy Christmas.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much!

  6. vicki m says: Reply

    jewel tones are my deal! very little red & green here.
    my husband loves his red & green tree skirt; I dont'(think santa with green instead of white fur edging) so its good motivation for me to wrap some pretty gifts(my way!) early in the season to cover it up! shh….don’t tell!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I love the idea of jewel tones. You have me cracking up with your idea to cover up the husband’s Christmas tree skirt. You are so sneaky! Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

  7. Gloria says: Reply

    I will admit to the traditional in our house for sure. I think some of the other colour combinations are pretty, but I would grow tired of them quickly. White, red, green, gold and silver are the classics for me.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      There is a reason they are the classics, they stand the test of time 🙂

  8. I love getting funky with it. I also do all green lights on my christmas tree! Weird right?! but i love the glow.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Oh, the green lights on the tree is such a good idea!

  9. We went out of town last year for Christmas so this year we are going all out.
    Granted, it’s taking a little longer to get everything up but it sure is beautiful.
    Traditional colors all the way in our neck of the woods!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Have fun decorating!

  10. Rebecca Bryant says: Reply

    I am in love with your home and your decor. I wish I had a better eye for designing and decorating. my style is more of a mosh posh.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Oh, thank you so much! I really enjoy decorating!

  11. Jennifer Van Huss says: Reply

    My colour combo for the holidays has always been red and gold with a touch of green. I tried a place setting last year of silver and teal. I loved it but it felt too fancy for my young family! Maybe one day i’ll stray! lol

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Ha ha, loved that you tried something new! I think a combination of red and gold with a little green is a stunning color combination!

  12. I love all things sparkly, glittery, shiny this time of year, lol. For colors I tend towards red, silver, and white.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Glittery and shiny is a great addition for this time of year. It makes the home feel like a winter wonderland!

  13. So pretty! I love to decorate for Christmas. Each year we try to have a different theme. This year we will be focusing on tartan. I love all of your decoration.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Oh, love your idea for this year! Have fun decorating!

  14. Rosey says: Reply

    I’m usually more into neutral colors. At Christmas time though, I want traditional holiday reds and greens!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      A mix of the two must be beautiful for the holiday season!

  15. Your home is beautiful, BUT I am #TEAMCOLOR all the way!!! 🙂 Christmas to me is all about kids and what is more fun and magical than color, color, color everywhere! 🙂

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Love that you are #teamcolor! Shout it from the rooftops! 🙂 It is true that Christmas is about the kids, and that typically means tons of color.

  16. For some things I think traditional, for others not so much. I’ve never seen a purple tree. We don’t decorate much inside other than the tree and bathroom, but do out outside lights up.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I love to put light up outside, although this year I am not sure if it will happen. It is really, REALLY cold outside already and we are supposed to get up to a foot of snow this weekend. Not much options to put lights up… we will see if ti happens this year :/

  17. I’m starting to lean toward neutral colors. I know when my husband broke out the Christmas decorations, it felt like everything clashed

    1. Emily says: Reply

      It can be tough to mix the year-round decor with the Christmas decor. Going neutral helps the transition be a lot easier.

  18. Love the decor and I love your tree! We decided to change our decor this year so we stuck with some silver and white decor!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much! I think having silver and white would be beautiful for this time of year!

  19. I actually really love the more neutral look for holiday decor! Our tree has white lights and silver ornaments. It just looks so crisp!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Oh, your tree sounds like it sparkles beautifully at night!

  20. You have a lovely home. I love how simple your decorations are. The lantern is adorable.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much!

  21. Wendy Polisi says: Reply

    Everything at your home is so neat and very nice. The decorations are very attractive.. I love your home designs.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Oh wow, thank you!

  22. Myteenguide says: Reply

    I love your home… Very nice, well organized and beautiful. Your christmas decor is perfect.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much! I love decorating for this time of year!

  23. I went traditional this year, mostly. Mostly red and green. But with all colored lights on the tree.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      There is a reason the traditional is the classic, it is timeless 🙂

  24. Ariel says: Reply

    The only traditional aspect we keep is the greenery. DH still insists on a green tree. If we had more space I’d have two (or three) and one would be white! Other then that, I keep it colourful and eclectic with my decor choices so that they compliment the rest of our decor. Reds and greens (in the right shades) would work for us, but on the all I throw in way more colours.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Awesome! I would love to have two full size Christmas trees. We keep our ornaments really eclectic and family themed. But to have one where I could go crazy with decorating themes would be so much fun!

  25. Our home is done in extremely neutral colors (browns, tans, creams and white) so I enjoy adding pops of color during the holidays. I feel it makes those special decor pieces more of a focal point too.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Love the idea of adding pops of color for the holidays!

  26. Kathy says: Reply

    I love both colors. I think either works great for Christmas decor. Depends on what I feel like each year!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Very true! Each person has a different opinion and either options turn out beautiful!

  27. kendall says: Reply

    Wow! Everything came out SO beautifully! I love the colors you picked – going traditional is beautiful, but I do love trying new colors and fun different decor!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you!

  28. Both! I love it all, but I usually keep my home neutral so I can accent it with seasonal color throughout the year!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Good point about transitioning the home with seasonal decor that compliments your year-round decor!

  29. I personally like the more traditional Christmas colors. This is the only year that I didn’t do much decorating. We are moving on the 30th so I only put up the tree for my boys.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      That is so understandable to not do a lot of decorating if you are moving so soon. Hopefully the move goes smoothly!

  30. This is cute and definitely adds some cuteness to the regular old Christmas decor and colors. Thanks for the idea. ^yolonda

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Your welcome, I am happy you enjoyed this!

  31. As much as I loooooooove the white/neutral look I can’t ditch the colorful look of traditional. Love all these looks though.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I think I am the same way as you, I love the look of neutral but the pop of color feels so cozy. I also know my kids like all of the colors of this season!

  32. Chasity Boatman says: Reply

    I love bright and colorful Christmas decor. I enjoy traditional for sure.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Traditional colors lets the home feel perfect for the holiday season!

  33. Sarah says: Reply

    I have to admit, we stick to the traditional colors of Christmas. But, I love seeing different styles in peoples’ homes. I think it’s all personal preference; no right or wrong way 🙂

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I love seeing different styles too! I need a few houses, then I could do different themes for different houses 🙂

  34. Amanda says: Reply

    We always stick to the traditional colors, but with a fair dose of metallics thrown in. So, our main colors are red, green, silver, and gold. No blue or anything like that, though!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Oh love the idea of adding some metallics for sparkle!

  35. Maria Han says: Reply

    What a cute decoration! i love this and so neat, I wish I could have a home like this

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much! It is a lot of fun to decorate! Start small and you can decorate your home too!

  36. Sarah says: Reply

    I love to bring out all my vintage and antique pieces for Christmas, so I tend to go pretty traditional. Lots of greenery, lots of colour, lots of shimmer and shine. Our home isn’t a fancy one, but I like to make it feel elegant with antique silverware everywhere! 🙂

    1. Emily says: Reply

      The idea of adding vintage and antique pieces is a great one! This season is all about traditions and having items from the past is wonderful!

  37. I’ve always loved the traditional colors. Never tried blue, but I’ve added gold and silver ornaments on our tree.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Awesome! It is fun to add a few new things to the decor!

  38. michele d says: Reply

    You have a beautiful home. Super love your fireplace. Just gorgeous!

  39. What a beautiful setting and arrangment. My husband love the neutral color but I love a splash of color in it so we mixed.

  40. My tastes in decor changes from year to year. One year I may be favoring traditional colors where another year I’ll prefer unconventional colors. 🙂

  41. I haven’t started the decor portion of my website yet. That is on my list for 2017 once I get myself sorted in a new town and with a new career. I am really excited for this !

  42. Sara says: Reply

    I just love how you have decorated your house! This is so beautiful that it looks like it is from a magazine.

  43. CourtneyLynne says: Reply

    Omg just love your decor!!!! I’m all about golds and silvers for Christmas!!! Oooo and lots of glitter!!!

  44. victoria says: Reply

    What a neat home decor! It looks elegant and I want this for my house

  45. Rachel says: Reply

    Last year, I mixed red and blue but this year I went back to the traditional. Love your house! It looks festive no matter which way you go.

  46. We go with a nice natural look with just a few pops of christmas color. We really like the way it looks, sort of elegant.

  47. Kati says: Reply

    I like to change it up for sure! This year my focus is on Red with the only green being the greenery of the trees, garland, and wreaths. I add lots of neutrals to it. However, I do love blues for Christmas and my husband is actually partial to the blues. Maybe next year we will do blue and red. That is always a fun combination.

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