Holiday cards, timeless tradition or played out?

Holiday cards, timeless tradition or played out?

How is everyone doing? This season is so hectic, fun but very hectic. Between holiday family fun, parties, school functions and preparing for the actual day of Christmas it feels as if my head is going to pop off trying to organize it all. Then I remember that holiday cards exist, and I wonder about those Holiday cards, timeless tradition or played out?


I actually asked this on my blog’s Facebook page (if you are not following along click here to like it and get some fun daily information). I asked if people still do holiday cards? I love getting them and happily display them in my home. The ones with pictures I even leave on the refrigerator year round so my kids can get to know any relatives or friends who do not live close. I was also sooooo amped up when I had Nora because I now had a family and I got to send one of those cute picture holiday cards too! Since then I have designed ours myself, using software I use for this here blog to create a fun card each year.


I decked out my home for the holidays and I send out wishes for the festive season, in the snail mail. I am a Woman of tradition! But I am thinking others are not too into this tradition anymore. Each year the cards I receive are becoming less and less. I assume it is one of two things, I am uncool and have been removed from peoples list of holiday card recipients. Or people are not sending them anymore. I get it, with social media a lot of times we all get updates on people’s live even if they do not live close by. It is also such a busy season, as I said earlier and taking one thing off of your to-do list is appealing. I happily designed my cards early and ordered them. But they have yet to be addressed and sent, which I plan to do in the next few days… fingers crossed.

I know this is not home decor specific for the discussion today, but I am wanting to connect with you more, get that communication flowing. I explained it a little earlier this week with my Let’s talk home decor post and I loved having the conversation between everyone reading here! This is not home-ish specific, but very specific for this season.


As I said, I asked the question  Holiday cards, timeless tradition or played out? On my Facebook page and I got a ton of responses. Most said they enjoyed receiving them but have also noticed the amount they receive dwindling. Which was a relief to me, I don’t think I have been blacklisted in the holiday card situation after all! So I am bringing up this discussion with you guys, what say you my wonderful readers?

I also thought it would be fun to show you all our holiday cards for this year. I had a lot of fun creating them and typically do not share a lot of pictures of my family, just the home. But with this season I thought it would be fun to share with you all these special people of mine. I am pretty obsessed with them! These holiday cards also force me to get my booty in gear and take some decent pictures of my kids once a year. The holiday card situation also forces a family picture. It happens once a year people, and that is the maximum of it happening.



The other contender was this lovely picture of my kids on Thanksgiving. This may be my favorite picture of my kids, it shows their spirit and silly side. I was going to go with it for our holiday card, but then I remembered I am sending this card to my Grandma, who does not have Facebook. So she does not see firsthand my kids accomplishments or cute smiles. Her just being sent this picture I could not do. I admit I adore this holiday card situation, love making mine and getting ones from others. It is such a fun tradition and one I eagerly started doing when we started our family. I felt like I was in an elite group of adults (really all adults, but it was new to me) and I had the cute, squishy baby to put a picture of in our card. I had the happy husband and my tiny family to share with the ones I love. Also with me living across the country from most of my family, and this being BSM (Before Social Media) this was pretty much the best way to share my family with my extended family.

So, what say you?  Holiday cards, timeless tradition or played out? Let me know what you think! If you have shared a holiday card on social media tag me in it or use the hashtag #letstalkhomedecor. I want to see your pretty faces! Last but not least, from my family to yours we wish you a festive Holiday season! Thank you so much for joining in here, I appreciate every single one of you! 




  1. So adorable and I love your husband’s curly red hair 🙂 I think holiday cards are slowly becoming a thing of the past. My grandmother still sends them out, but she is about the only one that does it. I acutally think letters/cards in general are dying out.


  3. I love holiday cards so much. We send them every year and it makes me so happy to get them!

  4. I still love sending and receiving them. It’s nice to know someone thought of you enough to send you something in the mail instead of just tagging you in a photo on Facebook.

  5. I still get tons of cards, mostly just family pics. We only get a couple of letters. I like getting them, but I quit sending them when some of my kids got old enough to think it was weird to have everyone know about them. I haven’t seen the finished product but I don’t think ours are going to be great this year!

  6. holiday cards are fun and awesome to give and receive, it’s always nice to know people are thinking of you when you get cards in the mail! love your Xmas card!

  7. I am 100% Team Holiday Cards. I know some people who think they’re too old school and take too much time, but I think they’re great.

  8. Holiday cards will never go out of style, in my book. I send holiday cards to everyone.

  9. This is the first year I am actually NOT making or sending out holiday cards. In the last few years, the amount I received didn’t match the amount I sent – so I just decided to forego it altogether.

  10. I don’t think I have ever sent cards with photos at the holidays. I am not sure why not. Your kids are so cute and I love the photos that you chose. I am going to have to think about using photos as cards.

  11. Your kids are so charming and adorable. I loved your family photo. Sending cards is one of a tradition that we used to do every holidays.

  12. I love receiving holiday cards. I feel so especial. I also sending cards to my friends.

  13. I’m glad you posted this because I’ve been wondering the same thing. We still send out cards but definitely don’t get very many in return. I know we have lots of older aunts and uncles who enjoy receiving our Christmas cards, so I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

  14. You have a beautiful family. I haven’t had photos taken in several years. I need to do them soon.

  15. Chasity Boatman says:

    I’m a card junkie. I love all cards-holiday cards and birthday cards. I keep them forever! So we always do a Christmas card, but I’ve noticed that most people don’t.

  16. We sent out holiday cards for years, but we have taken a backseat lately with them. I do love to receive them though!

  17. Honestly, we never do Holiday cards back in my home country. And then when I got here in the U.S., I started receiving them from friends and family and it was always a joy to receive cards. So this year, I decided to finally send out Holiday cards as well. Will post about it later this week.

  18. I LOVE giving and receiving Holiday cards! Especially photo ones. They stay on our fridge until the next years card come!

  19. I don’t think it’s played out, but it’s definitely not as big of deal in the age of social media.

  20. While I definitely think it is dying out, it makes me sad to see it go. I still send them out but there are only a few coming. I, personally, don’t think social media shout-outs are the same at all. Most I don’t even see, but a card is like someone thought of me especially.

  21. Your kids are precious and I am sure anyone would be thrilled to receive a picture of them in a Christmas card! I did cards last year after a couple of years of not doing them, but I am not feeling it this year. And I think I’ve received maybe two so far that weren’t business-related. I used to be all excited about it like you are. I would take my kids in matching outfits to a professional photographer a month in advance, and I did a Christmas letter too. We used to send out about 80 cards in those days. Eventually I sank to the level of standing the kids somewhere relatively festive and shooting an entire roll of film as fast as possible, getting triple prints, and then sending them out no matter how crazy they looked! Those were the days.

  22. Cards are so much fun and will hopefully never go out of style. I love getting cards in the mail and seeing all the families as they grow up!

  23. I hope Christmas cards are never gone. I love getting them and displaying them every year.

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