Creative ways to store & display books in your home

Creative ways to store & display books in your home

My name is Emily and I have a problem, a book buying problem. Not for me, of course not.. I don’t read 🙂 I have a problem buying books for my kids, they looove reading and I love to encourage this over giving them more toys. However the problem is all of these books have to go somewhere, so I am sharing a few of my Creative ways to store & display books in your home. I figured if I have this problem, there is other well intentioned parents who are filing their kids brain with stories and words, while simultaneously filling up their house with books. Unless you have a whole room dedicated to books, (maybe with multiple stories and a ladder, which I need to visit and sing on like Belle did in Beauty and the Beast) this book situation is a problem in your home too. These ideas of course are also great options for not just kid’s books, I do read but most of the time it is a book on my phone or tablet. I have gone to that side, but my kids still enjoy the physical books.


Seriously, I have three book worms. My daughter is especially obsessed with books, reading them, writing her own, or thinking about them. She is almost 9 but has already read Little Women and Anne of Green Gables, she actually daughter herself to read before Kindergarten. My oldest son Caleb is in first grade and has become a great little reader who is happily powering through chapter books now. My youngest Gavin is in Kindergarten and is just at the point of reading small words, he was so excited for kindergarten because he is the only one in the house who cannot read. Luckily for me they all still enjoy us reading a good book together as a family.


Since we had Nora we have kept their books in the living room or sun room, the common areas of the home. Because crawling babies and toddlers with books means they all have to come out of the shelf… ALL THE TIME. It was nice to be able to visually see when one of those messes were being made and stop it before it got out of hand. Oh the days of toddlerhood.  As Nora matured and began getting her own books the “common area” in the sun room for all of the books was not working anymore. She needed her own space.


I created this small seating area and reading nook out of two tall and vertical bookshelves. Stacking them on each other. I added the cozy pillows, and the seat cushion is simple patio chair cushions. Nora wanted a window seat and this is as close as we can get with her smaller bedroom windows.


The key to any bookshelf situation it so not overfill them, because it will appear too cluttered and also it is difficult to pull out the books. If you are wanting to have a decorated and functional bookshelf like this my recommendation is to stagger the direction the books are in. Lay some down and stack them on top of each other, another shelf put them on the left, then the next switch it up to the right. It is also fun to add non book items. The items can be used as a book end or to simply add some fun colors.

For Nora’s bedroom shelf I added special trinkets that are personal to her. Items she has painted, pictures her cousin drew for her, pictures of Nora or her brothers. Smaller things like that really allow the space to feel personal and also has the bookshelf for like a part of the decor instead of just a storage area.


Another great way to hide away book is to create or get bins to go under the bed. This can be a really useful space that typically gets unused. I created this one out of wood pallets, but there are a ton of options in stores as well for under bed storage. I think books laying with the spine showing would be a really functional way to make this storage idea work without preventing anyone from seeing what book they want.


However, Nora is not the only reader in our home now. Both of my boy’s are just getting into books in a big way. I put this little reading nook in their bedroom that I redid last year. Truth be told, this spot will need to be altered to allow more books soon. We are bursting with more books now that Caleb is reading chapter books.


The great part about this nook, is it can be altered very easily. I created most of this bookshelf area out of wood crates. I painted the inside of them a dark green color, the same accent color in their bedroom. It adds just a tiny example of using the bookshelves as a portion of the room decor.


With kids bedroom especially you can also get creative with book ends or fun bins. I found these adorable car boxes at a thrift store and they were a fun addition.


The boy’s theme is transportation in their bedroom, with a vintage feel so this covered wagon fits right in. It was actually made from Dale’s Grandfather so it is very special. Again using the same technique I explained of staggers books with varying heights and direction of them within the shelf is key.



This next tip is not going to give you a lot of storage, but shows an example of how to decorate with books. I always have a few books on top of this fireplace insert I have in my bedroom. I typically will have a handful of books I am either reading or plan to be reading, which I keep up here. Because the decor in my bedroom is all light and bright sometime the spines of the book do not fit with the decorations. So I simply turn them around to show just the pretty and neutral pages.

This would be too complicated if I had a ton of books here, to then have to turn around to see if it is the book I want. But because I only have a few here, this idea works really well as a decorating option. This way I can have the books I want here without worrying about the color scheme. Reading should be about the story not the pretty book spine.


I have used this dresser for a ton of different things, none of which has had it ever hold clothes. When we first got it secondhand I used it as out TV console table. Then it moved into the dining room where I stored some napkins and a few other kitchen specific items. However, the bottom drawers for years houses a lot of our kids books. This is a great option to have those books out, easily accessible but not cluttering up the living room.

I do not have a picture of it with the books inside, because this has since been moved downstairs into our newly decorated family room. Which I hope to be able to share with you all soon, it is still a work in progress with big time renovations to be had. But for now the basement family room is functional and I fancied it up to be more homey. I am thinking after the rush of the holidays I can finally clean it up (my kids playroom is also in the family room) and take some decent pictures to share with you all.


This bookshelf I made from a simple storage shelf, You know the ones, you probably have one in your basement or garage. It is metal and ugly, I added some wood pallets that i stained a dark walnut. The pallets added such a beautiful and rustic element to this shelf it became a legit piece of furniture. The nice thing about how I have the books set-up in this is that even though I am storing about 30 books here it does not look it. I only have a few on each shelf and have them laying in different directions. Spreading out the books within the shelf and not overfilling the shelf allows that nice balance of function and pretty with storing books.


I know these are only a few Creative ways to store & display books in your home but this is what works for my home to help coral my kids obsession and my encouragement of all things book related. As my kids get older and their reading becomes different, possibly on a tablet instead of a actual and physical book the need for storing of the books will evolve. For now these ideas work great for our family. I will admit we have about 3 boxes of books in the basement that Dale and I have not been able to put in our home yet. But truthfully, we also do not have time to read them, so no harm, no foul here. Since I can only share so many creative ideas with you all I decided to ask my home decor blogging friends what they so with their books. They shared some great ideas that I wanted to share with you all, that is what it in the slideshow below. I can only share my ideas, so bringing in other peoples as well gives you a ton of options to choose from and decide what works best for your home!

How do you handle having books in your home? Do you try and incorporate it into the decor or just let the overfilled bookcases do their job? Either way works! 


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  1. These are lovely book storage ideas. Books are the only thing that we’ve never limiited for our children. We have lots and lots of books. I’ve love to build a window seat bookcase at every single window in our home.

  2. Super cute shelves. I think books give homes character and I love displaying mine. These are some wonderful ways to do it.

  3. These are such cute ways to store books! We have so many children’s books here too and I would love to find a way to display them.

  4. OH I love this! We have a ton of books and have run out of places to put them! My son’s room is over run with books. I will be doing a few of these suggestions!

  5. Your home is so beautiful and I adore all the books and special book nooks. The window book shelf/seat is my favorite!

  6. These are adorably creative! We have books spilling over our shelves! You have definitely given me some ideas for getting creative.

  7. I LOVE that round table with the book space. My daughter and I are avid readers and we gave a ton of books that are everywhere!

  8. I really love these ideas. We have lots of books, and regular bookshelves are so boring. Thanks!

  9. Those are great ideas. I love how you made the books almost a decoration instead of something to just be stored.

  10. We have so many books they are littered all over the house! (and to be honest with you I love it that way!!). I do like the round bookshelf, that would be perfect for my day home.

  11. Your daughters bedroom is stunning! I love the princess feel. Storing the books in the sitting area is my favourite!

  12. I share your book problem and I love your solutions. I think books add so much warmth to a home, and that’s one reason e-books just aren’t the same.

  13. Great ways to store books. Your daughters room book case is really cute.

  14. We don’t have too many books right now; but I’m excited to grow our collection over the next few years. I like the way you have them incorporated in different areas in your home 🙂

  15. We have so many books at home and don’t know where to put them anymore. These are all great ideas!

  16. This is such a nice blog entry. I love books and have plenty around the house. I was planning to have a library built but I guess your idea is better. = )

  17. very nice. i love the way you incorporated the books into the decor.

  18. These are some very creative ways to store or display books in your home. I love the nook under the bench by the windows and the airplane wall shelf ideas. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.

  19. We’re a huge book reading family too. I love, love, love all your creative ideas to showcase your books. Because we read so much we go to the library vs buying books. Although the boys still have a LOT of books from when they were younger. Hmm, I should have them purge their bookcases over break and donate to a shelter.

  20. We have tons n tons of books as we are voracious readers. These are some fab ideas and I’m loving that round table book storage idea.

  21. I have a ton of books. I am always looking for creative ways to store them. I love the drawer under the bed.

  22. You are super creative. I love all of your ideas too. We are moving to a smaller place at the end of the month. I am worried about storage and how limited it will be.

    Do you have any alternative pantry storage ideas? We won’t have a pantry for our food. It is odd in a newly built apartment.

  23. These are all such great ideas. We just use a bookshelf for all our books. We have so many too. I really like the first one that is round looking. That is so neat!

  24. Oh man, I love that book nook idea! I totally want to make a space like that! Right now, we have a book basket and I rotate the books in it.

  25. Wow! So many creative ways to store books. I love the window seat and the round table. Very cute!

  26. Oh wow, I love all of these ideas. I live alone, in a 1 bedroom apartment. Space is an issue for me because I love to read and would have books up to the ceiling if clutter didn’t drive me batty lol. I’ll have to try some of your book storage ideas.

  27. This is such a brilliant idea! Using any space you can for storage is so interesting to me because the spots you can fill are usually last thought of! Your shelving came out beautifully!

  28. Good inspiritation. I’ve got 8 boxes of books still packed from the last move two years ago. If I can make pretty bookshelves, maybe I can talk the wife into letting them out!

  29. I LOVE all your ideas, we must have the same taste in furniture! I’ll keep these in mind for the future, we have books everywhere!

  30. Why didn’t I ever thought of twisting book storage! I use the plain old shelves and didn’t imagine how it could have had a better presentation. Nice ideas!

  31. I love that my son is really getting into reading too. Since he doesn’t have many hanging clothes, we made his closet into a nook reading area and have a long hanging divider so he can pull books down to read. I love all your ideas and one day I know that the closet will be needed for clothes so I will have to keep these in mind.

  32. I love all the creative ways you store books in your home. The airplane shelf is my favorite!

  33. Ooooo loving all of your suggestions!!! I’m a total book worm so I love displaying all of my books!

  34. Love these ideas! I feel like the books are starting to take over, but I dont want to get rid of them because my kids love to read them all the time. I need to implement some of your ideas! Pinned

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