Christmas tree craft, easy decorations for the kitchen without adding clutter

More of my holiday crafts! Today it is all about these cute Christmas tree craft, they are easy decorations for the kitchen without adding clutter


I warned you about my Christmas crafting obsession,  I am the complete opposite of the Grinch. I am the green guy after his heart grew three times it's size. Beware, I feel the stirrings of the jingle bells, chestnuts roasting on an open fire (do people actually do that?). I may or may not be playing Christmas music 24/7, “allegedly”. Can you tell I like this time of year?! I went all out with my home for this season, the full home tour you can see here.  I loved cozying up my living room and sun room, but the kitchen I try and keep as clutter free as possible year round. Christmas is no different.

We suffer from small-kitchen-syndrome which means every counter top space is important to have available. Last year I added pine tress to the top of my cabinets. I loved the look and smell of them, but this year I am feeling like a fresh and clean look to my home is where it is at. Less is more for this year. Next year will be different I am sure. In keeping with my light and simple theme for this year, I knew I wanted to put something on my counter tops to spruce up the kitchen. I decided to go with a gray color scheme for this one. A little spin on the standard green and red.


I had these left over wood boards from another project.


This is so simple and easy I figured a collage with the steps would be best for this one. I drew the tree trunks with white. Then added the "branches" with the dark gray color. This is an artistic interpretation of a Christmas tree. I wanted the white of the tree trunk to shine through like snow, so I did not wait for the white paint to dry before I began putting the gray on. Letting the white bleed through a little, giving it a winter wonderland feel.

Once all was dry I added little bits of snow. This is a super easy trick to keep in mind when wanting to create dots or snow. Use the paint brush, but the opposite side of where the brush is. So just the pointy tip and then dip that in paint. You get perfectly cute small circles!


That is it! I have said it so often, but little crafts like this are what make my home be ready for the season. I can go all out with decorating because I have all of these tiny and random smaller decorations at the ready for my home. I love the mix of the gray trees with the light mint colored cabinets. It adds some warmth to my very light and bright kitchen.



We all need simple, low cost and easy this time of year. As I said, I am such a big time Christmas person, I adore this season! But, my to-do list is a mile long and our social schedule is crazy hectic. Also our list of gifts to get other people is bank account cry-inducing. So this type of craft is the kind we all need. Zone out, listen to some Christmas music, paint some trees on scrap wood and get that decorating done for the season!



I had planned to create three identical trees but decided to change it up with two fuller ones and one sparse tree. It seemed to work really nicely.



Whelp, this is pretty painless decorations here and these Christmas tree craft, easy decorations for the kitchen without adding clutter is perfectly put into that low maintenance decorating box. My kids even helped with this one, when they saw me painting they were all for this. Typically they ignore my crafting or I am doing this while they are in school. But they were all playing nicely together and I planned to knock this out in 5 minutes. Something about kids and paints is like a moth to a flame. They all helped draw a few branches and some snow. So while this craft is technically a 5 minute craft, my kids prolonged that process a little. Such is life!

I don't mind though because me decorating our home for Christmas is about my love of home decor, but most importantly helping them see the magic of the season. They really get into our home being transformed for Christmas. Have you had your kids craft anything for holiday decorations?


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  1. Very pretty and I love that all three are different. I’m currently enjoying a less is more attitude around my home and love how clean your kitchen looks with simple and elegant matching decor. I’ll be getting in the mood with some Christmas music today too. Merry Christmas.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I am going for a less is more theme too. This season is so chaotic, having my home feel uncluttered is really nice. Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. laura says: Reply

    Emily- These look great! You want to do a guest post on my blog with this craft? It’s holiday friendly where it can be adapted for year round fun. Email if yes! xo laura

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thanks so much Laura! Things are so crazy right now, but maybe after the holidays we can work out a guest post idea! Thank you!

  3. Love that you used scrap pieces to do this craft. I can see my kids wanting to get in on this project. The pieces look so cute together as a set!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much Tee!

  4. Tina says: Reply

    I love that you chose to go with gray, it does make a contrast and matches your rug 🙂 My teenagers still love to help with crafts. We’ve made it a holiday tradition for us to make something together each year.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I love that tradition! I hope my kids will be into doing things like that as they get older.

  5. Rebecca Bryant says: Reply

    These are wonderful. I love how they look in your kitchen. Your home is beautiful.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much!

  6. Very festive and so easy to make. Thanks for the inspiration, i have lots of wood I use for this project.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you! It is such an easy project to make!

  7. Rosey says: Reply

    What a great way to use wood that you had left over from another project. I think it turned out great!

    1. Emily says: Reply


  8. WOW, you have some mad skills. I would love to learn to do this. DId it take awfully long to complete?

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much! This is a really simple and quick project. The longest part of the project was waiting for the paint to dry. So simple!

  9. Rachel says: Reply

    Love these! I am longing for a festive feeling around our home. We just had new floors put in yesterday so none of the decorations are up yet. Pinning.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      You have time!

  10. What a great idea! I love the way they came out, and you make it look so easy!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      These are very easy to make!

  11. Christmas is my favorite holiday, I don’t understand Grinch-natured people. The trees look nice in the kitchen.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I am right there with you, Christmas is so much fun!

  12. Milena says: Reply

    These are gorgeous and look so expensive! I love that you can make such upscale decorations. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Oh thank you so much!

  13. Love the adorable rustic chic look of these simple pieces. We even have some extra wood left from our recent home renovations.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Awesome, you can make some too! I love using scrap wood or other supplies for some simple crafts.

  14. Oh wow, these look fab! I don’t think you can beat homemade decorations at Christmas time 🙂

    Louise x

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much!

  15. Sarah says: Reply

    I love using scrap wood in projects! I have the same Christmas craft obsession 🙂 The trees are so cute!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      The struggle is real with Christmas crafts, so many ideas!!!!

  16. Brown Rhonda says: Reply

    I love the clean and simple look! And I love how it’s an affordable DIY project! You really did make it seem simple enough that I’m even tempted to try it!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you! This was very simple to make.

  17. Ariel says: Reply

    cute! I like that the trees aren’t green, rather grey. It fits in with your decor very well.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thanks! I thought gray was a fun way to make them feel more fresh and modern.

  18. Super cute Emily!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you Roxanne!

  19. Amanda says: Reply

    SO cute! I love the colors and the simple lines. Looks great!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thanks Amanda!

  20. Sarah says: Reply


    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you!

  21. Too cute! Great job! xo

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you!

  22. Kim says: Reply

    So adorable! I can relate to less is more this year!

  23. Kati says: Reply

    You are inspiring me to use up some of my scrap wood 🙂 These are so beautiful!

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