DIY glitter snowballs

DIY glitter snowballs


I have been warning you all about my Christmas crafts, I have sooooo many to share! Let’s just jump right into it! Today I am sharing DIY glitter snowballs which are actually a fun project to get the kids involved with. It does involve copious amounts of glitter, but it is worth all of the mess. I even share how to minimize that mess, a little. With kids there is almost always a mess, just how things work.

quick tips to create DIY snowballs for Christmas

We have a white Christmas about 50% of the time here in Wisconsin, this year I do not see it happening. We have had a very warm winter so far. My kids are feeling a little bummed about the no snow situation. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a winter wonderland “white” Christmas in the house. I made these DIY glitter snowballs. There are so many amazing crafts this time of year to do, as if I was not busy enough I always add a bunch of new crafts to my to-do list. I need to stay off of the internet this time of year. I see too many ideas and always want to make some of my own.

snowball craft supplies

I had seen these magical DIY glitter snowballs all over the interwebs. I was determined to make some of my own. I purchased white Styrofoam balls and white glitter. Also some crafting glue. These are really easy to make, and I am tempted to get a bunch of more of these to put everywhere in my home!

glitter craft

I put a bunch of glitter down on a plate.

gavij with glitters

I am almost always creating something around here, and my kids blissful ignore me during most of my DIY time. My two oldest were at school, and Gavin saw that glitter was involved. Just look at his eyes, he is in a glitter coma or something. He has lost his glitter mind! I ended up gaining a little helper for the rest of this project.


adding glue

I used a paint brush that has now become my official gluing paint brush. I painted glue on the whole surface of the ball.

adding glitter

Roll the ball around the glitter.

gaving making craft snowballs

Gavin and I had a system down, I painted the glue on and he added the glitter. He said “I am a good glitter-er Mommy.” He has a future in glitterizing everything, he was that good!



Let the newly glitter snowballs dry. Most of the glitter stays on it once you let it dry. They looked so magical all grouped together.

adding small christmas tree to home

In the study my kids have a designated “kid” tree. They create ornaments daily for this tree and get to go crazy with it. I made this little winter wonderland area with sparkly sticks and leaves. I added a few pine cones as well to warm up the space. These little snowballs worked perfectly with this. I created my own white Christmas because mother nature is not going by our holiday calendar this year.

winter wonderland home decor

craft snowballs

These little DIY glitter snowballs were so fun to make, and my little assistant Gavin had fun also. These would be a fun project for the whole family to do together.

fun kids holiday craft, creating glitter snowballs

All of the other little additions to this I purchased from Michaels. The pine cones came from walks we have gone on in the past. It was super easy to throw this little tablescape together under the kids Christmas tree.

DIY glitter snowball craft

So this is how I added just a little snow to my home. So far the weather has been so mild here, it is still early in the season but if no snow comes I am ready to still make the season glittery and magical with these DIY glitter snowballs. If no snow happens for Christmas then we can just skip to summer weather. I grew up in sunny San Diego California and always wanted snow during Christmas. I do not need the snow in Janruary, Christmas is where the snow loving is at! Time will tell this year. Living here, that is one of my favorite parts, having snow on Christmas. With Thanksgiving down it is full steam ahead for Christmas and I am excited for Christmas. Having little ones makes this time of year feel so magical. They are into the show of it all. We always have an overload of family get together and I adore it!

Have you started decorating for Christmas? Monday I will be sharing my Christmas home tour! 

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  1. These are super cute and really add to the whole display! It’s so great to get the kids involved in the christmas crafting!

  2. those are so pretty and how easy to make, too! I love all your DIY projects!

  3. What a fun idea! It would be so fun to make several for “snowball fight decor”. I love that your son loves crafts – so sweet!

  4. I love the kids tree! I wish I had one of those when I was little. I always loved making ornaments with my mom, kiddie crafts are the best! Cute idea!

    • Thanks! My kids adore the tree and really like the idea of it being theirs. I have zero stress on making it look any way, it is all up to them. How fun you got to make ornaments with your Mom!

  5. That is such a great idea. I love doing little simple crafts that don’t take a lot of patience (I think I might still be 5? haha), so these are perfect!

    • Ha ha, I adore crafting but detailed and long term crafts have to be something I realllly want to do. Otherwise I gt bored. I am right there with ya!

  6. What a cute, easy way to add some winter to your decor! I love that your kids get their own little tree to decorate. The snowballs add to it beautifully!

  7. I love these! And I can so relate. I don’t need Christmas in Jan & Feb. Just messes up the roads.

  8. It’s been so warm here I may have to make these too if I want to see snowballs this year, cute idea!!

  9. These snowballs are adorable!!!!. I like the snowball fight idea.. Put the snowballs in a wire basket and add a wood sign “snowball fight”
    Emily……I, too, am in Wisconsin, just southwest of Madison!!!..where are you located??
    Merry Christmas

    • I love the idea of the snowball fight basket. We are just south of Milwaukee. in a small town. How fun to have another Wisconsin person! I am sure you are also experiencing this horrible mix of snow and ice we have today. Where was this snow last week?!

  10. My kids and I did some green and gold ones, too to match our decor. We did the same steps like you…with a system and all. I love how sparkly they are. Your winter wonderland is so creative. Looks great!

  11. So cute and easy. Love that the kids have a kid tree! Pinning!

  12. How magical are these?! I love these types of projects and that you have a kid’s tree!

  13. This is a great craft for kids of all ages! I love a little (or at times a lot) of glitter. I think the would be fun to make.

  14. Very cute and easy craft! I did something similar at our house.

  15. What a great DIY idea. We brought our tree upstairs but have not started decorating yet. It is time to get in the mood.

  16. I’m not at all crafty, but this sounds like such a fun idea if you have little ones! We usually decorate pretty last-minute, which I’m sure we’ll be doing this year, too.

  17. These are so pretty and how easy to make, such a great DIY!!! I love all your projects!

  18. I have an 18 month old and a 3.5 year old and this would be the perfect messy activity for them! 🙂 I love how you put the snowballs under the tree, it looks great! Pinned 🙂

  19. Awww I love your little tree! And those snowballs are just such a sweet finishing touch.

  20. Cute! What a fun idea!

  21. Such a fun project. Your little guy looks like he enjoyed it too!

  22. These are awesome! We get our white Christmas about 50% of the time too. These would be fun to hang on the tree too.

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