Christmas home tour, combining DIY, traditional and whimsical

Christmas home tour, combining DIY, traditional and whimsical

Oh friends, I am so excited to share my home with you all! This season is such a magical one, and I tend to go all out with decorating. This Christmas home tour, combining DIY, traditional and whimsical is a blend of what I want, what Dale wants and what the kids want for the home this time of year. Mixed with a ton of low cost ways to allow me to go all out when decorating. I am also partnering up with 28 other bloggers for the Merry Christmas Home tour, and a $580 cash giveaway! 

Blogger Christmas home tour

This Home tour is running all week and I am so eager to take a peek into the gorgeous homes of my blogging friends. The links to their home tours as well as the giveaway details are at the bottom of this post. So even this post today is about making everyone happy, just as my Christmas decorating does. Dale (my husband) prefers the traditional colors or red and green for this season. I would love to go modern with blues and whites. My kids need all of the woodland creatures and as many references to Santa as possible. This home year round is all about the 5 of us, and this time of year is no different.

My kids were eager to get to decorating and they have left their own mark in many little spots with the Christmas decor. I love decorating and my kids have been bitten by the same bug I have, it is not in their genetics to think of paint colors and the best way to set-up a bookcase. This is our reality. Onto the specifics of this Christmas season, I pride myself on keeping things low cost and simple. Many of the items were purchased secondhand or made by me. I love that my home is unique and me doing things myself really keeps that cost down. So I can decorate for each holiday. My home and decorating reflect this mix of DIY, craft, upcycle and new pieces. Now, lets get into this Christmas home tour! 


I will try to just let the pictures be the star of this show, I tend to get long winded with my home tours. I will be linking to any DIY projects within this when the home decor comes up in the pictures. Within the next few weeks I will be breaking down some specifics areas, explaining the hows and whys to me making this DIY, traditional and whimsical feel to my home for this season. I will also be sharing my dining room and the front porch at a later date. I am finishing up a new project in the dining room that is not quite done yet, so I will be revealing it as well as the simple ways I decorated in the dining room coming soon!

Christmas ideas for the entryway

The front door was recently painted and I am still loving the dark gray.


console table Christmas decorating ideas

I have a few new craft items here, that will be shared with details in a later post. This console table is another example of me compromising on the decor, even furniture needs to be a happy blend of Dale and I. He likes the rustic and country look, I prefer a more bold and coastal look. With the rough edge of the wood and the galvanized pipes we were able to blend our two styles.




Just a little touch of red down the hallway. I like to allow my year-round home to mesh with the seasonal items.



This is the first year I have incorporated blue into my Christmas decor, and I am loving it sooooo much! I am not sure how I snuck this by Dale, he said it is ok but no more blue. This man is crazy traditional with his holiday color scheme and I have only a tiny wiggle room.

Rustic and nature inspired Christmas decorations

gray and red Christmas decor

The simple snowman wall art was created with paper. Talk about easy decor!



I love bringing in elements of nature, pine cones are a great filler for these lanterns I have. I will be sharing my best ideas to fill lanterns and glass hurricanes in another blog post. So many ideas!



I love all of those stunning Christmas trees I see on Pinterest. Some with a certain color scheme, or theme. They are all beautiful and make me get all googly eyed looking at the possibilities. However, ours we keep it personal. The Christmas tree is decorated with a mix of ornaments Dale’s Mom gave him as a child, things my kids have made, and personal pieces from our life together. My kids get full decorating rights to where the ornaments go. We turn on Christmas music, have a cozy fire in the fireplace and the kids go crazy putting the ornaments all over. They adore this tradition and I would not trade these moments for a “perfect” tree. Perhaps in a few years we will have two big trees and one can be family designated while the other I can decorate to perfection with all of my Pinterest dreams.


The fireplace mantel is full of DIY projects!


These scrap wood snowflakes are a big hit in our house.


Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and this is one giddy Mama. I have been dreaming of custom stockings with each of my kids names on them. I finally took the plunge and did it, getting these beauties from Pottery Barn kids. Let’s call this one of those investments, like a good sofa. We will use these forever, yes I will force my grown adult kids to have these cute Christmas stockings when they come home. I will even get some for their spouses and kids. Oh guys, I am getting excited just thinking of the people my kids will add to our family. The link to these are here, this is an affiliate link.


I made this board piece to be used outside. Now that it is cold out, I brought it in and put a wreath on it. Now there is a new function! Real life moment, right before I was taking pictures this Christmas stocking Santa weight fell and broke. My son Caleb was so upset that it broke, and we have plans to go and purchase a new one for him. This is what life is about, the pretty pictures with a hard dose of reality thrown in.

Joy Christmas pillow

lanterns for home



A rustic tree craft, love the bright reds!



We have Christmas books that are from when I was little. My kids love when these get brought out for the season.




I made these reindeer canvas with a stencil. I added a pop of blue into it, which helps the blue feel natural with my large wall decor. Would you believe I made that big blue decor from a curtain? With our vaulted ceilings, this mantel area is really tall. To go and purchase are that matches in size is really expensive. I decided to take matters into my own hands and DIY it. I love layering it like this with other items. Allowing the seasonal decor to pop against the simplicity of the light blue wall decor.

Light and bright Christmas decorating ideas



Traditional and whimsical Christmas ideas for the home


The light streaming into my living room is one of my favorite features of this home. No matter the season I get a sunny day with tons of natural light!



Little personal touches like these books and even the cute snowman is what helps my home feel cozy and lived in. I adore the “Pinterest ready” home, but this is OUR home and I want it to feel casual and lived in. Put your feet up on the coffee table and stay awhile. You will be serenaded by my kids putting on a rock show, be cuddled with dog kisses and hopefully have a wonderful time. Each season brings new decor, but it is the same goal… enjoying our home and making those memories in the home.


A tiny sneak peek into my dining room! We are moving around a few things here in the home, and the regular readers will notice the changes. I will be sharing the changes soon. For now let me explain that the basement is functioning, the kids art table is down there now. So is the former credenza in the dining room. It has been replaces with even more function. I just need to finish up the project and I will be showing off that new space. It is almost done!

coastal kitchen Christmas decor


The kitchen is one of the first DIY projects we did, painting the cabinets. The light mint green color of the cabinets worried me initially. I was not sure how I could transition it for each season. Six years later and this room still feels fresh, and works beautifully for this time of year. I made a few Christmas tree crafts last year and they add such a fun little touch to this space.


I try to keep things very minimal when decorating in the kitchen, year-round. This room is chaotic and we need all of the work space we can get, so I only have a few items sitting out.


The glitter tree and the twine tree were a few of the simple crafts I made last year.



I also made the paper tree in the corner, another simple craft idea for this time of year.

Bold Christmas decorations

The sun room has gotten a makeover, the old spool is still there as well as the bench. But the art table is moved downstairs into the basement. This has become a sitting area where the kids read, play music, or relax. I also work in here quite often. It has beautiful light streaming in and a great view of the backyard. As I said, I will be sharing the changes to my home soon.

simple Christmas ideas for the home

The small tree in this room is the kids Christmas tree. They get to go crazy, making all kinds of fun ornaments for it. They make them with paper, rope, and even sticks. We do not limit it at all. I am sure eventually we will have to graduate to a larger tree. They adore this little tradition, and so do Dale and I. It is fun to see them cherish something like this.


This little table I redid a while ago finally has a perfect spot for it. I kept the colors really neutral here and really like the simple feel.


You think people can tell we are obsessed with our kids? Would the over sized wall art give it away? :/ Or maybe the fact that I went insane when I saw the pillow with three penguins at the store. I knew I had to have it, I have three little ones so this was fate. This my friends is what happens when you are home decorating obsessed. You go on about fate when it comes to a throw pillow.



As you can see, my kids get really into decorating this tree.





This little space is so cozy in our home. I kept the colors for this Christmas season simple with grays and whites. The bold chevron rug has enough color and I did not want to overpower the space.

neutral Christmas decor ideas



This is the best place to cozy up and have a warm cup of coffee in the mornings. Now with winter I can look out and enjoy the beautiful snow outside glittering. Taking in the morning and all of it’s glory. But, I have kids and we have breakfast, school, lost papers, library books, and kids the need me constantly. I am sure eventually I will get to actually take the morning in slowly. Until then I enjoy the chaos.



Well, we made it my friends! I shared my Christmas home tour, combining DIY, traditional and whimsical, and I really did try to not get too wordy. It is so difficult sometimes, you all are my peeps, you get home decor so well. I don’t know anyone in real life who would enjoy talking paint colors, reasons why certain styles can blend nicely. What I am saying is you all get me, and I go over the top explaining because I know it is enjoyed here. I also know that you will enjoy the other home tous, you guys these bloggers are so crazy talented! Today is day one of the home tours! So much inspiration coming your way!


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! We all can use some extra cash this time of year, and this is a good chunk of change. Good luck! unnamed-3
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  1. Emily,
    Your home looks so cozy and inviting. I think my favorite part is the sunroom. I love how you incorporated your children’s crafts into your decor. Oh, and the re-purposed board piece with the wreath is pretty awesome.

    Much Love,

  2. I just adore the cosy, lived-in, loved-in look of your home, Emily. The way your kids’ crafts are a part of the decor, and oh of course your completely adorable DIYs!! (Those snowflakes!! <3 ) You put so much heart into everything you do. I feel like I'd be right at home in your house! Wish I could stop in for a visit! xo

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    Your home looks so pretty and cozy. I love the rustic tree craft and the scrap wood snowflakes.

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