18 amazing DIY furniture transformations

18 amazing DIY furniture transformations

Well friends, we are almost to the end of the week! I adore the weekends, I get to have my kids home all day and Dale is hanging with us all day too. I also use that time to do a lot of home projects. If I had to pick a favorite project it is any furniture redo. The results are instant and I typically get a beautiful piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost that it would be in a store. So today I am sharing 18 amazing DIY furniture transformations! I am sharing some of mine as well as some blogging friends.

18 amazing DIY furniture transformations!

The biggest impact you can ever have with decorating your home is to get great furniture. However, that typically means expensive. Making something completely DIY style from scratch or redoing an old and tired piece is the best way ever to get that quality furniture without the “quality” price tag. I am so lucky to be having new readers daily to my blog, so me highlighting a few previous furniture redo’s is a great way to get that older content seen by new eyes. I am slaving away on a few other projects around the house, which I hope to share really soon! I figured this was a quick and simple way to inspire, share my home and previous projects. Also, because I have amazingly talented blogging friends I get to share some of their masterpieces too! Seriously, it is crazy what people can create. I am always in awe of the ideas and beautiful results people make.


We are getting into the holiday season, which means a ton of entertaining of guests. I always try to make sure my home is comfortable and welcoming to guests. I also try to have a plethora of chairs around. I typically bring a few up from the basement or out of bedrooms to sit in the living room and dining room. No one wants to have to stand up while hanging out with family and friends. We have all been to that house, the one that has one small sofa and you end up standing awkwardly in front of the TV or against a wall. Don’t be that house.


I love the idea of making furniture from scratch. I have done it a few times, with a few tutorials I still need to share here. The greatest part about creating something completely new is you can get exactly what you are needing for your home! Custom pieces will fit in perfectly because you created it that way. Homes come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes a weird angled corner or extra long living room can make traditional furniture be difficult to find. Looking at ideas online and fine tuning what it is you are wanting, then setting about making it yourself is the way to get around that awkward lay out.


It can be daunting to tackle a new furniture build on your own. I get it, I was terrified the first time I used a table saw. I held my breath waiting for a finger to get sliced off and blood to spray everywhere. But, nothing bad happened. I made it with all 10 fingers in check and a shiny new piece of wall art to decorate my home with. Yes, I started small with power tools. A few simple cuts to make a picture frame can feel more doable than building a complete table.


If you are still not sure power tools are right for you, try redoing an existing piece of furniture. Painting it something bright, add a marble top, put on new hardware. These little steps will allow a novice DIYer to see what can be done to transform furniture. Pretty soon you will be hooked and needing your DIY fix. You will become desensitized to smaller furniture redo;s and will have the nee for full scale furniture builds, Going bigger to get that same high…. I think I have watched too much intervention. Anyways, you get the idea. Start small, get comfortable and see how it goes. Soon enough you will be on your way to crating your dream home, one DIY project at a time!


These 18 amazing DIY furniture transformations show off just what you can get. Some even have cost breakdowns so you can see how much you can save by DIYing it. Sometimes going at it alone and creating something might not be cheaper. Typically with larger scale projects like furniture it is almost always cheaper to make it yourself or redo an older existing piece. Only when you to tiny crafts does it sometimes not equal out to be cheaper depending on how many supplies you already have. Crafting is for another day, next week more specifically where I will be sharing some fun holiday crafts to get the season going! For now I am off to work on the basement some more, and get my craft on!

Enjoy the 18 amazing DIY furniture transformations, let me know which one stood out for you! 








  1. Our girls have a bunk bed and I never realized how much space the ladder takes up! I love the ladder you guys made, so cute!
    We are in the middle of transforming our living room as well, funny how little changes can make such a big difference!

  2. Lots of cute ideas! I love the bunk beds and using the dresser as a dog bed.

  3. I looking at furniture makeovers for inspiration. I just built an outdoor table and it’s such a great feeling to know I made it. Your bunkbeds totally blow me away every time I see it.

  4. Those look like some neat little projects. It is amazing what a bit of time and some imagination can create.

  5. You have some neat ideas there. I love some of the colors. I’ve never seen a dog bed like that, it’s an interesting idea!

  6. Love all of the DIY’s you featured! I consider myself crafty but this is whole other level!

  7. I love looking at all the pretties, just wish I could have confidence in tracking a diy project!

  8. OMG. These look amazing. I wonder if I can build this farm table I want for my dinning room.. hahah. Loving the dog bed

  9. Loving all these ideas. I’ve never attempted a project of this scale (with big power tools lol) but now I want to give it a shot! I love the ladder for the bunk beds! So cute!

  10. All the DIY furniture transformations you shared in this post are awesome. Great job! I would love to follow these transformations to turn my boring living space to an elegant and sophisticated one. Also looking forward for more home decor ideas!

  11. What a great round-up! There are some lovely transformations here.

  12. I love all your transformations Emily

  13. I love a good furniture flip too, thanks for including my nightstands!

  14. Very cool ideas for furniture! Thanks for sharing.

  15. These are all fantastic! Love them! 🙂

  16. so creative! I love these ideas… not sure it will turn out as great when I attempt the dog bed.

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