Leaf string and bat wall art, a two for one fall decor

Leaf string and bat wall art, a two for one fall decor

 When it comes to decorating for the seasons, it can become a lot. Changing things up, setting up, planning, decorating and then storing it all on the off-season. So this Leaf string and bat wall art, a two for one fall decor is an idea to fix all of those problems, and it was crazy simple!

Sometimes ideas hit me with home decor, where it comes out of no where and I nail it with my random idea. I was on my way to a home improvement store to get spray paint for another project. While driving I thought of my fall mantel look I was planning on doing. My typical large blue wall decor did not mesh with it. However to find something I liked, and as big as the space needed for not a lot of money was not going to happen. I kept driving and thinking. Things just fell into place. I decided I should create the art, I have wanted to try string art, but I wanted to incorporate bats. So I decided to combine the two, making the picture two sided. Saves on storage, ease of transition from Halloween into fall decor, and it just a brilliant idea. See, nailed it!

I purchased one pre cut board and batten. I had intended to use wood planks and nail them together. But as I was walking around I came across this. I figured it is even less work for me. I decided to use the side with the detailing and planks for the string art. The plain side would be for the bats.
I spray painted both sides with white spray paint. I did two coats to cover all of the wood.
Using this leaf as a inspiration, you cannot get more fall then leaves. I drew free hand a leaf on the wood.


This is what my leaf ended up looking like. I did have to erase a few times because the scale of it was so big. I was trying to make it be in the middle but kept coming up short. I did get it done, finally. I asked each of my kids separately what it looked like. My boy’s said a star, Nora said a leaf. When Dale came home he said it looked like a leaf. I was 50/50 either making a star or a leaf. I continued on.

Next, to make the strings be attached and weaved around I needed to have something to anchor it to. Nails would have been the first choice, but the board and batten wood is too thin to have it nailed in. And with this being two sided I could not have the nails go through. So tacks was my next option. I did a trial by pushing them through. They did not go all the way through to the other side, so we had a winner. I ended up using 250 or so tacks. A lot of tacks. Then going along the outlined leaf and pushing in a tack just right next to the previous one. This is really up to personal preference. I liked the look of the tacks, so wanted them to outline the whole leaf. But if I had wanted to have less of them showing using less would have worked for the string art as well.

With all of the tacks outlining the leaf it is time to start the string process. I began by tying one to the direct bottom of the stem as my starting off point.
Then stretching the string along to any other tack.
Looping it around the tack, and pulling tight.


Going from one side to the others. There is no rhyme or reason to this. But the one thing you need to be careful of is if you have the string going back and forth in one area too much the strings become thick and built up. So spread out the sporadic weaving.



Another thing that is up to the person creating the art is how full the string should be. You could go over and cover every surface with string. Or leave some of it un weaved, it is really up to personal preference.


Once I was happy with the amount of string for the leaf I brought the ending string back down to the bottom, the stem. Then tying a knot and looping it around the tack. The leaf string art is done.


Once I was all done I went through each of the tacks and pushed them down. Making sure none would pop out.


This was my happy place with having the amount of string. Enough to make the leaf obvious and thick, but still rustic and slightly undone.


Here is the stem and where the weaving began and ended.


The leaf string art looks beautiful on my fall mantel, you can see my full home tour here. 
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This fall/Halloween wall art is only half done. It is time to spook-ify the other side of this.
Here is what I had to use, I got these bats with the intent of using them for Halloween decor, but not a specific place. This seemed like the great thing I had intended on using them for, I just did not know it when I bought them. I purchased ready made bats (hides in shame) . I do admit there is a part of me that is embarrassed that me as a big time DIY-er did not make these. I thought they were so cute, and figured I would save me some time, and possibly some paper cuts. But if you cannot find any (I got mine at Michael’s craft store) they are really simple to make.


I placed a few around, staggering them.
Making no pattern, but trying to make them look like a group.


I had some helpers. I was informed this is not too spooky.
This pops of color is so fun! The contrast of using black and white helps my year-round decor mesh well with the seasonal decor. You can see my full Halloween home tour here. 

Once I decided I liked the none pattern… pattern to the bats it was done. I decided to just have this rest on the mantel instead of trying to figure out a way to nail it with both sides being used. Both had to be smooth surfaced and could not have any hangers on them. It sits on the mantel with no issue.

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Both of the sides were simple to make, and add such a great visual to my fireplace for this season. Having this large of wall art can get expensive fast, and this is a great way to keep the costs low. DIYing it most of the time will save you a ton of money, and this specific DIY does not even take up a lot of time!


This Leaf string and bat wall art, a two for one fall decor is a great way to realistically decorate for multiple seasons without loosing your mind.  I plan to use the spooky bat side now for Halloween. Then once October 31st is gone it is time for a neutral, natural leaf wall art time.  I only have to store one art piece for all of my fall decor! I spent about $25 total for both sides of the art piece. I call that a win for my driving while day dreaming idea. I have wanted to try string art and love this large leaf. I think it is creative, different, and screams fall to me.
Have you fallen in love with string art like I have?




  1. Love that it's two sided!! How creative!!

  2. Love that leaf!!!! Soo cool!

  3. Brilliant idea, for an occasion like Halloween you don't necessarily want lots of décor to have to store the rest of the year, this way you just twist it round – like I said "brilliant!"

  4. Thank you so much for linking up with Big Autumn Bash ! 🙂

  5. This turned out so nice! I can't decide if I like the bats or the leaf the best. They are both just great!

  6. The leaf is fabulous, Emily! I'm not a huge Halloween fan, but I am crazy about fall. This is right up my alley!

  7. Emily,
    I love your string maple leaf – It is rustic with the jute (?) but classy with the tacks! You did a fantastic job. Is that beadboard?

  8. How I wish I could find branches like those in your photo. Very cute display and I absolutely love the string art.

  9. I like the bat wall decor. It is so cute!

  10. I am not sure which piece of art I like the best. I remember doing string art when I was younger. The bats are really calling my name!

  11. Wow, those are awesome decorations! They’re so unique and creative. I especially love those bats!

  12. I love the bats! I wish I was more creative lol

  13. This is awesome! What a great use of space! I love the spring art especially, that is just too cool! Pinning!

  14. Love all your ideas! It looks awesome! Such a great project!

  15. Such a lovely decoration and easy to create. I can see how it can be adapted to many different seasons and holidays. Thanks for the inspiration

  16. This is so cool! I love both of them, but I think I like the bats the best. Honestly, how long did it take? (Also, could you put links to your tacks– maybe even an aft-link, wink, wink!)

  17. What gorgeous fall decor ideas! I especially love the rustic chic look of the leaf string art.

  18. I love this! First, that it is two sided, and second, that it’s so big that it looks great on a tall wall over a mantel! Pinned.

  19. I love that you made something two-sided! That’s a design after my storage-loving heart. 😉

  20. I LOVE double sided decor – especially for Halloween and fall!

  21. I am all about that bat art! Way cool!

  22. Love getting 2 uses out of seasonal art! Less storage and both look great. I am not sure I could decide!

  23. Emily, this came out amazing, love it!

  24. This is totally genius! LOVE it! I’m not big on Halloween, so I never want to decorate for it, but this would be perfect to just flip over after the fact. Pretty!

  25. Now these are cool. I’m loving that bat art and pinning it to my Fall board.

  26. Great idea……I love that it has two sides for different decor. Those bats really are cute.

  27. I love the string Art, I am pinning it today

  28. Really cute idea. I struggle with the same thing. I have way too much to store from each season, so this is great.

  29. SO fun that it’s two sided! Love the leaf string art AND the bat side, too!

  30. It is brilliant making it two-sided! I have way too many one sided art pieces stored away for Holidays. And I love the way your leaf turned out.

  31. I truly want to say that Autumn is the season I love best in a year, so I always have lots of inspiration to decor my house in this time. I think both your leaf string and bat wall are very beautiful, and the way you ornament your house is so great! But i still love the sweet fall leafs more. The only trouble is I feel it is not easy to do while my hands are not too clever. Perhaps I need to buy one! 🙂

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