Halloween home tour, adding the spooky

Halloween home tour, adding the spooky

We are thick into the fall season, which means Halloween is almost here! My home is decorated, there is candy purchased and sneakily being eaten by Dale and I, we have pumpkins (that still need carving) and two out of my three kids costumes are purchased. So, we are more or less Halloween ready. This time of year my home goes through changes every few weeks and this Halloween home tour, adding the spooky is no different. I added the spooky into layers of my general fall decor, keeping it simple and easy to transition back into fall for a few short weeks before the joy that is Christmas takes over my home.


For now let’s focus on the Halloween home tour! Decorating my home has always been my thing, my me time. It has slowly become a team effort. My kids love to help me decorate, give me ideas, or sometimes change the items sitting on tables without me knowing. Stating it looks better the way they did it. This Spooky-fying session was a family affair. My three little ones knocked this Halloween out with some karate moves and lots of spiders. LOTS of spiders. Apparently to them, this is what makes a home Halloween ready and they put them everywhere.


Our front porch got a makeover from the general fall look. We added so many spider webs! Typically this time of year it is already freezing cold, but we are hanging around in the low 60’s for temperatures which is very comfortable. Which meant we were out adding spooky spider webs to everything because we were not shivering cold.




Growing up in Southern California and now living in the Midwest gives me such an appreciation for fall. The beauty and color explosion of the leaves still leaves me in awe over 12 years since I moved here.


Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween, we are pretty much the neighborhood to visit. Every town has one and this is where it is at. Which means I am not the only house that goes big, with many converting their garages into haunted houses. It is awesome. I made these simple wood pallet pumpkins to add some much needed large decor to my front porch.



I adore the mums we planted in the center planter. It adds the best color this time of year.


The spider wood frame wall decor I made a few years ago, you can find that easy tutorial here.  My kids added the gross looking dead feet and hands to the chair. They were frustrated I did not have any decor planned for the chair, my daughter claimed that “this guy has been waiting a long time for Halloween candy”. Cute… :/



We went to a pumpkin farm and my kids saw just a few pumpkins they liked. We still need to carve them.



Our home security system sign even matches the Halloween theme! This walkway is fun to dress up for Halloween.



Let’s look at the inside of the home, which is more so for us instead of the Trick-or-treaters. When my kids were tiny I used decorating for holidays is a way to show them the fun of the seasons, and now they are so used to it I cannot stop. The console table is the best place to decorate, and I had fun decorating it for Halloween this year!


We added some fun bats to the gallery wall. If my kids had been allowed to run free every single wall space in my home would have these bats. They are cute, but my kids need to learn that too much of a good thing is sometimes a bad thing.


Dale made this jack-o-lantern wood pumpkin last year to match the other wood pumpkins. I adore this little guy, and my kids just added a few creepy crawly creatures to make this more Halloween appropriate, my kids love to decorate…. they got it from their Mama! See, the whole family gets in on this decorating thing.



I will admit that the bats are Halloween perfection!




This is such a simple way to decorate for Halloween, simply put spiders everywhere. Anything becomes instantly ghoulish and spooky. What was once classy looking candles become a great prop for a haunted house.



My fireplace mantel is a favorite place to decorate too. The natural stones make it work for any season, and it is such a statement.



Tiny spiders and a spider web are more subtle decor items.


These throw pillows are so fun. I love the contrast of the black and white. They stand out but still compliment my year-round decor.



The coffee table was something I always struggled to decorate, until I got these little flat baskets and suddenly it all made sense. I am able to contain it, decorate and it feels fully “done”.


I made the bat wall art as a two-fer, one side is for Halloween and the other is for general fall. This helps so much in ease of transitions and also storage. The boo and spooky signs were also DIY-ed, as most things are in my home. It is the way I am able to decorate for each Holiday by keeping the overall cost down.


Yes, even gorgeous flowers are subject to being attacked by spiders around here.


This is who I was having to work around during my Halloween home tour, Teddy & Finn. They legit pose when I get the camera out, it looks like Finn is ready to be a center fold or something, werk it!




Even my new tree stump stools look perfect for the fall season!


I have changed things up in my dining room, this room is in transition. It is not done and going through some growing pains. Pretty much this is my dining rooms middle school phase. I want to create some built-ins in here and was wanting to try the dining table in a new location. This room is quite big but has never flowed right since it only has one off centered window. I am still playing around with it. The cane chairs are in here, and get sit in very often with them in here. I am also trying the new table I redid in here, I love the fanciness of the marble finish. The stunning whale art is a newbie in my home and I adore it!



The table centerpiece was titled the easiest Halloween craft ever, and it totally is!


My kids even added some spiders to the large wall decor that was made from a curtain. This is usually hanging over the fireplace, but it gets shoved to the side for the Holidays.



My house has a subtle spook to it. Even though my kids were eager to decorate for Halloween they are still wanting to keep the scary fun and not terrifying. So no blood, zombies or even ghosts yet. This is a PG version of Halloween and what we will be sticking with for a while.



I loved decorating for this Halloween home tour, adding the spooky because my kids were so eager to get involved. I have always decorate for them, for us, for our home. This blog came as a secondary factor. My goal was always to create a home, a place to have memories, feel comfortable and have as an oasis from the crazy world. Changing it up for the seasons and holidays was just another fun way to be creative. My kids have grown up with it and usually enjoy it. But of course Mom guilt comes into play and I worry they think I enjoy decorating my home more than them. I assume (and hope) they know this is not the case, so it was really nice to see them so excited ed to help me out. They not only see what I am doing, understand it, but also want to join in. Who knows how our home will evolve as my kids gain more interest in decorating. Possibly more spiders? We will see, like us, our home will change with us all as we grow. This year it is PG spooky full of cute spiders and bats!












  1. Love it, just perfect

  2. These all looks so Pinterest-worthy. I just don’t have the decorating touch to pull off something like this!

    • Thank you so much Scott! I have a lot of fun decorating my home! Doing one small project or adding one piece of decor and then building from there is a great way to start.

  3. WOw absolutely gorgeous. I love all the little touches and spooky little adds. Truly a beautiful home with lots of holiday fun.

  4. LOVE it!!!! I haven’t been able to decorate this fall. :(…..Been staying with friends until we can move into our home.
    Where did you get your stump stools!!! I absolutely love them!!

    • Thanks! You will have plenty of decorating time once you move into your new place! I provided a link to the stump stools, it is under the shop this post sign. You might have to click the arrows to see it. Let me know if you have any issues.

  5. So many adorable ideas! I love how you’ve decorated!

  6. This is great! Love the way these decorations can be used all Fall and still remain festive.

  7. Your house looks amazing. I love the bats flying up the wall!

  8. What a fun Halloween home tour. We didn’t decorate this year and this makes me miss it a lot. My favorite is the chair at your front door with the hands/feet 🙂

  9. Love your decorations! The style is something that I would like at my house too. I also love the dead hand and foot that are placed so that you would really get a big scare when you look twice!

  10. Excellent job decorating, it is picture perfect! And I am so impressed you are almost done with costumes so early! My kids always waited until the last minute!

    • Ha ha, thanks! We tend to do a few festive things for Halloween so we have to have their costumes ready to go a few weeks early to celebrate. Get our moneys worth 😉

  11. Ok, I absolutely love your front porch! I really wish I would have had time to decorated for Halloween this year. Maybe you could come to my house next year and decorate for me?

  12. pg spooky, I love it. I can’t wait to see how you carve those pumpkings! I’m always in awe at your home whenever I come across your blog. Everything is so spectacular and perfect. a true creative mom hero. OH and I loved the hands and feet on the chair! what a detail

  13. Great tour, I love all of your Halloween decor!

  14. You did such a great job decorating! Love those bats on the wall!

  15. Your Halloween décor looks great. Such fun! My favorite thing here was the picture of your kids outside your house. I loved the playfulness of it.

  16. I love the bats the most but everything looks great!

  17. So cute! Those bats are my favorite!

  18. I love it! You are totally ready for Halloween now. Pinned!

  19. It’s perfect Emily! Looks so festive and fun! Pinning!

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