The easiest Halloween craft ever!

The easiest Halloween craft ever!

Alright ladies (and maybe a few gentlemen) this is it… The easiest Halloween craft ever!  I know this is some big words to just casually throw around, but I speak the truth. I have filled my home with spooky decor, we are Halloween-ed up! But, my table was lacking in some spooky gear. So I did what any self respecting decorating person would do, shopped my house to see what I had to put together a dining room table centerpiece.


This is what I came up with. Some glass hurricanes, fake spiders and web. I knew I had the workings of a great centerpiece. I just needed to pull it all together.My kids jumped in on this easiest Halloween craft ever and it became the easiest kids Halloween craft ever!  Which makes me Mom of the year I am sure.


The kids and I arranged all of our finds in the center of the dining room table. This is the first year I have been able to go full on scary with my home. This skull would have freaked at least one of my little ones out even last year. This year they want even more ghoul and scary, yes!!! I got a huge package of spiders and other bugs from Target and we went crazy putting them around my home. I will be sharing the full Halloween home tour tomorrow.


I added the spider web to the hurricane. I was able to just drape it over the top, spread it out and then tuck it under the hurricane. Super easy!


My kids got to work arranging the spiders, it was serious work guys.


You ready for the reveal? I warned you this was The easiest Halloween craft ever in the history of craft projects. You cannot get more simple than this, unless simply skipping out on Halloween decorating all together. Which I don’d do, ever. Decorating for each season, and then a ton of holidays is what I call my “me” time. Apparently it has gone from simply me time, to a spectator sport, to now a team effort. Which I am all for. I have created three tiny decorating fans and I adore it.


I love how simple this was, but also how stinkin’ cute it turned out. I know Halloween is not meant to be cute, but something about these little spiders crawling around the perfectly placed hurricanes screams cute to me.


Fake spiders are cute, not real ones. I am legit terrified of real ones. Yesterday I was driving in the car, singing way too loud and off key to music, as you do…. then a massive, ugly, poisonous and death inducing spider crawled out of the roof of my car, right in front of my face!!!! I panicked, I was in traffic and had to simultaneously freak out, remember to breathe, pay attention to the road and find a way to pull over. All while keeping an eye on the spider, which thankfully crawled away from me. Then I freaked out more because I did not want it to disappear before I could kill it. Then I would know it was somewhere in my car, which would mean one thing. Time for a new car, seemed rational. I pulled over, killed the thing and then proceeded to smush the napkin in my hand to confirm it was actually smushed to death. If there is anything worse than a spider it is a dead spider coming back with a vengeance zombie style. Out for revenge to the person who ended its life. But, it was dead, all is good in my world and I continued on singing along to the radio. Staring nervously around my car for any spider friends out for revenge.


Anyways, back to fake spiders… they are awesomely Halloween decor friendly!



My Halloween decor just piggy backs on my fall decor, just adding some much needed spooky to it. The full reveal to the Halloween home will be tomorrow, this is a tiny sneak peek. Also a sneak peek into my slightly different dining room. I am playing around with the furniture arrangement in here and have some plans for some built-ins. But I needed to see if this furniture works this way, let me know what you think.


My kids placed all of the spiders on the hurricanes, and I think the hurricane on the far right in the above picture is having a baby boom situation going on. Those two spiders have a lot of spider babies! I could have fixed it to have this centerpiece feel more officially decorated. However, this is my home and while I do share it here on the blog as well as everywhere else on the interwebs this is first and foremost our home. My kids live here, and them being so exuberant about what they did to help decorate I did not even hesitate with this, leaving the perfectly imperfect spider baby making factory as is. I hope my blog always comes off as showing the pretty ideas for a home, decorating with low cost ideas, but most importantly focusing on the home portion of decorating. This is a home,.


There was about two steps to this craft project, which makes it The easiest Halloween craft ever! I ended up with a fun and simple table centerpiece perfect for Halloween, so all of you last minute decorating peeps still have time to make this happen!


We tend to have a few people over for fun and trick or treating in our neighborhood. I do not go all out with a haunted house or anything, but making my home fit the bill of Halloween is always key. This centerpiece is a great addition to the dining room without being over the top. I will leave that to the costumes, the fun, and the real spiders. They are the star of any Halloween show. Did I follow through on the easiest Halloween craft ever? I feel like this is for sure worthy of the title. What say you?




  1. Cute and easy Halloween craft. Great for kids and adults alike to make. Perfect for parties too.

  2. It’s perfect in its simplicity! I have all the supplies, so I should do this too. Soooo cute!

  3. You are totally speaking yo me and my DIY challenge. I am the worst when it comes to DIY projects but this is something I Can do so thank you for this simple project.

  4. This is so cute and so easy! I love it. I really do like a craft that comes together easily. I will be pulling out my Halloween decorations this weekend – I see a new project in the future!

  5. I love how simple this is! It looks pretty fancy with minimal work. Brava!

  6. Yes, so simple. I can do this tomorrow because I already have everything you used! Very creative.

  7. I kid you not – I thought these were purchased at a high end craft store. You give a girl hope (the girl being me) because I generally am not the most crafty person. As a Halloween fan, I am gushing for these!

  8. Super easy indeed! who doesn’t have a ton of that cobweb and those spiders?

  9. Cute and easy – my kind of craft!!

  10. Spiders creep me out seriously! so yours look super real! I am sure your kids are loving it. Maria 🙂

  11. Super cute! And I love your dining table, was that a DIY??

  12. So cute and easy DIYs are my favorite! Pinning!

  13. This is so cute! My daughter would love to do this!

  14. Love these! Even though I hate real spiders, I love using them for Halloween decor.

  15. I love it! This is right up my ally this year :). Pinning!

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