DIY wood pumpkins using a 4×4

DIY wood pumpkins using a 4×4

So, pumpkins must be my “thing” this time of year. They are so easy to make, and there are so many low cost options to create pumpkin decor! This project is no different, making DIY wood pumpkins using a 4×4, the tutorial is so simple that I am sharing it a little differently. I have been on a pumpkin craze lately, I went on a field trip with one of my son’s and his classroom to a pumpkin farm, we are going a s a family this weekend, and this is easily project #5 of pumpkins I have shared. I have another coming tomorrow!


Click here for the easy tutorial I shared over at Homedit!

I warned you how simple this DIY wood pumpkins using a 4×4 is, which is the perfect type of project this time of year. Things are picking up around here with plans, family, friends and our weekend are booked up. I know everyone else is going through the same thing, but I am sure you are like me and still have that need to decorate. The deep rooted, cannot be ignored nessicity to decorate for this lovely season we call fall. This project is just for those people, simple, easy, low cost and to the point. Lets do this!

As you can see, the rustic element of these really fits in with the rest of my decor. These work for general fall or for Halloween. In fact Dale made a Jack-o-lantern on one side of one of these pumpkins. Here is the link with that tutorial. I could have thrown this into the tutorial for these, but felt that a general fall project goes a lot further than a specific Halloween one. As I learned while chaperoning at Gavin’s pumpkin farm excursion, many of the kids do not celebrate Halloween. They were just as eager to enjoy the hay ride, get lost in the corn maze and pick the perfect pumpkin. But, talk of ghouls, goblins and Halloween costumes was not for them. So some of you might be i the category too, which is great! These DIY wood pumpkins using a 4×4 are the best general fall decor item to have in the home.


I am working on my Halloween decor this week and loving the spooky, but fun look to it all. These DIY wood pumpkins using a 4×4 will for sure become a part of that decor. Tomorrow is a special day in our home, Caleb will be 7! My middle man and his special day, we always try to make their day special for them even if they have school. Which BTW my kids always think should be illegal, how dare the school board not make my children’s birthday a national holiday!!!!! I also have to get on my kids Halloween costumes (so much fall fun, so little time), purchasing them from a store, I am not that DIY to be able to whip up some costumes for my kids. I can build a table, tile a floor, hang a light… but sew anything…. I am not your girl for that task. We will be shopping for Halloween costumes, I wish I was the magical unicorn type that can sew, I bow down to your talents!

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so have costumes been picked out for this year?




  1. These are adorable!

  2. how fun! I am still smitten with that blue lamp though! It steals the show!

  3. I love these! I like that the shape makes them stand out and you can design them any way you want with cute patterns!

  4. These are so cute. I am loving all these awesome wood projects. i had no clue you could do so much with everyday items.

  5. These are super cute!! I bet my kiddos would love to help with this one too! Shared!

  6. So cute and really easy. Thanks for sharing your idea. I have pinned it for later 🙂

  7. Isn’t it awesome what a bit of wood and an imagination can create. Perfect and you can make them to fit where ever you like. Love the fact they are all different patterns too.

  8. Love the dotty pumpkin Emily – I am a sucker for dots !!

  9. Those are just too cool! I love it. I’ll have to try making up a few!

  10. Oh wow, these look great! 🙂

    • Sorry Emily, I meant to say that these look great and I may have to try and make some myself to go with the rest of our Halloween decor this year! I think they’d be a real talking point whenever we had guests!

  11. The pumpkins look great! Amazing what you can create out of wood. Pinned!

  12. Very creative craft that would even be fun to do with the kids! I love the natural look

  13. What a great way to upcycle scraps of wood!

  14. So easy and adorable!! Pinning!

  15. These are so cute! Love how you can decorate them any way you want!

  16. I love these, especially the polka-dot one. So fun for Halloween!

  17. These are adorable! I am trying to neutralize my fall decor this year and I wonder how they would look in white? I think I’ll try it!

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