How to make a 4×4 wood and rustic art supply organizer

How to make a 4×4 wood and rustic art supply organizer

Hey friends, I feel like I can call you that now. You are all in the “friend zone” now. I share my home, my ideas, my life… and you all join in the conversation. Which is pretty much like us getting coffee together and having a good gossip session. We can complain about our spouse, exchange slow cooker recipes, or share our horror stories of the clutter in our home. One thing I do not have to worry about in my home is the art supply organization. I have that locked up good! Today I am sharing How to make a 4×4 wood and rustic art supply organizer and it only involves a few steps! Say what?!!

diy wood 4x4 project

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I have had this in my home for a while now, I get a lot of questions and mentions of this whenever I share a picture of it. People want to know where I purchased it or how to make it. Well, now I am spilling the ‘deets on this. You can click here to head over to Homedit where I share the simple tutorial for this DIY pencil organizer.

This 4×4 wood and rustic art supply organizer is functional without taking up too much space. I adore all of the caddys for art supplies there are out there. Some of them can be so bulky. This one is streamlined enough that it stays on the art table all the time. It allows space for my kids (and me) to use the art table. Weirdly enough, my kids often color coordinate the crayons, also being “helpful” in wanting to throw out any crayon that is slightly broken, paper torn or otherwise not pristine. Um… thanks kids?

Art table for the home

This art table was something I created for them when I still had tiny little ones. People, (cough my husband, cough) thought I was insane to have the art supplies out for the kids to get at, sometimes without adult supervision. But, I had a dream for my littles to create without rules. Also, we had a ton of art supplies that I never wanted to drag out because it meant them taking over the dining room table, which meant it had to be cleaned up. It took some getting used to for my kids to keep this not too messy.

kids art table ideas

Sometimes they do awesome keeping it together, other times there is a legit glitter tornado that no one takes credit for. I did implement some organization ideas for this table, along with the art supply closet that helps it all stay relatively clutter free. My kids have learned that if they work with me on things, then the art table remains a place of freedom for them.

bold and bright home decor

I carved out this little room for them when I rearranged the furniture in my home, which is technically part of our kitchen. It is considered the “eat-in” portion of the kitchen. But, we are not a formal dining room type of people so we have just the one dining room, which is off of the living room. I could not see having two dining tables, where we can literally wave to the other table. This room we call the study, it is pretty much a big-ish kids playroom. No more toys in here, but their art table and books are here.

cute playroom ideas for a home

kids homework and study room

It has the best lighting in our home. A little behind the scenes action, this is where I film most of my craft tutorials and videos because of the great natural lighting in here. Yes, I kick my kids out of here when I work. Because I am the Mom and I said so!

This art table has been a big hit for my kids as well as others that visit. When we come back from any trip my kids always congregate her, quietly creating to their hearts content. I adore that they have this space to be creative. I hope this how to make a 4×4 wood and rustic art supply organizer is something you enjoyed seeing. I like the rustic and simple elements to it, also that it is rustic without being too much. This will mature with my kids, and then eventually I will commandeer it as my own. Nothing about this feels to kid-ish.

Have you ever created anything with a wood 4×4? Also, please tell me I do not have the only kids that are obsessed with band aides? My kids will do anything to have an owie “count” so they can get a band aide. Kids are weird! 


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wood drill bit project
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  1. Maybe I missed it in your post but what type of drill bit did you use? Is it a special one that makes circles?

    • It is a wood boring drill bit. Sorry I did not explain that in the original post. I have edited is since, and also added some similar products to the bottom of the post. Hopefully that helps you out and clears up the confusion 🙂

  2. Emily, this is really adorable!!

  3. I love this project. It would be helpful with parties because each kid can have their own hole on the board with their crayons

  4. I really love this idea, so perfect! I need a permanent place for the kids to do art. I love your space, and I bet your kiddos love it too.

  5. Oh this is cute! I made something similar but the holes aren’t as deep. I used it for tea lights 🙂 This would be a great upgrade from the ice cream bucket I am using now.

  6. When we were doing homework tonight I was wishing that I had a better place for all the crayons and colored pencils. What a fun idea!

  7. This is so neat and looks super fun to do. I bet it would solve the fighting over the same colors situation happening over here!

  8. So cute! Love how this looks!

  9. Thanks for clarifying that you used a wood boring drill bit. The picture helps too. I love the little area you carved out for your kiddos. It’s cute and functional!
    I could use one of these organizers for *my* art supplies. ?

  10. This is awesome! I recently purchased something similar and it was nowhere near as cool as your DIY organizer. I paid way too much for it and it only had three slots. I would have never thought of making my own but now I’m putting the hubby on this project. Hehehe! Love it!

    • Oh no, sorry you spent a lot on something similar! I have never seen something like this in the store, but that is great for people who are not into DIYing things.

  11. Wow, I want to make one. I’ve been buying supplies and they are cluttering in my desk. I need an organizer.

  12. Haha, the color coordinating crayons reminds me of my OCD husband. I love this idea and it would be great for my son who can never find the one blue marker he is looking for. Not just any blue will do, of course!

    • The colors are not always organized, it goes through phases. I have one OCD child and two that like to make messes when they create. Also one that is obsessed with a certain color. Kids…. 🙂

  13. What a great idea! I’d love to have that drill bit. Adding that to my wish list.

  14. I love how your organizer turned out and I am really tempted to make something similar so my kids’ crayons look as neat sorted by color as yours!! Super cool. Pinning!

    • Thanks! Even if the crayons are not organized by color, a complete, large box of crayons can fit in these holes and keep them off of the table, or floor, or the dogs mouth (which has happened before).

  15. This is so awesome! I definitely need one of these and hopefully my kids will actually put the crayons and pencils back! Pinned!

  16. Such a good idea I would love to make one!

  17. Love this project! What size is the drill bit you used?

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