Home decor plans, projects and preparations for a fall home tour

Home decor plans, projects and preparations for a fall home tour

Hi guys, today is a little different than the typical home decor goodness I share. I am slaving away on a few different projects here, which I am so excited about! But, because I am working on a ton I figured I would give a tiny little glimpse into the Home decor plans, projects and preparations for a fall home tour. All will be revealed within the next few weeks, with my fall home tour being this Friday!

coastal dining room ideas

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The other hot topic of conversation right now is my dining room. I am feeling the need to revamp it, I have tweaked a few things here and there. However, it has never felt “done”. I adore my farmhouse table, the light, and…. everything else is ok, works in my home. But I am not sure if they all work together, I will be making the wall art work elsewhere in my home. The dining room has a farmhouse, country, coastal hybrid look to it. I feel as if I have always missed the mark with this room.

dining room ideas

I know I want to give the walls some color in there. Maybe a darker gray or even blue toned color. What do you think? What color should my dining room be? I have dreams of wallpaper going in here, but our walls are so textured that any wallpaper would be near impossible to put up. Which bums me out so much, I am loving the look of some bold wallpaper. I am also on the fence about the cabinet in the dining room. I like it, and it stores a ton of stuff. However, through the years our kids have grown, we have evolved and so has this home. I am leaning more towards a rustic/contemporary/coastal with a pinch of bold patterns. You know that specific style… right? I know what I like in my head, and getting it to translate into this dining room has been difficult. I think the layout of it, awkwardly placed wall, and that it is open to the living room all get me stuck.

This room is my next one to tackle. Well, also a pretty big basement redo. I have not ever shared what that looks like before because it is on big ‘ole mess. Dark, blank, spider-ey, and sad looking. We do have a bunch of space to utilize down there, 2,000 square feet to be exact. So much potential! I had wanted to do the basement on speed dial, getting it done within a few weeks. But, then reality set in and I decided my and my families sanity was more important than rushing the makeover down there. It will be a slow and steady process. Which I will be sharing with you all along the way, I hope to utilize all of you lovely people for some ideas on things when the time comes. I will be introducing the space and rough plans soon.

antique mirror restoration

A small, tiny project I am working on is this antique mirror. It is my Grandma’s, well I got it from her, and it was hers. For a few of my teenage years this mirror was in my bedroom. Anyways, it has a history and she asked me if I wanted it, broken mirror, 7 years of bad luck and all. I jumped on the chance. This is the best mirror frame ever! Once I get the broken piece fixed I know I want to paint this frame.

antique mirror ideas

I seem to have issues with committing to a paint color. I guess I have paint commitment issues? Is there a professional I can speak to about my phobia? I need to work through this. I am thinking either a bright turquoise, which I have a lot of in my home. Or go a slightly different route and do a darker blue, navy color. What say you wonderful home decor fans? Turquoise, navy blue, or something else? I think you know my home by now to know what will work in it. Speak your mind!

mum flowers for fall home tour

Last but not least for this Home decor plans, projects and preparations for a fall home tour post, the fall decor goodness I promised. I am only giving a tiny sneak peek, the full deal can be seen this Friday. It is part of a massive group of bloggers sharing their fall home tours, you can see who started it off yesterday at Green with Decor. Each day of the week there is a whole set of talented bloggers and their beautiful homes! Mine is all done and ready for it’s debut!

Here is a little behind the scenes action. I had to bring these Mum flowers inside because it is so hot and humid out here, unseasonably so and I did not want them to wilt. I liked them inside so much I decided to incorporate them into the interior of my home. Not in the sink of course, but sprinkled throughout the house. I had to go and buy more for the outside. Home decor blogger problems!

simple fall decor ideas for the home

I am so excited to share my Fall home tour on Friday! Over the next few weeks I have a lot of projects, challenges with other bloggers, campaigns with brands, and a ton of basement and dining room planning to do. This is me being deliriously with all of this talk, I love working on my home, decorating and then taking pretty pictures of it all. I guess I am in the right profession then! A tiny fun side note, my youngest Gavin started kindergarten and they had a getting-to-know-each-other session where they had to say what their parents did. Gavin said his Daddy plays on computers all day and tells people what to do. Dale is a software architect, so that is right-ish. He said that I “Shop, cut wood, paint, take lots of pictures, makes me an awesome bedroom, and moves things around the house A LOT!” All true, very true. I wonder if that description will work when tax time comes? Is there an official option for that title?

Anyways, I am off to wrap up a lot of projects, take some before pictures of my basement, cringe at the mess of it all, finish a furniture redo,  and my fall front porch. All coming soon! I hope you enjoyed this quick Home decor plans, projects and preparations for a fall home tour check in. Be sure to let me know what you think I should do in the dining room, and also the mirror color. I am completely stuck on what I want to do!

What are you working on right now? Any home projects?

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  1. I love your living room. I am Moving in now and trying to have something as cute as yours. And those gorgeous gold pumpkins!!!

  2. I love that mirror! And the fact that here is a story behind it is so sweet too. As far as the paint color question: while I’m a true navy girl at heart (I’m even wearing navy now ?), have you thought about something in a warmer color, yellow or an orange? Just to mix things up a bit? Either way, your room looks beautiful!

  3. Pretty! Happy Fall!

  4. I love how you share your decorated rooms and your plans for making changes. The light fixture over that farm table is absolutely stunning! I think it’s good to revamp and change your spaces often. It keeps things fresh and reflects you!

    • Thank you! I am so happy you like the work in progress and planning posts. There is a lot of work and planning that goes into a “finished” room so I thought it would be fun to share the process a little more.

  5. Sorry, I meant the pumpkins! I look forward to the tour!

  6. I think you should paint the dining room a light color to reflect more light and hang 2 of those mirrors over the buffet. Whatever you do will be stunning I’m sure. Make sure you love it, as you will be living with it. I’ve found following trends isn’t always for me, and I do what works for my family instead 🙂

  7. I’m leaning toward turquoise for the mirror paint! Maybe you could paint inside the sections and not need to replace the actual mirror?
    We still