Fall table ideas: for kids and adults with Cost Plus World Market

Fall table ideas: for kids and adults with Cost Plus World Market

Fall is coming, I promise you it is! We have had some cooler temperature days mixed with crazy humid ones. I call this the end of summer, transition into fall time. I have started to get my home decorated with all of it’s fall loveliness, but I do not want to go overboard yet, it is still early. Today I am sharing Fall table ideas: for kids and adults with Cost Plus World Market, I decorated with hints of fall, nature elements and a few pumpkins. Not doing too much too soon yet, there is time for that soon.

How to take a table setting from kid friendly to adult

**This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market, all opinions are my own**

One of the best things about being a home decor blogger (other than decorating my home as my job) is that I get to collaborate with some amazing brands! I am still in the pinch-me-awesome-brands-want-to-work-with-me phase of blogging. Cost plus World Market wanted me to work on a fun fall campaign, I jumped at the chance. I love their collections, and stalk many items there until I convince myself to finally get it. It is all about the tabletop decor today!

DIY farmhouse table

Since I like to decorate my home, but keep it all functional I decided to share a fall decorated table with two options. With just a few changes I turned the “adult” table decor into a “kid friendly” option. Showing how there can be an ease of transition from one group of people to another. Also, showing how versatile the same items can be. If you are like most people, with fall means holiday parties and family get together. There is always a kid table and an adult table.

I came up with a few ideas to make both groups feel comfortable in their surroundings. As usual, I squeezed in a few tiny DIY ideas to make this table really shine!



country style fall decorating

With it still being early fall I kept the decor simple. Using some former items from my home as well as a bunch of new items from Cost Plus World Market. I created a calming and subtle fall theme with a ton of rustic and nature elements. The color trends this season are all warm, with golds and reds being the main focus.

Simple place setting idea

To make simple place settings I used napkins from the super natural collection, which blends the colors I used on the table perfectly. I cut some leaves off of a faux leaf stem, used some chalkboard signs and tied it into a neat bow. Sometimes the simple DIY ideas are the best! Having place settings helps with any party, to keep people moving and also makes the party feel fancy. Fancy is always good!

simple place setting ideas

simple fall table decor ideas

The wood chargers, come on! Mixed with the beautiful gray plates and twig silverware…. they work so well together. I like how the wood color of the charger plate warms up this whole table setting. This is really what screams fall to me, natural wood tones.

rustic stemware


white pumpkins

Apples are a great addition to any fall decor. It feels fall without being too traditional. I also used some white pumpkins to brighten up the centerpiece. They were orange and I spray painted them white. Easy DIY  for fall pumpkins.

World Market table

tea station

I fell in love with this fox tea pot. There is a complete display in my local store with fox items, and I wanted all of the things! We are big warm tea drinkers here in fall and I felt a fall meal is not complete without some warm tea.

apples as fall decor

decorating with apples

early fall decor ideas

fall tablescape

Using the leaves in the place setting helps to blend in the leaves from the centerpiece.

gold accents

This gold lined vase I grabbed up right away in the store. I had zero plans for it initially, other than knowing I had to have it. Sometimes it is instant love in an aisle of World Market and I am ok with that.

sneack peek to fall table decor

rustic place setting ideas

Untitled design

This “adult” friendly table feels fresh, casual, fall-ish and fancy. I am not usually a gold or brass kind of decorator but these accents on the table are helping me fall hard for the finish.

fall home

World Market fall decorations

As I said, for this Fall table ideas: for kids and adults with Cost Plus World Market this was a dual functioning tablescape. I had planned to completely change the centerpiece and show off a whole new look to the table. But, then I decided to keep it simple as most people reading this need simple. I need simple in my life. So I am sharing the ways I made this same table setting work for kids. I had a few extra tiny assistants with my kids who were very vocal on their ideas. In fact there was a few ideas that they were un-moving on. So, here is how I changed it up for kids.




kids table ideas

The kids fall themed table is created with woodland creatures, different glasses, and very different place settings. Also glitter. My kids insisted that fall is pure magic with its colors of gold, orange and red. So their needed to be magic on the table. Ummm, anyone know how to make actual magic happen for fall table decor ideas? Anyone? Bueller? Whimsical gold glitter was the compromise and only magic I had up my sleeves. It does all blend together beautifully!

kids place setting supplies

To make this a true kid friendly table, we need to give them something to do. I purchased some brown wrapping paper from World Market. I had a poster board at home already, I am using this as my template for the place mat.

making place mat

Making sure it all fits fine with the plates. Then tracing the poster board.

place mat template

I traced four spots out on the paper.

cutting paper

Then cut them out. I will show you how this was used in the full reveal of the table.

twig colored pencils

Colored pencils! Colored pencils made out of tree bark? This is a decorators dream come true! The kids sitting at this table can color to their hearts content, and these become part of the decor.

colored pencil place setting

I used the same twine and name tags to create a little plate decor.

kids place setting ideas

I also used chalkboard painted containers. My kids insisted full names needed to be used for place settings, and since this is a kids table…. we need to make it happen.

fall decor with woodland creatures

This is where the whimsical comes into play. Tiny and oh-so-adorable woodland creatures! This is a different place setting from the “adult” one and yet it still goes along with the nature theme.

kids friendly table setting ideas

kids themed fall table

Here is the final results! A kid friendly, nature, rustic and whimsical fall themed tablescape!

glitter for decor

gold decorating accents

The glitter ties in the other accents of gold on this table.

using white pumpkins as decor

fall leaf decor

These tiny wooden leaves were a last minute addition. A few scattered on the table for the kids theme just felt right.

decorating for fall tablescape


fall theme table

fall theme place setting

The colored pencils match almost perfectly with this place setting. The silverware and the napkin have that same rustic feel with similar colors. This is what I meant when I said they were a decorators dream small accessory.

nature decor supplies

mason jar cup

These mason jar glasses with a handle were much more kid proof than the adult glasses I had out.

kids table centerpiece

hot chocolate ideas for kids

The other non-negotiable for my kids in regards to this kid friendly fall table was hot chocolate. My kids insisted this is what would make the table theme feel “kid” specific. Since all of the supplies were at World Market I could not deny them this joy.

kid tablescape

Untitled design (1)

Of course I had to share how this table would look once the tiny ones got to it.

fall kids themed tablescape

Their artwork is the best new addition to this table.

kids drawings

kids DIY home decor

I realized I need to have this set-up anytime we have a party with kids. It will keep them entertained while the adults can talk. Each of the kids having their own spot to color, and set of pencils to do so was a big hit for my crew.

kids art supplies

kid friendly party decor

kids place setting

I am so happy I did not go overboard with changing up the tables for each age group. Neither are over the top, and both are perfect for fall! With these fall table ideas: for kids and adults with Cost Plus World Market it makes it possible for all people in my life to enjoy the season! It also gives me lots of ideas for entertaining in general and having things set up for all guests, from the tall to the small.

kids table decor

Not that I do not love talking table settings and decor, and I enjoy that a lot, there is even more for you (other than my tips and banter) a sweepstakes! The Spruce up your space giveaway is has a few chances for you to win!

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Last but not least, a fun video that Stephanie Sisco shares a DIY centerpiece idea

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  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore the kids tablescape! I can’t even narrow it down to one favorite element….I love the tiny hedgehogs and beautiful wooden leaves. So glad I found your website! 🙂

  2. I am obsessed with those wooden colored pencils!!! I can think of so many places where those would make a pretty, but practical decoration!! We don’t have a World Market near us, I will have to be on the lookout next time I am traveling!!

  3. Gorgeous, Emily!! The centerpiece is simply beautiful!

  4. That’s lovely. I always want to do something like that, but I feel like I need help!

    • Decorating for a table can be so much fun! There is never a right or wrong, just pick what you love and start arranging it. Things will come together!

  5. Those wood chargers!!! All the puffy heart eyes over here – they are gorgeous! I love both versions of your table!

  6. The table looks amazing both the kids and the adult side. I need to get my fall decorations out ASAP.

  7. Wow! Your tablescape looks awesome! I totally feel like I need to redo mine LOL.

  8. I love the adult place setting idea and the chargers. You did and excellent job on the kid’s table. I love it…Will have to get some paper like that and do the same.

    • Thank you so much! The wrapping paper used as kids place mats was a big hit with my tiny crew. I will be using them anytime we have a party with kids.

  9. You have so many great ideas here, I don’t know where to start. Every time I thought I had my mind made up, you shared another great idea. I will have to try a different idea each week. I think I will start with the little woodland animals – they really called to me.

  10. These are some beautiful ideas. I love Cost Plus World Market! They have a wonderful selection of items!

  11. Love all of your gorgeous ideas! World Market is a favorite of mine and I will definitely be heading in for Fall decor!

  12. I’m in love with that tablescape! I mean, it is just gorgeous. I’ll have to head over to Cost Plus World Market and see what’s what!

  13. So many adorable ideas. I’m a huge fan of World Market. All the items make you think outside of the box. Why go for the same old boring when these projects are so easy and cute. Can’t wait to try them.

  14. That all came together so beautifully! I love how fun you made it for the little ones too. Really lovely!

  15. Your table looks lovely! My Mom would love that fox teapot sweater and I think the hedgehog is super cute.

  16. World Markey is my favorite!! I love how you made these table decorations!

  17. It looks gorgeous! I’ve been lusting after those wooden chargers for a while now…they look amazing on your table!

  18. I agree with everyone else–those wood chargers are amazing!! I love the fox teapot and twig animals too. I like how your tablescape is fall festive but not over the top. Love it all!!

  19. Gorgeous table settings- I love the one w/ crayons!

  20. Love the lambs ear and magnolia leaves!

  21. THis is so cute Emily! I love the little hedhogs and my son just said the one on the right is Nick Wild ;). Pinning!

  22. This is a beautiful table setting. Love the wood chargers.

  23. I love the kid’s table! Those colored pencils are adorable. What a great idea for a fall celebration to make something special for the kids! Love it.

  24. Emily these ideas are so great!!! World Market is so amazing and you made beautiful choices of their products!!! Yah, happy decorating!!!

  25. All are very pretty- but the kid’s is my fave! LOVE those colored pencils and that they can color on the placemats. Such a great idea!

    • Thank you! I got to rolls of the wrapping paper and will be using them anytime we have a crew of kids over for a party. Such a great way to entertain and decorate!

  26. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore the kids tablescape, I always want to do something like that, but is seem be hard, maybe need helping
    Thanks for sharing

  27. Aww just so so lovely. I fall in love with every elements on the table. Really wanna this at my home. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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