DIY cardboard tissue box turned into vase, easy craft idea

DIY cardboard tissue box turned into vase, easy craft idea

When it comes to crafts, the easier the better. Blending low cost with simple steps to create that craft for your home is key. DIY cardboard tissue box turned into vase, means super easy craft idea. I am sharing the way I turned a cardboard box cover for tissues into a fancy, cute, coastal-ish and ombre-like decor item for my home. The supplies are simple and the steps are all shared, so you can make one too!

DIY cardboard vase

First though, how is everyone? It has been a while since I have had some new ideas around here. I ended up taking some much needed family time in August, but now that my kids are back in school (all three of them for the first time ever) I am officially a full time blogger. Which means a ton of new stuff happening around here. I am so excited to get to work and see what happens over these next few months. With the holidays coming there will be a ton of fall projects heading your way soon, later this week specifically! But, for today and this DIY cardboard tissue box turned into vase I am teaming up for the Ready, set, craft challenge. the other ladies of this challenge are Gav & Ro, Amber Oliver, XO Kerry and Lugi Mom blog , each month we pick a new item to work with and we get to crafting. This month the theme was cardboard crafts, which you can find at most craft stores.

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tissue box craft

I was not sure at first what to make for this theme. There were so many options. My first inclination was fall specific since that is the time of year. But, when I saw the cardboard tissue box cover I knew exactly what  would do! I love when things come together so quickly.

Supplies need for this project

Adhesive spray
Cardboard tissue box cover
Spray paint
Silk flowers (or real flowers)

how to use spray adhesive

This was actually my first time working with spray adhesive. Be sure to read the instructions before using, there is a bunch of guidelines and each is different according to the brand you use. I needed Dale’s help to do this. I turned the tissue box cover and pushed the yarn down. Dale sprayed the adhesive on.

using yarn for craft

Going along the tissue box cover and wrapping the yarn around it. The adhesive stayed sticky long enough for a large portion of the box to be sprayed and have the yarn stick to it.

spray adhesive project

Once I got to the top I decided to keep going with the wrapping pattern of the yarn.

recycle craft idea

Doing the same thing to the top.

putting top on cardboard box craft

I cut off once I could not wrap it anymore without closing up the hole in the top. My plan was to turn this into a vase, so I need the top to be available to have an opening. I just realized I can still use this as a tissue box cover as well. So versatile!

yarn craft

After cutting I put in smaller pieces around the center to get the majority of the top covered.

low cost craft project

It looks a little rough now. The spray adhesive will dry clear. The one I had was quick drying which was nice. Mama is always on a strict timeline for projects!

spray paint craft

Now time to make this DIY cardboard tissue box turned into vase look really good. I had planned to actually dip this whole thing in white paint. Giving it a paint dipped look, I loved the idea but worried the yarn would come undone if I did that. So I had to go to an unplanned plan B for this easy craft. I had some light gray spray paint in my garage that I used instead. I had Dale hold the cardboard box up and he rotated it as I sprayed the paint. I only spray painted the bottom of this.

I achieved this look without taping up the top. I did that by keeping the spray paint a little closer to the box than I normally do. This allowed a neater line of paint.

paint dipper project idea

I have to say, I fell instantly in love with the results! This DIY cardboard tissue box looks very much like a vase now! It has a slightly coastal or nautical feel to it. We all know I am obsessed with that style, so this fits my home perfectly.

DIY vase

I had to wait for everything to dry again. I am not a patient waiter at all when it comes to crafts.

fake flower arrangements

These silk hydrangeas were just the fullness that I was looking for. You can put real flowers in here too. All you have to do is put a jar, even a mason jar under the box then set the floral arrangement inside. A great way to display some flowers!

ombre craft idea

With the silk flowers it is as simple as cutting them down to size and putting them into the hole! This DIY cardboard tissue box turned into vase, easy craft idea is seriously that easy!

DIY vase idea

The two tone of the colors and the paint dipped appearance really add such a pretty visual to this vase.

paint dipped rope vase

simple DIY flower arrangement

With the low flowers that are bunched together it looks like a florist purchased arrangement. They come in those neat little box vases a lot of time. This is such a low cost and simple idea to create. I like to have vases on-hand in my home. You never know what size, color, or height you will need. If you are like me, you have flowers in the home anytime you can. I have never thought I had too many vases, or throw pillows. Those things are always favorites for me around here.

console table decor ideas

DIY vase craft idea

This DIY cardboard tissue box turned into vase, easy craft idea is just the kind of simple that crafts should be all about. No need for gazillions of steps, or finger cramps from tiny, intricate things to do. Crafting is supposed to be fun, and easy! It is the absolute best way to add those smaller decor items to your home without breaking the bank. A little vase like this from any store would be at least $20, and that is a discount store. Some of the home decor accessories can get crazy expensive!

Have you ever used something like cardboard and turned it into a new home decor piece? 



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  1. This vase is so pretty and looks fun and easy to make too. Thanks for sharing this idea!

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  9. What a cute vase! My tweens could make these for presents this Christmas!

  10. I really like the two tone color. Such a simple idea but it can be used in many ways. Thanks for the inspiration

  11. Love the texture of the vase. Is your coffee table made out of drift wood? The two textures together looks great! Blue/white combo is one of my favourites 🙂

  12. So pretty! I didn’t know you could even buy cardboard tissue boxes!! The chunky blue yarn is perfect for fall, too!

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