40 fall home decor and craft ideas!

40 fall home decor and craft ideas! I usually have some small talk before getting into the thick of things with a post, but I am too excited to beat around the bush! I am all about fall right now, planning for it, decorating for it, and wanting to be in legit sweater weather (wishful thinking since it was 90 degrees yesterday). Since I am into the upcoming season, I know many of you are because my Pinterest is blowing up with fall specific pins I thought this was a good time to roll out the fall goodness. I asked some of my blogging friends for some fall themed posts of theirs. They delivered with crafts, DIY, wreaths, tablescapes and decorations, so much beauty and inspiration!



Around here I like to celebrate homes, mine is generally the topic of discussion. However, there are so many amazingly talented home decor bloggers, most of which I am fortunate enough to get to explain “I know them!” These woman all have their own unique style, way of decorating and blogs which they share all of their knowledge at. For these 40 fall home decor and craft ideas I will be sharing in a slideshow. I know, keep it together, I am getting fancy here now. With me being a official full-time blogger I am laying out a ton of new features for this blog, slideshows being one of many new things coming up around here.

sneack peek to fall table decor

Another thing to watch out for is the post for tomorrow, the above picture is a tiny sneak peek of the full reveal. I have a dual functioning fall entertaining and set up for the table. All will be shown off tomorrow here, don’t forget to check back. It is a good one, promise.

gordmand fall decor with wm

Because this is my blog I also threw in a few of my posts as well, all of which were shared last year. I am lucky enough to have daily growth with this blog, which means a lot of new readers have not seen what I shared last year. Think of this as an introduction to my fall decor and crafts. You can see what I am all about around here, and I will be adding to that repertoire in the coming weeks. I have a major obsession with the holidays, it gets me all kinds of crafty!


For now thought it is about those 40 fall home decor and craft ideas from my (and soon to be your) favorite bloggers around. An honorable mention goes to my husband Dale and his tech savvy self. He is the brains behind my blog, theme and inner workings. Most recently this snazzy slideshow is all his as well. Yay for having a husband that can help build things, cook dinner and code software!


40 home decor & craft ideas


Have you started decorating for fall yet? More importantly, how excited are you for fall to come?!!! 



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  1. I have started decorating already! Fall is probably my favorite season so it’s easy for me to get into it! lol I like bringing outdoor elements inside for decoration!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Love that you are so excited for fall! Bringing the outdoors in with nature elements is one of my favorites too!

  2. Sara says: Reply

    Oh I just LOVE Fall!!! Great round up of idea. Really like the jeweled skull and pallet sign!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      That jeweled skull is amazing!

  3. Hey Emily, what a great round-up to help us get our ‘fall on’! Thanks for gathering them all and sharing with the rest of us.
    Wishing you many pumpkin-spice filled days ahead.

    Hugs, Lynn

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much Lynn, I hope you have a wonderful fall too! I am so happy you enjoyed this round-up!

  4. Shauna says: Reply

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I love all these fun craft ideas. I think I will try the skull with jewels. That will be fun for halloween.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I love fall as well!

  5. I’m feeling like fall too, but have the same 90 degree problem as you! 🙂 Hopefully the real fall weather will arrive soon. This round up is awesome, thank you! 🙂

    1. Emily says: Reply

      It is hard to be so excited about fall and then sweating it out the second you go outside. The weather will catch up with our love of fall soon!

  6. Ariel says: Reply

    Great round-up! Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you for letting me feature your project Ariel!

  7. What beautiful decorating ideas! I would love to try some of these in my home this year.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      There were so many great ideas!

  8. Decorating for fall os fun. The changing of the leaves means so many fun events are just around the corner. Fall is he easiest season to decorate for

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Very true about it being the easiest to decorate for. I have to limit myself because I could never stop with fall decor!

  9. Amanda says: Reply

    Awesome roundup – love all of these ideas!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thanks Amanda! I am happy you enjoyed them!

  10. I’m in love with the copper pumpkin centerpiece! I totally need to do that!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I agree, love that one so much!

  11. BonBon says: Reply

    Wonderful round up. Love all the ideas.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I am happy you liked the round-up!

  12. Emily says: Reply

    There are tons of great ideas here! I am so excited to start getting my fall decorations together 🙂

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Have fun decorating for fall!

  13. Kerri says: Reply

    You are so ready for fall! I need to do this next weekend. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and start to become cooler.

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I am ready for fall 🙂 Have fun decorating!

  14. Tons of great ideas! I need to get decorating. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      Thank you so much Amy!

  15. I’m so excited and I have my first fall themed post coming tomorrow! Pinning 🙂

    1. Emily says: Reply


  16. Rachel says: Reply

    So many beautiful ideas!

    1. Emily says: Reply

      I agree, loves what the bloggers shared!

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