Room reveals and the aftermath of a holiday

Room reveals and the aftermath of a holiday


Well friends, this weekend has been a whirlwind of sun, fun, swimming, parades, food, family, friends, laughing, outdoor games and fireworks. For all of us Americans, we celebrated our Independence day and let me tell you…. we do 4th of July right around here! We came, we saw, we conquered, we went full force for three days and all three of my littles fell asleep on the way home last night. Which is why today is going to be a little bit of taking it easy, for myself, my kids and this blog. We all need a day to get back into the swing of things, and catch up on laundry. Oh, the pile of laundry waiting for me! I have a ton of outdoor projects and other DIY specific posts to share with you in the near future, but today it is all about Room reveals and the aftermath of a holiday. 

I am showing my human side and needing a little breather. I wanted to check in with you, see how your weekend went, and touch base with any new readers. I have had a few amazing features recently which has brought some new faces to my blog. I did not want to have nothing going on around here, so I figured a little review of the full room reveals I have done in my home. I still have the rest of the laundry room to do, the kids bathroom, the dining room, and then the whole basement before I get to call my house officially done. But, I have done a ton of other spaces in my home.


Most recently I shared my outdoor home tour. It is not a room reveal exactly, but it has become the newest living area for our family this summer. Now that we have the front and backyard done, we are spending a ton of time out here. So it has turned into an extension to our home. I am a beach girl and the summer months are my happy place. So spending as much time outside as possible is a must.


I also recently shared my summer home tour. It has the newest pictures of my living room and dining room. I am in a little transition with both of those spaces, still feeling things out. I am going bold and bright with my decor with pops of pattern. There will be a few new additions as I move things along. I love that my home is a process and one I am sure I don’t ever want to finish.


When we redid our kitchen, it was the first major home improvement project we did. We put the hardwood floors throughout the living area, painted the cabinets and walls, put in a back splash. It took some work but the impact of that work was amazing to see. I have plans to figure out a way to make this kitchen bigger, and hope to start that process within the next year or so. It involves major renovations and a ton of planning.

I need my kitchen to grow with us and right now it works for Dale and I with our three tiny children. However, those children will become full size one day and all 5 of us would not be able to coexist in this space as is. Our kitchen needs to grow with our kids. I hope to start organizing the plans soon!


As a home decor fan, I adore the before and after pictures. Seeing what something was and seeing what it became. I think our hallway has an amazing before and after. It has been brightened and turned into a much more functional space. You will have to click on the link to see the before, it was standard, builders grade and ugly carpet before we put in a lot of DIY projects and pretty.


I have made it a goal for myself, out of necessity to make every space in our home functional. No wasted space here. This includes my bedroom which also functions as my office/craft room. It was a mess to try and figure out. I did not want what felt like a bed in an office, but a bedroom that happens to have a work space in it. Make sense? I got to collaborate with some amazing people to create this perfect bedroom. I mean, I would love to have a separate work space, in it’s own room…. but I have to work with what I have. The bedroom works perfectly during the day as a blogging and crafting head quarters. At night it becomes a relaxing oasis. Finding a way to blend those needs took some work.


The one place in our home that cannot be turned into more function is the tiny master bathroom. It gets the job done, we technically have a two bathroom home. But the space would make any person featured on House Hunters cringe with our lack of double vanity, walk in shower or massive soaker tub. I did what I could to do pretty-up the space. There was a ton of DIY projects and tutorials featured. I one day dream of a massive soaker tub, but Dale and I have made sharing one sink work for 12 years, I think we are seasoned pros now.


I have my laundry room halfway done. Like a few things in our home, this space is multi-functional. It works as a laundry room, mud room, and entryway from the garage into the hallway. I have the mud room side done, and we call it the organization station. Yes, we actually refer to it as this when telling the kids where to put something. We did a lot to get this space to work for our family and this is a life saver when school is in and layers of clothes are needed for snow.

I am still planning to finish the laundry room side of this space. We got in a rut with it, we can do laundry, it functions… so the rush to get the space done is no more. I do want to jump back into finally finishing off this laundry room. I have some big dreams for storage and ease of doing laundry. I just have to convince myself that time spent in this room is for the best, which is difficult when we are in the middle of summer.


With this being a house with kids, of course their bedrooms are done! I worked my home decor booty off to get my boys’ bedroom done. They had a big wish list, I had a long to-do list, and it all got done. Their bunk beds are a big time hit with everyone we know. The lego table still works perfectly for them, and I have not had to reconfigure anything with their bedroom since I did this last year. It has legit staying power with how I have it done.


My daughter’s bedroom is something I worked on a few years ago. She does love it, especially her bed. But she has requested for me to make some adjustments to the decor in her room. I am working my way through those changes and hope to share an update to her bedroom. She is a girl with her own mind and is insistent on growing up at an alarming rate. So we have worked together to make some changed to her bedroom.

That is it! This Room reveals and the aftermath of a holiday is done. I wish I had more room reveals to share, or even a great DIY project. But, I plead exhaustion after this three day weekend extravaganza of fun. My brain is mush, my house is a mess, my skin is sun kisses, my kids are tired and we needed a day to recoup. I know we are not the only household that will be taking it easy today.

What did you do this past weekend? Do you have any rooms done in your home you are proud of?


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  1. I love your home, you have done a great job. Your three children are just too adorable.

  2. The kids look adorable, great photo with the flags. I love the oudoor canvas chairs, where did you get them? looking for one similar for my table.

  3. As always your home is so inspiring to use spaces to their full potential. Love it. Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of your week!

  4. I love your wall calendar. I really need to do something like this in our house. We are considering homeschooling and I need to get more organized.

  5. You did such a beautiful job everywhere! I love the white tiles in the kitchen and bathroom – and those kids’ beds are adorable!

  6. I feel the same as you! It was a full weekend and today is just a veg at home day! Beautiful home!

  7. Your home is gorgeous!! The kids room I def love. And the kitchen.. and.. lol..

  8. I love that bathroom. It’s beautiful!

  9. Your home is gorgeous!!! We are getting ready to re-do our entire home. I am excited but nervous. I actually got a few ideas from you.

  10. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    You have a great sense of style. You decor is so pretty and also restful at the same time.

  11. Wow! Those rooms are really beautiful! Especially the decor, the most outstanding for me is the pink one, love the curtains in four sides.

  12. You have a lot of great home functionality aspects. I adore the barn door and your little girls bed, so pretty!

  13. I love the backsplash in the bathroom! We do have a giant master bath with the massive soaker tub, double vanity, and walk-in shower. You’d have a ball with it, I’m sure!

  14. You have done such an AMAZING job! I love everything about your house. And seeing the boys room (too cute)!!! I also love how organized your hallway is as well. I want to move in! lol

  15. I love how. You have transformed your home. It must have been an amazing and rewarding journey for the whole family to experience the DIY!

  16. Everything looks wonderful. I especially love your giant calendar. I am hoping to redesign my daughters’ room this summer.

  17. Wow! You have a gorgeous eye for decorating! Can you come do my house?? 🙂

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