“Light up the Night” – outdoor living in the sparkle of night

“Light up the Night” – outdoor living in the sparkle of night

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Hi guys, I am coming to you on this wonderful summer Saturday with a fun post. I know with summer here we are all soaking in every single second we can. That includes enjoying the outdoors after the sun goes down. I have to drag my sandy, grass stained, swim suit all day wearing kids into the house wayyyyy past their bedtime. Almost always, once they are in bed Dale and I sneak back outside to enjoy the beautiful summer nights, having some quiet time together. A great way to wind down the day for sure. So today’s post is an extra fun one because I am sharing some great nighttime outdoor decor, and also working with a great brand and a groups of talented bloggers. We are all enjoying the “Light up the Night” – outdoor living in the sparkle of night topic.


**This post is sponsored, my opinion of the brand and products are my own**

I had Balsam Hill reach out to me to work with them on sharing summer outdoor home ideas. Since I am a true Southern California lady, regardless of my current Midwest address, I soak in every last ounce of summer. Our patio area literally becomes our new living room in summer. This is just an even better excuse for me to enjoy it once the sun goes down. Besides, how romantic is it to sit under the stars, by a bonfire, and twinkle lights? No cost and easy date night is just right in the backyard!


I have two boxwood square wreaths, which are stunning! They are so full and leafy, the LED lights are hidden in the foliage so well this looks pretty even in the day time.

wreath frame

You know I had to do a small DIY project. I put a wreath in the center of my patio table. I made this simple wood frame with wood scraps and some turquoise spray paint. I liked that it gave the wreath a more polished look. It feels like a true centerpiece now. It is a really easy thing to do but I will still of course break down the steps for this next week.

DIY fire pit

I also did a big time DIY project with this stone fire pit. I will be sharing the tutorial next week. It involved not much but child labor, cutting grass and smores. Well, the smores come after the fire pit was built. Be sure to check back for that next week!

backyard home ideas

coffee table decor ideas

battery twinkle lights

I also got two sets of these dreamy little fairy twinkle lights.  I put one set in the top of my patio table umbrella. The other set I intertwined in a metal globe I already had. The absolute best thing about these lights (and the wreath) is that they are battery operated, so no cords to try and hide. They are also LED, which means they should last a long time before having to change the battery.

DIY floral arrangement


outdoor pillows

outdoor living room

I recently revamped my outdoor space, and their is so much seating now! I added some cozy throw pillows, a pouf for feet resting and a blanket. It really makes things feel cozy when sitting out here at night.

rocking chairs

outdoor table centerpiece

I noticed that a lot of people do not relax outside a lot. I have found that if my outdoor space feels like an extension of my indoors then it is easier to transition from relaxing on my sofa to relaxing on my patio area. That means putting decor outside. I made these vases feel fun and bold by wrapping them in wrapping paper. I do put these in a waterproof storage cabinet when we are supposed to have rain. But otherwise there beauties greet us (with their fake flowers) anytime we want to eat outside.

outdoor lighting

green wreath

This wreath is the perfect accessory to have on a patio table with an umbrella.

beach decor

coastal home patio

outdoor dining room ideas


DIY outdoor fountain

This water fountain is another piece on this patio area that really adds to the enjoyment. There is something so relaxing about hearing little trickles of water.

outdoor seating area

backyard at night

Oh, but these twinkle lights are the absolute best new item for this space. I love the ambiance of it. My kids love them, my daughter especially because these little lights are literally called fairy lights. They said the patio feels magical. But, like I said, it helps us relax and feel as if this space is fully usable well into the night.

outdoor living at night

table with lights

outdoor seating

I hung the other wreath here on the window using a command strip. It was a quick way to add some beautiful lighting.

house at night


outdoor wreath ideas

twinkle lights outside

We have had a few people over since I put up all of these lights and for the first time there was groups of people hanging out here after the sun went down. It was as if these lights pulled them in. Either that or the smores that were happening by the fire pit. Either way we had kids running around catching fireflies, adults laughing and talking, music playing, and so many memories made. All  under the stars and late into the night.

DIY outdoor table decor

You get it, how dreamy are these lights?!

wreath with lights

wreath decor

lights on table umbrella

The fairy lights were so easy to string on my umbrella. My only regret is that I did not put these here sooner, and that I did not have more of them. Making this whole umbrella glow would be amazing.


outdoor living ideas

I am in complete denial that we are halfway through summer already. I rushed through any home projects in the beginning of summer, all so I could enjoy the rest of the summer. I am in full on lazy days of summer mode. It is wonderful! I am loving “Light up the Night” – outdoor living in the sparkle of night. There is a few things that you get to enjoy now, while I enjoy my outdoor space.

If you are interested in lighting up and making your outdoor space sparkle I have a great promotion for you! Use the promo code “BHSUMMEROHN30” for $30 off any purchase over $299 they make with Balsam Hill between July 1st and August 28th, 2016*One-time use per customer, cannot be used with another coupon. I will be sharing the DIY fire pit tutorial next week as well as a few more outdoor projects that I have not shared yet. For now I am off to enjoy this beautiful Saturday, my family, and my outdoor space!


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  1. I always love visiting your posts, because it always looks so happy and homey! Great post and I love the lights! Maria

  2. I love how you used the fairy lights Emily! What a great idea to add them to your umbrella and around the sphere on your coffee table!!!

  3. I love what you did with the lights. I bet it looks beautiful at night. White lights always give off a nice relaxed vibe. We use lantern lights inside our apartment for decor. I can’t wait until we have a backyard to decorate.

  4. We want a fire pit so badly, but our city forbids them. Wish we could!

  5. I love the boxwood square lights on your table. The fairy lights look so cute too, and your whole space is so inviting!

  6. Lovely! I love the variety of colors you have here. Your guests must give you a lot of complements

  7. So beautiful! My backyard is a nightmare of kid toys, oak trees, and mosquitos. Life in the south… Boo! Can I come for a visit? #bloggingboost

    • Kids toys are always a struggle, I try to organize them as best I can. I know the South is a whole other level with mosquito’s that we do not have to deal with up here in Wisconsin.

  8. They look so nice and summery! Great thinking with the wreath!

  9. Beyond creative! My husband is a big fan of adding lights all around the house – indoors and out. I love to decorate outdoors for summer – my favorite season.

  10. Your yard looks great as always! It’s such a fun place to relax and enjoy the summer. I love the wreath around the umbrella stand, what a good idea!

  11. I love spending time outside but we are sadly lacking the furniture to really enjoy it. The blue is beautiful.

  12. Your outdoor space is absolutely gorgeous. Pinning your post so I can pinch some ideas when I come to revamp my own back yard 🙂

  13. I love summer nights outdoors. You have created the perfect setting. Love it.

  14. So cozy and fun! I picture a nice bbq and fun around the fire pit with friends!

  15. I love your outdoor space! Just beautiful with all the sparkly lights! I’m sure your family and friends will enjoy and make lots of wonderful memories for you!!

  16. It is so beautiful!! Love the fresh and soothing colors!

  17. What a wonderful post and opportunity to work with Balsam Hill. Your outdoors space looks festive and if this is any indication how your space will look for the holidays! Amazing.

    • Thank you so much! It was great working with Balsam Hill! I am in denial that we do not stay in summer mode year round, I am a full on summer lover. Crazy to think the holidays will be here before we know it.

  18. What a great way to add life to your night festivities. I really like the various ways you can use the twinkle light and the wreaths from Balsam Hill. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Looks awesome, Emily! Makes me want to head right over and enjoy a night on the porch!

  20. Oh my gosh I could sit in this space all night long. You’ve created a lovely place to hang out!!

  21. Wow! What a beautiful outdoor space! Love all the a sparkly lights!

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