How to hide kids outdoor toys, a DIY storage solution

How is everyone’s summer going? For us it is flying by, I cannot believe we are in the middle of July already! If you are like me, and have kids the summer means your home is extra messy. As if we needed help making out home messier, am I right? The outdoor area is one I struggle with every year. Between my disorganization of our garage, my constant DIY projects, and my kids summer toys. Our home can be really messy outside. My neighborhoods HOA must love us! However, I came up with a solution to one of those problems. How to hide kids outdoor toys, a DIY storage solution! My kids have decided to call this “the Kids garage” and I think it is really fitting.

how to hide outdoor kids toys

kids storage before

This is what we were working with for outdoor toy storage. We used a small storage container as a drive-in for bikes and other riding toys. I stuck it in this awkward corner on our patio area and tried to ignore it. It was not functional or very pretty.


When I redid our backyard patio area and turned it into a true oasis, I knew this corner needed to be handled as well. I needed this to function for my family, regardless of how it looked this situation was not working.

2x4 for kids garage

I got together enough 2×4’s to cover the complete littler alcove of our house. It came to about 4 ft wide. I nailed them together with two 2×4’s in the bottom.

bulking up 2x4

To make the “legs” of this kids garage I nailed two 2×4’s together. This bulked them up, helping it look a little nicer as well as feeling more sturdy. My kids will be using this, running toys into it and possibly hanging off of this thing. Not because my kids are insane and out of control, they are simply kids and this is what they do. So I took some extra precautions to make sure this is as strong as possible.

adding 2x4 legs

I used L brackets to attach the legs to the top of the structure.

table without border

It worked well, but was still a little wobbly. I also want this to feel like another piece of furniture on the patio. So I wanted to polish up the overall look to this. I redid my patio table so I wanted the other pieces that I made to match the new furniture.

triangle wood piece for screwing in

I cut a triangle shape and screwed it into the top and side of the legs.

attaching legs to top


To work in making this look more polished and “done” I added a border piece just to the front. This gives it more of the appearance I was hoping for.

how to paint with outdoor paint

I painted this with a very thick outdoor paint. It is heavy duty and this should stay perfectly painted green for a while.

green painted garage

how to add outdoor storage

I cleared out the whole area.

outdoor toy storage ideas

Then Dale and I carried this on out shoulders from the garage to the back of the house. We had three kids and two dogs trailing us. This is pretty much standard weekend activity around here. The height of this I wanted tall so that it could easily hold my kid’s bikes. So the height for this is about 4 1/2 feet tall.

tying rope

I noticed I had a few touch ups of paint to do. But I could still attach the string to hold the curtain on.

outdoor curtain

I got this curtain from World Market, it is a shower curtain so should be able to take any rain that comes its way. I wove the string through the already existing holes. I just had to cut the curtain down to size. I want to eventually make some outdoor pillows with the rest of the fabric. You know I did not throw this out, I am wayyyyy too much of a hoarder for that!

world market curtains

toy storage outside

I used the same large bin for toys and stuck it into the new kids garage.

functional outdoor space ideas

It hides all of the toys! And, AND….. I can use this for entertaining! We had a big party this weekend with a lot of family over. I always set up some drinks and snacks here. It is generally out of the sun and is up high enough for tiny hands to not eat too much of the snacks. I just thought that some tall stools would be perfect for entertaining in this spot too. I am bummed I did not think of that before our big summer party.

Our outdoor towel rack and electric box hider worked perfectly this weekend with our party. I love combining function and style, this patio area has lots of both mixed in.

how to attach curtain

hiding kids toys

I had to bring my little ones out to show off how this DIY storage solution works.

kids toy outdoor storage


They of course like to clear out all of the toys often and use this to play in. Ignoring the massive play structure already in the backyard for them to play on. Nope, this is the new hit and their “playhouse”. Which I am fine with, as long as they put all of the toys back. I did not make this to have all of the toys all over the yard again. I want them our of sight and out of mind when I am relaxing!

bike outdoor storage ideas

outdoor entertaining

coastal patio ideas

See, How to hide kids outdoor toys, a DIY storage solution is done with some 2×4’s and some simple cuts to the wood. I adore the results and it makes my patio feel like a place for all ages to hang out. Not just a kids zone now.


outdoor with kids toy storage

summer entertaining ideas

kids biking on patio

Although it is often a racetrack.

world market outdoor furniture

outdoor eating area

That is it! I need some tall bar stool to have out here for when we have people over. We have a ton of seating options and this would give us a few more.


DIY outdoor bike storage

I love the results of this. I wish I had thought to create it sooner. How to hide kids outdoor toys, a DIY storage solution was really easy to do, and improves this space so much. It is also much easier for my kids to clean up at the end of the day because all of the toys have a place to go. Which seems to do wonders for my kids, as long as they know where to put the toys they do clean them up. I am enjoying what we have left of summer, and we are outside a whole bunch, riding bikes, going on walks, swimming in lakes, and hanging out with friends and family. We tend to do a lot of entertaining in the summer so I am in my happy place. It is sunny, warm, my kids are home all day, and we have people stopping by a lot. How is your summer going?


Did you see my summer home tour? You can find that here. 



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