Summer outdoor home tour

summer outfoor home tour

Hi everyone! I have a serious case of the Mondays, in fact it is such a great affliction this post is late. Not because I could not get it together, but because I had to rewrite it! This morning I somehow deleted the whole post. It was one of those gasping, did that just happen moments. It did, all of it. So I did what any person would do, I called my husband to see if there was anything I could do, stared at the empty post screen, stressed out, then plopped my kids in front of the TV with a movie and got to rewriting the whole post. So here we go, let’s try this again! Today I am sharing my Summer outdoor home tour, not just mine either, this is a week long blog hop with some blogging friends of mine. They will be sharing their great outdoor spaces as well!


I have been into getting my outdoor space done for a while, this picture above is what the front of my house did look like. I changed it all up and the full reveal of that will be tomorrow! I have shared previous curb appeal challenges that you can see. I changed the shutter color, front door color, and I painted the patio furniture. It was a tiny face lift but it brightened up my front yard perfectly.

front porch decor

I adore decorating my front porch area. It is the first place people see, so is a pretty big deal!


I wanted to share a few pictures of the lovely flowers I have in my front yard. I did a ton of planting and working on the flower beds. But this corner planter on the patio I kept as is. It is so pretty. When I was taking pictures this butterfly landed on this flower. It was pure magic and I had three kids right behind me “oohhhhing and ahhhing” about the butterfly.

pink rose


I love the stone path on the side of the house. I am not sure why, but it was one of the first things I fell in love with concerning the house.

garden decor

Also this alligator garden decoration is awesome!

pink rose


Oh roses, I love them so much!


walkway stones

Ignore the fence that needs repairing and to be re stained, just enjoy the pretty surroundings.

vine flower

I put two of these planters on either side of the back door. They will curl and grow everywhere.

light purplr flowers

The flowers from these are stunning! I cannot remember the name, but will do some research after I post this and edit it with the name of the plant. If anyone knows it speak up!

family backyard

I recently revamped my backyard patio area. You can see that full post here.  We have a beautiful backyard, with huge trees and the kids dream play set, which was a gift from the Grandparents when Nora was 4 months old.  I still have a lot to share with DIY projects on this patio area. I also have a few new additions since then and will be revealing that soon too! I adore summertime and this space becomes our summer living and dining room. We eat meals out here, relax and enjoy the weather.

dining table upcycle

This patio table is one I redid. I am so happy with the transformation of it!

lily and chair

orange lillies

These Lillies are stunning! They were in a planter and I moved the bulbs into this planter. They have done perfectly and really brighten up the patio area.

orange flowers

outdoor water fountain

water fountain

This water fountain I made, the full tutorial can be found here.  I always wanted a water feature in my yard and this one does the job. I added the garland of shells just for fun this summer.

tree view of patio


world market outdoor furniture

I made the “kids garage” in the background of this picture. It is where my kids store their outdoor toys and bikes. I will be sharing the tutorial of this as well. I have so much to share! I like this so much because kids and their toys are always messy and cluttered no matter how organized. This way the kids can shove them in there, close the curtain and I have a beautiful patio area.

patio redo

outdoor tour

outdoor storage ideas

I store the pillows in here if there is a big storm coming. I actually leave out all of my cushions and pillows when it rains, they are very water resistant and have never had an issue. I put them in here if we have strong winds forecast. I am not letting my neighbors get any of my new pillows because they went flying.

outdoor seating

buckets for flower planters

I turned these buckets upside down for a fun little visual effect. I like how it added a little extra height and color to this corner.

outdoor coffee table ideas


I took these pictures of the Lilacs in Spring but I am sharing them now because it is too pretty!

teddy and finn

My dogs, Finn is the big one and Teddy is the small one. They love this backyard and spend almost all day out here laying around, playing with the kids, or eating any sand toys that are left around.

bright outdoor decor

family friendly backyard ideas

I always try to stress in my home and here that a home should work and be functional. It needs to be able to have every person living in it work for them. I have the relaxing space to sit. My husband has the shade from the tree’s, and my kids have the furniture placed this exact way because they can do laps with their scooters on the patio going around the furniture. It is always about making it work for everyone.

DIY outdoor fountain

dining room outdoors

We eat most dinners out here in summer.

outdoor patio

maple tree

backyard flowers

We have a bunch of random flowers here. Some I have planted and some that have been here since we moved in.


This little corner planter does not get much attention, but is sure if cute! It is in the far corner of the yard and pretty much maintains itself. Which is my kind of planter.



I adore the trees in our backyard!

colorful patio

outdoor living

Welp, that is it! My Summer outdoor home tour is shared! Of course I had to redo this post, and the original one was award worthy with perfect quips and funny jokes. It was so good people would have been wiping away happy tears… for sure! No, I tried to highlight the same features, kept to a similar script, and got to talk about my home some more. What can I say? I like to talk, and my home is one of my favorite topics. The best part about all of this is that now you get to go and see 4 other outdoor home and garden tours today! Then, don’t forget the rest of the week has even more inspiration! All week we will get a front row seat to my blogging friends and their beautiful homes. For now, I am off to finish a few last minute projects for my curb appeal challenge before the reveal tomorrow! Also, it is time to have my kids turn off the TV, Mom guilt has set in hard core and I need to get them moving for the day!

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