Summer home tour, a coastal and rustic bold mix

Summer home tour, a coastal and rustic bold mix


summer home tour

I feel like lately I am really bringing my blogging A game, not to too my own horn… but… toot, toot! I say this in a way to not brag, because only I can bring so much home decor ideas. However, with last week and this week I am bringing the inspiration. Not just myself, but my very talented blogging friends are along for this ride as well. I have been rounding up my favorite decor items, taking so many pictures, forcing my kids to play outside so I can show off my Summer home tour, a coastal and rustic bold mix. My home is pretty summer friendly year round. I decorate in bright and light colors. I have shells, whales and other coastal elements, all very summer themed on their own. So my home is not too far off the summer theme for most of the year. But there is something magical about summer. It feels casual and fresh!

Along with my overabundance of pictures, I am also going to be giving you the goods of my talented blogging friends and their summer home tours. All week long we have some amazing homes to drool over! You can find those links at the bottom of this post.

front porch seating

I shared my outdoor home tour last week, which is where we spend a lot of our time in these summer months. I am happiest barefoot or in flip-flops and a sun dress on. Running through the grass, relaxing on a patio, and spending the lazy days of summer with my crew. If I had a spirit season (not animal) mine would be summer. I am all about it and am in bliss right now!

outdoor rug

Before I got to maxin’ and relaxin’ at my home I have been a busy worker bee. I gave my curb appeal a complete overhaul and refresh. I have a ton of DIY projects still to share from that, as well as a few DIY projects from my backyard patio area. I have been so busy creating things I am majorly backlogged with sharing those tutorials. They will come, I promise! I have worked my decorating obsessed, DIY booty off. It was worth it though, with me living in Wisconsin I have until September to soak up the sun and warm temperatures. So I got all of my outdoor to-do list done now in June. Which means I will be enjoying my hard work, hanging out with my kids, and of course sharing the back log of DIY projects with you all!

coastal living room

Now onto the Summer home tour! I always get really wordy, but I think I will just let you peruse the pictures. I will jump in with specific links to any DIY projects featured in the tutorial.

small foyer ideas

Already I am hopping in already (I warned you I am wordy), I changed up all of the lights in our home and explained how it made such an impact in creating our home feel custom. You can find that post here. 

coastal living room ideas

The large wall decor was made from a curtain panel.

end table decor


butterfly pillow

teal home decor ideas

I recently added a new rug to the living room, and put in the sheer curtains. They came from a guest room and will be replaced with something more to my liking…. once I figure out what that liking is.

teal end table

sheer curtains in living room

teal home decor

I just painted the front door, and adore my dark gray door.

rustic coffee table

This coffee table was one of my first furniture projects. Be kind with the pictures and write-up, I was a newbie blogger when I shared this.

teal and navy throw pillows

I wanted to mention that all of my throw pillows are either purchased from the clearance section of stores, or from an etsy store. I like things unique or low cost. Finding a way to make both happen is even better!

nautical living room

owl decor

small decor items

I do not take myself too seriously, at all. So I created some “art” in the form of spirals, I shared the video tutorial of it. People always comment on this and I love to show how simple it is. Of course art is always up for interpretation and some would not consider this art. I don’t consider this art per say, but it is on canvas and decorates my home. The best description would be art. Anyways, easy things like this are a great way to decorate the home and keep costs low.

throw pillows

teddy in living room

It is not a home tour without a Teddy post. Seriously, he poses like this on his own. Someone get this furry guy an agent! He is ready for his public to love on him a whole lot!

DIY large wall art


antique camera

entertainment center

DIY wood frame

The vases on the mantel were created with wrapping paper. I felt like a decorating ninja warrior because I used wrapping paper as legit decor items.


vase ideas

shell decor

living room ideas

I broke down how I made this gallery wall. I am obsessed with gallery walls and have to really limit myself to not put them all over my home. I love ’em to pieces but think it would be clutter central if I let my love of gallery walls take over. The console table under the gallery wall was my absolute first new build furniture pieces, this might be one of those items that I grab in case of a fire. Of course after my kids, husband and dogs are safe… I am going back in and coming out with this on my back. What I am trying to say is…. I love that console table.

nautical home decor ideas

lighting ideas

home decor

Just to show how many tiny crafts I do for my home let’s highlight a few here, I created the letter B decor. The small colorful wood piece that I move around my home to use for random color I created with scrap wood.

gallery wall

I also made the silhouette art towards the top of the gallery wall. Along with the wood frame that the art is on. Oh, and to really push it home that DIY is always the way to go to decorate your home, I created the coastal gallery wall in my hallway from Melissa & Doug toy containers, shells and glue.


bench pillow ideas


Have you tired of the DIY projects yet? I am not pointing these out as a bragging tool, I legitimately just want to show how creating things yourself can be that key to creating your dream home. I do not have a crazy budget, I reuse, upcycle, build, and refresh most of the items in my home. Splurging on the few pieces I need to and DIYing the rest. I refreshed this turquoise bench and the results are so fun and bold!

coastal living room ideas

cane chair redo

This pretty cane chair was another early furniture redo. I had no clue what I was doing, convinced that I would screw it up. But, magically it all came together for me to have two beautiful chairs in my home.

blue curtains

loantern decor

coastal dining room

On my to-do list in the near future is to paint the dining room chairs. They came with what is now my coffee table, I cut the legs of the table down to use as the coffee table. These chairs are great for my dining room and I made this farmhouse dining room table. I share the tutorial on another site I was working on and the full reveal can be found in this post. But first, tell me what you think of my octopus wall art? My kids have decided her name is Olive the Octopus and she is both parts creepy and awesome. I like the dramatic flair to the art. Let me know what you think?!!!

decorating with nature

summer table decor

I made this tray from scrap wood and wrapping paper. More of that decorating ninja that makes me feel cool if I call myself that!

octopus wall art

farmhouse dining room table

small vase ideas

I did not make these cute grow vases, I got them from the dollar section of Target. Well, it is the under $5 area now, and it is my favorite place to stop at. It also is why I blow my budget every time I go in that store. It is just a few bucks I tell myself… cut to a cart with a bunch of items and I have not even gotten to do my actual shopping.

gray chevron rug

When we painted our kitchen cabinets and added the back splash it was the first big “aha” moment of seeing what our home can look like with some DIY action. It was the best thing we could have done for our home, it did not improve the size of our kitchen but it helped make it feel so much brighter. The before pictures of this are pretty insane to me. I cannot believe it is the same kitchen!

mason jar decor

kitchen ideas


The book case was an old spool that I begged Dale to put in our car. Poor guy, this thing is crazy heavy and I have no clue how he got it in the car. But he did and I turned it into the perfect book shelf for my kids books. This little area in our home is off of the kitchen and we call it the study because we are super fancy like that. My kids have their beloved art table here and we spend a lot of time in here relaxing, talking, doing homework, creating or reading. When my house grows up I want to have one of these rooms, but bigger!



simple updates to living room

Can you feel the end of the home tour coming? Did I bore you with my plethora of pictures? I hope not!

summer decorating idea title

I am leaving out a lot of my home because I did not change much in the other areas for summer. I will provide links to the bedrooms and other areas in my home not shared in this tour. In case some of you are new to my blog and home, this way you can check out more of what I share on the daily. I hope you enjoyed my Summer home tour, a coastal and rustic bold mix. My home is a mix of what I am (coastal) my husband (rustic) and our family (bold). We run 5 deep with two furry dogs tagging along, nothing about us is subtle or quiet. So our home is bold but casual. Along with the study which fancies us right up!

I tried to keep the talking to a minimum and hope you enjoyed the pictures. Now you get to enjoy the other wonderful ladies sharing their homes. I love to stalk peek into other peoples homes and this is the best, none creepy way of doing it! Yesterday the Summer home tour hope started, and it goes on all week! Anyone else just want to enjoy the inspiration and ignore your to-do list? Just me?

Here are a few more areas of my home I did not share in this summer home tour – 

Boy shared bedroom reveal

Hallway transformation 

Mud room nook reveal

Bedroom/office/craft room reveal

Girl bedroom reveal

Master bathroom redo

So many great summer decorating ideas in these summer home tours from 20+ bloggers!

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                                                                          Follow along!




  1. Pretty as always Emily! Love that little kid space, so adorable!

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  4. So pretty and relaxing. I love the beachy look, and your colors and little touches are all gorgeous!

  5. What a beautiful summer home! It looks so cozy and inviting. Very pretty!

  6. You’re so right, your house is summery all the time! I love the aqua you use everywhere. The vase with the big branches is so pretty, and I love that you cut your old dining room table to use as your coffee table – great idea!

  7. You are speaking my language with the neutral color and pops of blue! I love the ultra welcoming and comfy entrance, and that blue pedestal table!

  8. Your home looks beautiful! I really like all the throw pillows and the pictures of your kids.

  9. Your home looks so refreshing, Emily! I’m a fan of your fireplace and love your rocking chairs out front!

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  13. I love your home’s decor. The colors, simplicity, and nautical themes are perfect. My favorites are your gallery wall and Olive the Octopus!

  14. I love your home. The gallery wall is fantastic. I haven’t been brave enough to make one yet, but your wall is inspiring. Thanks for the wonderful tour.

  15. I love all the greys, greens and blues!! That coffee table/book shelf thing is just perfection. I also love the rocking chairs on the patio.

  16. Toot Toot!!! Your home is beautiful! We love the pops of color and your gorgeous style! Fabulous tour!

  17. So many pretty and fun things to look at in your home tour, Emily. I love that new rug. I hear you about soaking up the sun and completing projects during the summer months!

  18. Emily, your home is beautiful and has such a cozy feel. I love all of your DIY projects and art – I make most of my own “art” and shelf decor, too 🙂

  19. Emily, I love everything! It looks so pretty. The pops of turquoise and blue are perfect for summer. Your playroom is the best!

  20. It looks awesome Emily! That gallery wall of yours is one of my absolute favorites!!!

  21. Beautiful home tour Emily! I always enjoy your nods to summer in your decorating, and your use of color throughout the spaces too! So glad to have been a part of the tour with you!

  22. So pretty! I especially love your color scheme and your kitchen is dreamy!

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