Garden flag giveaway

Garden flag giveaway


garden flag GIVEAWAY

Today I am taking it easy here on the blog, with the whirlwind of reveals, home tours, and DIY projects this blog has been hopping. But, this is to all of your benefit in the best way possible. I am hosting a Garden flag giveaway! This summer is flying by, and my outdoor area is finally done. I am soaking in the sun, fun and my tiny crew of kids. I have had a few neighbors ask if we are getting ready to sell our house because we made the front yard so shiny and new looking. Then they look at me a little weird when I mention that we are not selling, just doing some updates to the house. This is the life of a DIYer, you either have the big or do not.

Other than talking about my claim to fame as the weird neighbor on my street, let me explain the giveaway that is going on today!

adding curb appeal to your home

**This is a sponsored post, my opinion of the product is my own**

Most of you regular readers know about my curb appeal challenge. It was a whirlwind of painting, sanding, digging and getting my hands dirty. I also got to do some fun stuff that did not include anything DIY. I shopped for some new porch decor and I got this cute new garden flag from Flagology! This is a new to me company, and I was super excited to see what they were all about. From the name obviously it is all about flags. They have these tiny ones as well as larger flags, all of them with customization options.

garden flag

I guess I lied a little when I mentioned this was not DIY related. I did work on what color, pattern and writing I wanted. I was able to go in and choose the pattern, either from their options or upload one of my own. A picture could have been an option, which I seriously considered. We all know I am obsessed with pictures of my kids (what parent is not?) but I felt a picture of my kids in my front yard would be all kinds of weird.

I settled on a cute little phrase. Then I was able to pick the text, color and background. So it was technically DIY, but it was all very simple and fun to do.

flag stand details

Because I got a small garden flag that is 12.5 x 18”, this stand was a must. It was also easy to assemble and put my flag on it. There is also a house flag option that is 28×40”, which are a great option as well. I knew I wanted mine at the end of the driveway and worried the big one would be too big.

flag details

curb appeal

I think it adds such a sweet touch to my front yard. Other than the front porch I do not have any decor here, so this flag adds a little personality.

lantern lighting

garden flag ideas

I know I mentioned that this was a Garden flag giveaway and you all have a chance to win a flag of your own! But, BUT I also have a special promo code for you to use if you cannot wait the two weeks for the giveaway to be over and absolutely have to buy a flag now. For the promo code you can go to Flagology, use the promo code OHANA15 and it is good for 15% off purchase through 8/15/16. (Does not include Create4Me or accessories.) You can go and do a little light lifting DIY project and design your own flag! Now for the giveaway!

This giveaway is live now and will go for two weeks, click on the link for a chance to win!

a Custom Garden Flag with Flagology!

For now I am off to enjoy the summer, go for a walk, and my boys have a baseball game tonight. Ah, the life of my kids… they have a busier social life than me…


                                                                                                                                                    Follow along!

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  1. This is so cute, Emily!!

  2. Really cute flag, Emily! Is the giveaway open to Canadians?

  3. It adds great curb appeal! I love the colors of the flag. My kids are obsessed with what our family flag should be. It should be this!

  4. Ashley Sparks Mullins says:

    Your house looks so good! And the flag just adds a special touch! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I really love garden flags! They are so welcoming, in my opinion!

  6. Everything looks so lovely! Nice job. The flag is also really cute. ?

  7. What a cute way to give a pop of fun to the yard!

  8. You have a beautiful home! The flag is a great accessory for your front yard. I love that you can customize it.

  9. That is darling…so welcoming! And your curb appeal is divine by the way. Love this flag!

  10. Wow! That’s really nice garden flag. I’d like to win this for my grandma I’m really sure she would love it.

  11. Your house looks amazing! The flag is adorable too!

  12. Such a cute flag! Your house has such wonderful curb appeal!

  13. I need a few more garden flags! Cute!

  14. What a welcoming garden decoration!

  15. This is super cute. I wish I had somewhere to put one. Our house is too close to the street, and every decorative thing we put out front gets stolen. Good luck to everyone who enters!

  16. Super cute! I love a good garden flag.

  17. Your curb appeal is wonderful and that flag is pretty awesome!

  18. Just entered! Perfect garden prop!

  19. Love how the flag looks in your yard! What a great giveaway!

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