Curb appeal challenge, working on the furniture

Curb appeal challenge, working on the furniture


Hi friends, this post is a day late. I apologize to the other ladies of the challenge as well as anyone following along. I had a few things come up Monday that prevented me from working on my post. However, I am here now and ready for this Curb appeal challenge, working on the furniture! This is it, next week is the full reveal! I am so excited to see what my blogging friends create for their curb appeal, and I am excited to see me lose my mind this week trying to check off my to-do list. This is me keeping my cool, while I get to check off only a few items on my very long list.

Here is week 1,  week 2 and week 3 for you to play catch-up if you need to. 

Let’s look at my goals and see what I have gotten done so far-

Paint the columns

Paint the front door

Possible new screen door

Paint or get new window shutters

New light fixtures in porch and on either side of the garage

Fix or replace the front bench

Redo two flower beds

Update the front porch decor

light and decor

Soooo…. not much changed from last week to this week. After my rush of decorating the front porch, and the new lights I was feeling so good about the progress. Then I became a legit slacker and enjoyed the long summer days with my kids. Dale and I rebelled from our to-do list and enjoyed our time with our crew. Such slackers. But, I did do some college style cramming and got a few things done in the last few days.

If you remember, our front door looks like the picture above. Well, the outside of it at least. I painted the inside a dark gray and adore the results. I have painted the front door the same color. I am not going to show you the results, because they are amazing! I love seeing a transformation, and a can of paint does wonders when it comes to home improvement.

small entryway

Next on my list to tackle is the front columns. My front porch with its big arch and dramatic columns are one of my favorites features to my home. We painted them white when we first purchased our home. It has been a long time since then and they need a tiny face lift. I am keeping the columns white, and hope to eventually add stones to the bottom of the columns. That portion of the makeover will have to be for another curb appeal challenge.

coluymns before

The name of the game for most of this curb appeal is paint. The columns, door, shutters and the patio furniture are all going to be shiny and new! I am going to paint the shutters black. I love the pop of contrast and think it gives my home an updated look. Although, this is all me guessing because as of now the shutters are the same, sun-stained dark green of the front door. Did I mention I have a lot to do still?!!!


We have three rockers in the front patio area. All were given to us by family, they were upgrading their outdoor furniture and this is the house every single piece of thrown out furniture comes to live out its final days. However, these are in pretty good shape. So once they are repainted they will be good as new. But first they need to be stripped of all paint, sanded down and then painted. So… just a few more steps to go.


My youngest Gavin has been in the thick of working on these. He loves sanding things and is my big helper. I am thinking for colors for the furniture I am going to paint the bench a bright white to match the columns. The two rocking chairs are going to either be a dark and shiny navy blue or a turquoise color. I adore the yellow, but I am ready for a refresher and these have been yellow for a long time.


So, I don’t have much to show you because I still have a lot to do, and also because I want to leave the rest as part of the big reveal next week! So on this Curb appeal challenge, working on the furniture I leave you with these gorgeous flowers in my front yard. Also a view of my beautiful side walkway. Which is another favorite area of my home for me. I am so antsy to get this project done. I always try to race and get my outdoor projects done in June so that I have all of July, August and September to enjoy my outdoor living space. With me living in Wisconsin it is limited time before the frozen tundra returns. Me rushing to finish projects is because of this curb appeal challenge but more so because I am coming up on my self imposed July deadline of working on outdoor projects. I need to soak up every last bit of summer fun! I am really close this year, and have lots to do.

For now I am off to sand down the furniture some more and get making that furniture shiny and new looking. Don’t forget to go and visit the other ladies of this challenge to see what they have been working on!

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  1. Emily, I was anxious to see your progress, I love the purple flowers. Its looking really pretty! I love your kids they are so cute! You son is so cute helping to sand the rockers! Hope you have a productive week, see you next week at the reveal. Maria

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    Our yard needs A LOT more curb appeal. We mow, but it could definitely stand a little bit of a makeover.

  3. Love the pops of yellow! Your house looks very cute 🙂

  4. This will be so very lovely when you finish! I can’t even let myself think of everything I should be doing outside right now…it would be along list, indeed!

  5. Looks like you are still rocking this challenge! I on the other started my home project strong and now, well….LOL!

  6. Gorgeous! You are so talented. Loving those round purple flowers.

  7. I really love what you’ve done! Curb Appeal is important! My husband works so hard at it for us, but we live in the woods so no one can even see it to appreciate it. Luckily we can!

  8. Everything is looking great. I wish I had some outside space to really jazz it up the way you have.

  9. I love how this is coming together!! I would love to have a rocker like that– perfect for a sit and sip relaxation session!

  10. Your front porch looks so inviting! And those purple flowers are beautiful.

  11. I think you did a great job and can’t wait to see the complete thing when it’s done. I need to fix up my front a little myself.

  12. Looks like you are doing great with this challenge! I just started a new laundry room project!!

  13. You may think you have a lot to do but from where I am at already you can see the changes and the curb appeal is growing by leaps and bounds!
    Love the bright yellow furniture, so sunny!

  14. Our house is on the market now. There are some things we didn’t think of here! Thanks!

  15. How fun to do this as a group. I really like it. Talent in this kind of work is something I wasn’t gifted with, so I do always appreciate it when I see it.

  16. The pops of yellow are absolutely divine! I’m in love with those festive planter boxes!

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