How to camouflage the electric box and make a DIY towel rack

How to camouflage the electric box and make a DIY towel rack

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Hi Friends! Today is Friday, which is always a big deal, but around here it is also the end of the first week of Summer break for my kids. I have been looking to summer break since.. well last years ended. But, BUT… My kids are some tough cookies who have had some not-so-fun-moments. However, I am loving the time with them, even when they are fighting or “bored”. We have been outside almost all day long, and I am loving every second and sunny minute of it! Today here on the blog I am sharing a tiny bit of function to the decor, I always try to make my home be stylish and pretty (true) but I also am determined to use every inch of space in my home, making it all functional. So I figured out a way to combine the two with this project of How to camouflage the electric box and make a DIY towel rack. 

how to create an outdoor space

If you have not seen, I recently made my backyard patio area feel shiny and new with furniture and decor items. I love the results, and we have eaten more meals out here than in the house lately. I like the ease of how things are set-up. We can sit out here easily and utilize this extra space all summer long. I am not the type to set everything out anytime I want to use this space, I need it easily usable. Which means sturdy furniture and items safe for outdoors.

Just as I have added function to my home with my family command center and my organization station out of small nooks in my home. I think this space on my patio can become function as well. My kids spend all summer splashing in the pool, slip ‘n slide or just running through the sprinklers. Which means towels need to be at the ready, otherwise my kids run through the house dripping wet exclaiming they need a towel. Or, they set wet towels down where unsuspecting adults get the dreaded wet butt syndrome. All of this can be fixes with an outdoor towel rack!

hiding electric box

I am also needing to hide this electric meter, it is in the worst spot ever for me. We have a ton of space around the house for this to go. Why they chose to set it up smack dab in the middle of the patio is confusing to me. Didn’t the electric company and builders think of my need for pretty things?! So rude of them!

simple ways to update outdoor space

I initially just wanted to add something pretty in front of this spot, hide the ugly but necessary box and move on with my life. However, I have a need to make things functional. For better or worse this needs to “do” something for us, other than looking pretty. So I decided to create a cover for the electrical box and a towel rack holder, all-in-one!!! I feel like I should be showing this off in my best Vanna White pose and late night infomercial voice. “A two in one item, it is not just a towel rack, oh no. It is so much more!” I get way too into decorating and making useful items for my family.



I actually had these pine wood boards in my garage, I was going to use them for a project that ended up being revised. So I did not need these anymore, the sane person would have returned the un-used boards. Not me! I kept them in my garage because I knew I would find a use for them, it saves me a trip to the home improvement store. They are about .5 inch thick, 3 inshes wide, and 3ft tall.


I have three kids, three boards, and new three towel holders. It worked out perfectly! I decided to dress these up a little bit and wanted some fun stripes on the boards. I used painters tape and added some random stripes to each board.


Then using the same cobalt blue I used for the patio table (which I will be sharing the tutorial of that next week!) I spray painted the boards.


Only one coat of the spray paint was needed, after waiting for it to dry it was time to reveal the stripes. I have used painters tape sooooo many times, and each time I peel it back I prepare myself for the worst. The “worst” being a sloppy line, bleeding in paint and a legit project fail. This time all was perfect!


I am using these adorable little surf board hooks that i got from World Markert. I knew they were meant to go in my home when they had three different surfboard patterns. For anyone who has or even knows small children, this is a life saver. My kids delegated whose hook was whose instantly. It saves my sanity and unnecessary fighting. So they can go back to fighting about worthwhile things, like who is looking at who too much.


I attached the hooks and Dale assumed I was done, telling me they looked great. Eh, I thought they needed to be united. The three boards did not work for me standing separately.


I used (you guessed it) random scraps of wood from my garage. Do you think there is a program for building supply hoarders? I nailed them to the back of the three boards, making them connected. Now it feels more like a screen.

surfboard decor

Now it was officially done!

how to hide electrical box outside

I love that this is functional, is hides that electrical box. But, when it needs top be accessed this screen can be easily moved. We do not have a big pool in our backyard, just a 4 ft deep one for the kids to splash in. So the towel hooks will come in hand. Hopefully this means no more wet towels thrown onto the furniture, which results in wet-butt syndrome. 

how to decorate with bright colors

outdoor towel rack

My only regret is that I did not add on and make a long row of towels. Our house is the place kids hang out, our family and friends always end up here. So more towel racks would be a good thing. The nice thing about what I made is that I can easily add to it if I wanted to.

functional outdoor space ideas

I have not shared our kids garage yet, that is what is hiding behind that curtain. So many small projects to share still about this space!

surfboard hooks

towel holder

I am loving that this project is functional and pretty. How to camouflage the electric box and make a DIY towel rack is a success! I feel like I conquered a huge decorating problem by finally finding a way to cover up the box. Also a personal challenge of again creating just a tiny bit more function in our home.

painted tape lines

I know, I know… the lines are not even remotely matching. Maybe I should have planned them out better, but honestly I like the random lines on the boards.

how to hide electrical box outside

The lovely oar paddle in the pictures is also from World Market and I knew I had to get it. I mean, I am pretty much coastal decor obsessed. These surf board hooks and oar paddle were purchased without an actual plan of use for them. In my house I knew I was guaranteed to use them. And I did!

under umbrella view

See, no more electrical box!!!

outdoor towel rack DIY

Mission How to camouflage the electric box and make a DIY towel rack is accomplished. I feel like I should have had the theme music playing during this project. Make the suspense happen, and neighbors to look at me even weirder then they already do. I mean, I spend my summer walking around my house taking odd angled pictures. I am pretty much the odd person on our street. It is ok though, because I get to decorate my home, share projects with you all, and get pretty pictures out of it. I will take the brunt of being a weirdo for that!

I am so excited for this weekend! I will be finishing up the curb appeal challenge and the reveal will be on Tuesday! I have a lot to do but I am amped up to do it. I also have the fun that is both of my boys having baseball games this weekend. Who knew my kids social calendar would be filled up more than mine? My idea of a fun time is decorating, gardening, or relaxing. All with music playing and me singing horribly off key to it. Just the way I roll!

What are you up to this weekend? Any DIY pleans? Tell me all about them! 


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  1. You are pure genius!

  2. WOW , truly amazing THOSE diy towel racks, you hit it on the nail for uniqueness. I am impressed!

  3. What a great idea – I never would have thought of this – but it is really cute! We might add it to our outdoor area! Thanks!

  4. What a creative and inexpensive way to hide that electrical box. I love how everything goes with the nautical theme. Nicely done, Emily!

  5. This is such a cute and creative idea! I love it!!!

    xo Kelsey |

  6. I love how you put this together. It is super cute. I keep random bits of building materials too 🙂

  7. Love this Emily! Your outdoor space is so bright & cheery!!

  8. Now you have to color me extremely impressed with this. It’s so gorgeous. It not only covers the electrical box, but it totally gives a great theme. Love it.

  9. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Great way to cover that pesky electrical box. Really creative!

  10. That is the best idea ever! Those surfboards are so cute!

  11. Such a great idea! I have so many ugly utility boxes that need to be hidden. Plus, I’m a total suspect in experiencing “Wet-butt Syndrome”! I always lay my wet towel on the chairs.

  12. I’ve always wanted to hide our eyesore! Thankfully, it wasn’t as visible as this one. What a unique and fun solution you came up with!

  13. Now if I just had a pool to go with that super cute idea! Im sharing this with my brother who does have a pool! LOVE IT!

  14. Well, that is the cutest most creative way I’ve ever seen to cover those darn boxes! We all have one of those and boy would they all be a little prettier if they were covered like that! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh that is perfect! I wonder if we could do something like this on the side of our house. It would look so nice!

  16. What a great DIY project!

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  18. This is so cute! What a fun idea!

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  20. What a genius way to cover the electrical box! It looks awesome!

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