Simple ways to organize bathroom drawers

Simple ways to organize bathroom drawers


Alright friends, it is Monday. how was everyone’s weekend? I had a crazy busy weekend (as I am sure most of you did). So today I am taking it easy… you know… “Mom easy” that consists of a preschool bike-athon, baseball practice, and horse riding lessons. I know you are thinking I have some exciting hobbies, but I am simply the chauffeur to these fun activities. My kids are the lucky ones that get to do this kind of stuff. My kind of fun is much more low key, such as Simple ways to organize bathroom drawers. Did I just make myself sound sooooo lame?! OK, let me spruce up my fun time, it involves dollar store items and a thrift store find used to help organize. Did that improve my cool factor with you all?
bathroom redo

Aside from organizing bathroom drawers, I also like to get my DIY on. I redid my bathroom two years ago and it turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself. But, there is a big secret that I am hiding in this pretty bathroom.

mess drawer

The inside of the drawers are a hot mess! Admittedly I am not showing all of the drawers, because one side is mine and the other is Dale’s. I am organizing my side. Dale’s I am not ready to tackle yet. We somehow make this tiny bathroom work for us, with (gasp) no double sinks! In the land of House Hunters this is a deal breaker.


Truth be told, I am not a big make-up and product person. I have been described as low maintenance girly. I love my sundresses, and jewelry. But my make-up consist of under eye concealer because I am not 15 and I have kids. I also wear blush, and if I am feeling really fancy mascara. I have eye shadow, which I never wear. So my organizational ideas work best for someone with sparse make-up like me. But, I will share my ideas on how a person with more product can make these ideas work as well.

dollar store jars - Copy

First, I talked up my idea of a good time with explaining this involves dollar store items. I purchased these adorable glass containers from the dollar store. The possibilities of these are endless and I wish I had bought more to have on hand “just in case”.

ribbon - Copy

I got these fun ribbons from a craft store. I fell in love with the color and patterns, they go well with what I have in my home so I knew I would be able to use these a lot.

ribbon on jar - Copy

I know this is nothing ground breaking, but how cute are these jars?!!! I figured I did not need to do a full tutorial on tying ribbon on the jars, the pretty after works fine here.

jar upcycle

I used one of the ribbon for each of the jars. They go together without being too matchy-matchy.

drawer organization - Copy

I filled them with what was overflowing out of my top drawer. First and foremost, I had to organize the treasured item that is black hair ties. Those things can be used as currency if you are down to your last few. I also put in clips and bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers and what not. Lastly a few nail polishes that I have because I have a yearning to be more fancy.

This idea of Simple ways to organize bathroom drawers highlights the simple aspect of it all. These small containers fit perfectly in the drawer and help me keep track of those important hair ties.

dollar store organizer - Copy

Also the cuteness matches the beauty of my bathroom now!

silverware organizer upcycle supplies

The next way for the Simple ways to organize bathroom drawers came together as a happy accident. I was at Goodwill with my youngest Gavin because he is my shopping buddy during the day while the older kids are at school. Him and I do lunch, talk, sing really loud in the car and shop together. I found this silverware drawer organizer, that still had it’s original packaging from Target around it. This is a good day at a thrift store when that happens.

The paper is something I picked up at a craft store that was marked on clearance. We all know the rule for things on clearance is you have to buy it. You are getting a deal!

cut paper

 I measured and cut the paper down to size to fit in the individual containers.

paper craft

I did not attach the paper to the container, I figured this way if one of my make-up leaks, or the paper gets damaged in some way I can easily swap it out for new paper.

silverware container upcycle - Copy

I love the contrast of the light wood and the dark blue pattern!

use this makeup organizer - Copy

This is where the magic that is home decorating happens. This container fits snugly in my middle drawer. Just enough to fit in, but it is such a tight fit that I am able to have a basket under it and I can slide this back further in the drawer to reach under it. See, I told you this was exciting stuff!!!

sliding organizer - Copy

The above picture is with the organizer slid towards the back. I have lotion and hair product in my basket. Because I am not stuffing my make-up bag in the basket too now I have room to actually see what I have in here. I can also take out the make-up organizer altogether if needed.

low cost drawer organizing ideas

Oh wow guys, these Simple ways to organize bathroom drawers has me doing a happy dance! I used low cost ideas, simple solutions and I was able to organize my hot mess of a bathroom drawer. Yes, this is what I spend my Friday night doing. I get crazy around here!

drawer makeup organizer - Copy

bathroom organizing ideas - Copy

It is so nice to get myself ready now, I am able to see what hair things I have, what make-up I have. If you are one of those woman that perform magic, or what I consider magic and actually wear makeup, do contouring, eye liner, all of that stuff. I know that the storage needed is much more. If you were to purchase two or more of these silverware containers and layer them in the drawer it would give a ton of more options for storing the make-up.


Now my drawers match the bathroom! At least my drawers match, I still need to work on Dale’s side. For a man that does not wear make-up or use many products he makes a lot of mess and clutter in his drawers. I will be tackling those, eventually!

bathroom drawer organizing ideas - Copy

These Simple ways to organize bathroom drawers is just what I need to start this week off right. I have full organization, it was easy to do, and was super low cost. We all need to be eased into a week and tiny improvements like this are perfect for that.

What is one of your favorite ways to organize your hair and make-up? How was your weekend?



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  1. Ugh, the dreaded bathroom drawers!!!! How do they end up so crazy? Love the idea of the utensil organizer! I’m so gonna try it out! Looks great.

  2. LOVE these tips!!! We are in there process of buying a house and I cannot wait to implement them when we get in!! SO fun and cute!

  3. so simple and so good. I don’t know why but I never thought of jars…brilliant! It’s nice to have a cheery inside to your drawers. sharing!

  4. I love these ideas! I’m going to buy some pretty ribbon right now!

  5. Wow! I really love the silverware organizer for makeup! We’re in the middle of selling our house, trying to find a new one, and moving. Next bathroom is going to have a drawer organizer just like that! Thanks for the great idea’s!

  6. I like the idea of using the little jars! Cute!

  7. Smart! Loving these ideas. 🙂

  8. Such great ideas! My bathroom drawers are always kind of messy, so I am going to have to try these tips.

  9. Love your colors! Now, that’s a great organized bathroom….do you hire out? I could use a little reorganizing over here.

  10. My bathroom is a mess! I love all these organizational ideas.

  11. I love the silverware divider for make up! I can totally put that to good use! Thanks

  12. Very cute ideas! My makeup drawer is the worst, and I can never find what I’m looking for 🙂 I need to do this for sure

  13. Your bathroom is lovely. I hadn’t thought to use a silverware organizer in the drawers. So smarty and you make it so pretty. I have jars I put my very little bit of make up in too. I have 1 eyeshadow that I bought about 3 years ago. It’s not even opened yet, that’s how often I wear it. Nice to see I’m not alone.

  14. I love these ideas! Those jars are perfect!! That will totally solve my missing hair tie and bobbie pin problem, lol!

  15. Great tips! My bathroom drawers are so disorganized!

  16. Oh, I wish I had drawers in my bathroom! We have no storage whatsover!

  17. Beautiful and organized! Love the blue paper in the drawers!

  18. Hey,

    Great article! Some great tips here which I will be using 🙂


  19. Love your tips and sharing. It’s simple but bring a big different to your bathroom drawer which looks cuter and neater than before. Sometimes we found such small jars are very helpful in reorganizing our home right?

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