DIY wall art ideas for the home

DIY wall art ideas for the home

Hello all! This week is flying by for me, it is already Wednesday! Which I am completely OK with, I like my weekends when we are home as a family. Another thing I love to do is decorate my home for my family, not for Pinterest, guests, family, friends or even you. I know, I hope your ego can take it. I decorate for my family, this is our home and where my kids will grow up. It is a special place. With it being so special I enjoy decorating with ways to personalize my home. Yes, I buy from stores, I am not DIY 24/7, but one of my favorite things to DIY is wall decor. It is the best way to customize and personalize your home, along with keeping the decorating budget low. Today I am sharing a round-up of some of my DIY wall art ideas for the home that I have made.

DIY wall art

The first wall art I am sharing is this coastal gallery wall. This is made possible because of my hoarding tendencies. The shell display containers are actually Melissa & Doug toy containers just painted and put shells in. I joked in the original post that the shell display wall was so low cost that the most expensive thing was purchasing the Melissa & Doug toys years ago, those suckers are pricey! I saved these for a while in the basement, refusing to part with them. Then I came up with a great use for them!


This is a great example of using what you have, upcycling and turning it into something new. Decorating your home never needs to be expensive and can honestly be done with any budget or skill level in mind. The extent of this DIY job was spray painting the containers and using a hot glue gun for the shells. I know anyone can do that!


I adore this spiral wall art, I actually have made a few of these now. The silver set sits in Dale’s office at work, I have a set in the living room and I gave away a set. I shared the full video tutorial of these. This is one of my most popular pins, which confuses me. I have built huge things, I feel like I have created more impressive things (not to toot my own horn.. toot, toot!). But this spiral wall art people enjoy, I wanted to share how simple it was for others to create. This is all about accessibility and anyone getting the wall decor they want. I think decorating a home with art is one of those finishing items that is so important. Going expensive or fancy is not the way you have to achieve that, not to knock artists but have you seen what is considered “art” sometimes? This spiral art idea gives color, fun and a focal point.


This over-sized art of my kids makes my Mommy-mushy heart become a puddle of love goo. Oh my goodness, my kids, in timeless sepia color all blown up in a huge size. This is a Mom’s happy place for sure, other than cuddling with the actual kids. I made the simple wood frame and love the results of it! To get a large enough frame from a store would have been pretty expensive, not to mention that these prints are square which may mean a custom order frame. Yikes! Blow up those images to your hearts content and just make the simple frame.

On another note, I have decided I am going to have them recreate these pictures every couple of years for my enjoyment and the cute factor. Seeing a bunch of twenty somethings with their toes poking out of the grass will be too awesome of an experience to pass up. I will Mom guilt them into doing it, I will!

A few tips to select the right pictures for something like this is to get outside of the “norm” with pictures of your kids. We all adore our smiling kid faces, but capture their childhood, their personalities. Those moments are what will make these pictures feel timeless and like you captured childhood in it’s purest form. Leave the super posed and professional pictures for the normal sized frames, when going big like this have them feel like moments in time. This will make them pop and give that feeling of perfection. Not that kids and their adorable selves can be anything but perfect… ever…

DIY poster frame tutorial title with WM

I felt like a school girl again with this project, making these frames for the posters, I made poster feel like legit art. The reason why I felt like a school girl is because I had posters all over my wall as a teen, mainly of the boy band variety. If only I had thought to add some wood and rope, I could have fancied those posters of Justin Timberlake and Hanson right up, class-up my bedroom a little.

When I was redoing my boys’ bedroom I fell in love with these bright and colorful prints. When in doubt with a child’s bedroom, go bold. You will never regret it. Kids are lively and their bedrooms can match that perfectly without it feeling like it is too much.

diy simple colorful wall art

I love to redecorate my home, and do it wayyyy more than the average person. I have done it long before this blog and will continue to do it long after, much to Dale’s amusement/being annoyed. But, I do not have a crazy big decorating budget, no lottery win yet…. I was redoing my dining room and wanted a new pop of color on the wall. That is when I came up with this wood pallet wall art using a frame purchased clearance at Michaels craft store and some sample paints I had in my home. It is the biggest and brightest statement in the dining room. I love easy project with big results!

letter b with washi tape

This one I used a lot of recycled items, including a cereal box! I warned you I am all about the fancy here… I made this letter with colorful washi tape. It was simple and fun to make.


Here is another poster turned into wall art. I made this frame and picture to hang over my bed when I recently redid my bedroom/office/craft room. I love the simplicity of how this turned out and the soft colors in the poster. With this room being so multi-functional there is a lot happening, which means a lot of clutter. I think keeping things simple like this art is key in those areas of the home.


This picture I made of my kids using a Silhouette is one of my favorites, because I am obsessed with my kids and it features them. I explained how I went about making this with my cutting machine. The picture I used as my template if my favorite one of my littles who spontaneously held hands as I was walking behind them. Talk about Kodak moment! This is why DIY wall art is so important, moments like this, stories, emotions cannot be purchased in a store. This is special to me and I love having it displayed in my home.

diy wood wall art

Anyone have a scrap wood problem? Just me? I have what appears to be a problem of never turning down a free wood pallet or piece of wood. It can be the tiniest scrap leftover but I keep it in my pile, just in case. Well that just in case happened when I made this scrap wood wall art. I was inspired by one of my blogging friends who made one similar. I have a really massive crush on the dark walnut wood stain I used here, it is so rich and beautiful! I have this sitting in my living room that has a lot of bright and light colors. The contrast of this dark rustic art grounds the space perfectly.

boy pictures

The next few pictures are all featured in the same gallery wall post. I have this wall in my boys’ bedroom and it is all things boy, fun, bright, colorful and full of personal touches. I made a lot of the art in this gallery wall, found a few at thrift stores and purchased a few new. Also, some were provided by my boys tiny hands and their talented art. This is what gallery walls are all about!

boy bedroom wall art ideas

I drew the picture of the two boys fishing and each boy has their tiny hands on their own canvas. I just can’t with their cute little hands!

kids-quote-DIY-wall-art1 square

 I shared the full tutorial of how I created the 3-D hot air balloon art within the gallery wall post. I love that quote by Dr. Seuss, it is perfection!

boys car art

I purchased these car prints from an Etsy store and created the wood backing. I painted the stripes on it to match the rest of the colors in the bedroom. Tiny adjustments like this to “new” purchases are another great way to customize things.


Pictures of my family never get old. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful family and a massive extended family. I like to display snapshots of our fun with them, and this really easy frame I made makes it easy to change out the pictures. This can be used to hold pictures, kids artwork, or even seasonal cards. The versatility and ease of this project is what I love. I should have said that previous statement in my best infomercial salesman voice! I have actually made a few of the scrap wood frames to have on hand to use when the need is there. You know, just wood pallet frames at the ready… just in case. Is that what they mean when they say you should always be prepared? 

coastal living room

As you can see, the wall art in a home can make the space. In the picture above that is a light and airy living room, the DIY wood scrap art helps warm up the space. I love the bright colors, all of the cool tones of gray and blue, however they can feel a little… cold… go figure! So having some dark contrast and natural colors like the ever beautiful dark walnut stain helps out the room.


I am big into using DIY wall art ideas for the home, I worry I go wall art crazy. I somehow always find a way to display it all, and always want to add more. I am thinking I will be doing a few giveaways soon of a few art ideas I have. I legitimately enjoy making them, but only have so much wall space. I could make gallery walls in ever inch of my home, I feel like that might be overkill though. I know, I just need a bigger house! It will solve my problem of creating more than I have room for.

I hope you guys get the point of posts like this and enjoy them, I want to make decorating accessible for everyone. I always get comments from people mentioning they don’t have the time, money, or skills to have a home fully decorated. But, you do! Thinking outside of the box, being creative and making your home yours are what will create that dream home for you. All of these ideas are low cost, sometimes no cost, and with only a few steps to create your own!

Do you enjoy wall art as much as I do? What about gallery walls? I have to limit myself… the struggle is real!



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  1. I love the beach items you, something true to my heart! I can’t get enough of shells, or anything beach related! You cease to amaze me with your projects! Your projects are always stylish and trendy. Love the humor about the hoarding lol

  2. Glad I saw this post! I am coming with ideas for a wall gallery in our hallway. You’ve got some great ideas. Love your home, it is decorated beautifully.

  3. I love all this decor! I’ve been living in my house for 9 years, and it’s so sad how little wall decorating I’ve done. I really need to get on that, and love how you use things from around the house to create new decor

  4. Deborah Reid says:

    I love your ideas, The upcycling of used items , the use of unusual things to make wall art.. you have given me some great ideas and i thank you sincerely!!

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