Simple home decor, using rope for decorating

Simple home decor, using rope for decorating

Time for Simple home decor, using rope for decorating . We all know I like easy and low cost ideas to decorate the home. It is just one way to make decorating your home the way you want without breaking the bank. If you can use items that would normally be thrown out that is even better, reduce, reuse, recycle and all of that wonderfulness. This project combines all of those things into a cute, coastal craft to make!

tin can upcycle

Hi guys, how is the week treating you? This has been a rough week for me, in fact I am having a hard time believing it is just Wednesday today. I had my whole week planned, it was all about the simple here as well as in my life. Gavin, my littlest little turns 5 tomorrow! So we were going to have his party on Saturday, I needed to clean the house, wrap some gifts, celebrate a special boy and share simple home decor ideas here. Then, life hits me in the form of the soon-to-be-birthday boy getting Pneumonia. He got hit hard with what I thought was a cold on Saturday, that turned into super high fever and him looking miserably sick. A doctors appointment, X-ray (which was really fun according to Gavin) confirmed this week is anything but simple. The party is canceled, he is out of school for the week, and I am becoming super Mommy whose arms can keep any icky feelings away, including while sleeping.

It is so hard and scary to watch your child be sick and know that only I can do is comfort him, love him, and give him anything his tiny heart wants. He is still feeling “yucky” as he says. I am holed up with him, most likely setting myself up for a sickness of my own. But, that is the hazard of being a Mommy, I would willingly sign up for Pneumonia to hug and love my little one back to health. With that being said, this weeks theme on the blog and today’s post of Simple home decor, using rope for decorating is super fitting. I am in desperate need of simple this week. We all are at times, because of sick kids or because… well… life happens. We want to decorate, but time, money or even skills prevent us from doing it the way we want. Today I am sharing some simple ways to decorate with rope, twine, or jute string. All of it goes into the same category, and all of it is being used like crazy in stores right now for home decor. I am sharing a new simple craft, some previous rope projects as well as a few store bought items with rope. All of them can be easily replicated for your home.

rope and tin can craft

Here is the grand supplies for today’s project. I warned you I am keeping things simple and easy. After the week I have had and will have tiny crafts are what keep me sane. Some people need a glass of wine at the end of a rough day, just hand over my glue stick, some rope, a recycled item and let me have at it. That is my “me” time.

tin can upcycle

I placed a few hot glue gun lines on the tin can and started winding the rope around the can. Every row placing another glue line in certain spots to keep the rope secured.

rope vase

It was done in minutes, but I felt a little something more was needed.

shell craft

Shells! You all know me and my obsession with all things coastal. Growing up in Southern California, and us going back once a year, we collect a ton of shells. They sit all over my home in various states, and pulled two pretty ones from my collection.

gluing shells

Put some glue on the shell.

adding shells

Press the shell into the rope.

rope craft

I loved this tiny addition.


White and gray put together, this is what dreams are made of. My dreams at least, I dream in colors and coastal decor items. True story.

easy craft ideas

using shells for decor

This is such a simple way to use a can that was literally set to be recycled. I recycled it in a different way.

vase upcycle

Some fresh roses on the table and this setting is perfectly coastal!

rope circle

Another really simple project I made years ago is this wood circle. I made two of them with wood scraps and wrapped jute rope around them. I set them in random spots and they add such a great tiny rustic element.

bark decor

They are currently on my dining table with beautiful birch trunks purchased from a craft store. Dale always side eyes me when I purchase rocks, sticks or tree’s from a store. I am a big time upcycl-er and live by reduce, reuse, recycle. But, sometimes nicely created pieces like this are worth the purchase.

coastal table decor

This tin can upcycle and rope decor sits on the tray I recently made. It is weird to think that the items used to make this center piece is wood, shells, rope, tin cans, and a few glass vases purchased from Goodwill. Nothing fancy on their own, but put together they become beautiful dining room decor.

shell decor

using rope for decor

I am loving the simple and light coastal decor right now. Don’t get me wrong, I will never quit the pops of blue’s and busy patterns. It will forever have my heart, but this natural and soft colors help balance it all nicely.

coastal vase upcycle

I am not just talking about this tin can upcycle, but more importantly Simple home decor, using rope for decorating so I have a few other examples of ways to use rope in your home. With my home having a coastal/rustic feel the rope and twine fit right in. To me rope comes off very beachy, and it also can be used to soften up some more rustic pieces.


Like this computer tray I made.  With it’s industrial feel it could have come off a bit too cold. The twine added was a last minute addition I thought of while taking a shower. It is where I do my thinking, also my singing like Mariah Carey. I won’t show off that talent, but I can show off my random deep decorating thinking. I decided to add the twine to the handles and am so happy I took that shower. Also, because I had crazy spray paint stains and saw dust in my hair.


One of the first projects I shared here is this really easy way to decorate a glass hurricane. I wound up some rope into the base of this vase, it added a fun touch to my coffee table decor. A little back story, this glass hurricane no longer exists. My kids were running around, holding a blanket between them, one went to the left of the coffee table and one went right. The blanket went down the center of all of these glass vases. What resulted is this vase getting flung onto the floor and shattering, three kids bolting out of the room, all blaming the other one. They are a tight crew until something happens, then it is all man for himself.

All of the decor in my home is cheap, low cost and most purchased secondhand. It may look fancy or decorated but this home is where my kids run and play. I always decorate knowing that accidents like this can and will happen. This was actually only the second broken item in my home. Well other than the walls, we have a few random holes because my son likes to skateboard in the house. A flying skateboard damage walls, who knew?


Another way to use rope is for wall art. I created these simple frames for two posters. They are in my boys’ bedroom and I adore the addition of the rope!


I made this moss B and hung it in a frame for some front porch art. Tiny little things like this are exactly what I am talking about. Nothing fancy was done, or too complicated. But I ended up with a fun outdoor art piece.


Oh fall, I do love decorating for that time of year. It brings out the country in my decor so much. I am not sure why, but it creeps in. I made these cute fall signs with rope and some spare wood boards. I am not wanting to rush Spring and Summer and impatiently waiting for it to warm up. But the consolation price to summer ending is always the beautiful fall weather and fun decorations.

anchor decor

Here is a example of a store bought item having rope on it. I purchased this anchor and the rope on it is so perfectly strewn on it. That is always a good sign that I have not taken my home decor to a weird place, if there are some items in the stores that can fit with my home-made items then I am onto a good thing. Not that I need to be trendy, but knowing my ideas are generally liked by others makes me feel confident in what I am doing.



A really easy way to add a little special something to vases is rope and twine. They go together so perfectly well. I added some small details to this group of vases and the results are perfect for the rustic/coastal theme in my home.


Mason jars! Let’s all admire and bow down to the versatility of these. I keep a bunch on hand around my home because they come in a bunch of different sizes and I can put fresh flowers in them. But, they can be a little boring. They are so easy to add different things to them to make them all have a different feel. I added twine and a washer to these mason jars,  I got a slightly rustic and industrial feel to the classic mason jars.

tin can upcycle

The best part of simple decor ideas like using rope is that it creates new decor from your existing decorating items. Without having to go out and get new vases or art you can reuse what you have and just dress it up more. Simple home decor, using rope for decorating is another low cost and simple way to have those little details of a home taken care of. No, using rope will not magically turn your home from the before of Fixer Upper to the stunning ship-lap crazy after home that Joanna Gaines creates, but it can make your existing home feel a little more put together. Little additions like these are the earrings or necklace to an outfit.

I am off to continue the trend of simple for today and cuddle my miserably sick little one. While I simultaneously disinfect every surface in my home, get some presents wrapped, two healthy kids to and from school, and generally keep this house functioning. You know… simple day. We are still celebrating Gavin’s birthday tomorrow, low key with just the 5 of us and his party has been postponed by a week. Letting the little guy have some time to heal. One thing that is not simple, kids growing up. Why are they determined to do it so fast? He was a tiny little one just moments ago!

How is your week going? Any tips to completely disinfect a home without killing the good germs? 




  1. This is a super cute idea! It’s simple yet gives it a great look! I have lots of seashells that I would love to use with this project! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. I love the tin can vase. It would work really well on my porch because I can’t use glass out there because the wind knocks things over and breaks them. I hope your son feels better soon!

    • Thanks! I am the same way with things outside, we get crazy strong winds here and have to be careful with what I put outside. My son is finally starting to feel better today, thank you!

  3. Oh My goodness, I am in love with this DIY, its right up my alley! I have tons of shells from our beach and you got me motivated to use them. thanks for your beautiful tutorial.

  4. I love this simple little vase. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope your little guy feels better soon. Pinning!

  5. I love it very creative and simple to make! Pinned.

  6. Loving what you did with the tins. The rope gives it a very rustic feel.

  7. super cute and really easy! i love it!!

  8. Love your ideas! I have thick ropes laying around, so I should do something like this!

  9. Great ideas here Emily. Rope is such a versatile material, you can do so much with it. We created wine racks using rope and to my surprise folks love it. I personally love the rustic feel of using rope.

    Great ideas here 🙂


  10. What a great transformation! I love how it turned out.

  11. Rosalie Rogers says:

    I need an idea of how thick the rope is. has very thin to very thick rope and it gives measurements in millimeters or inch fractions. What should I look for?

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