Simple home decor, creative ways to use paper

Simple home decor, creative ways to use paper

simple home decor

I want to get real with you guys, lets have some girl talk. I love home decor, I am sure you do as well which is why you are here. I think there are two types of home decorating fans. The ones that decorate and the ones that love it but are scared to take chances. Or worry they don’t have the time or money to decorate their home the way they want. But, this is not true! I felt the same way when we purchased our home, I wanted the “magazine ready” dream home, and figured I could not get it because I did not have a mansion, by the beach, with a massive double staircase and a matching big bank account. OK, so I cant help you get that…. but I can help you with a few Simple home decor, creative ways to use paper. 

This whole week I will be sharing some simple home decor ideas. One of these ideas alone gives a way to add a little something to your home. Combine a few of these and you have a decorated home. To me a lot of the “magazine ready” homes are ones that are decorated from top-to-bottom. That always includes the tiny details, I feel like that is what sets a fully decorated home apart. Those are the things that are so easy to add to a home! Each day this week I will be sharing some simple ways to decorate, all with a different theme. I can show you the crazy home renovations I have done, the complicated furniture redo’s, or I can show you the ways anyone can decorate their home. This week, it is about the subtle, simple, easy, low cost ways to decorate your home. Today, lets talk about paper! 


When I say using paper to decorate, I am not meaning pull out the Sunday paper and put it on the walls, or  how to clean up a home once it was toilet papered. You can use paper in many ways for your home, the stereotypical would be wall paper. But, that goes more in the lines of detailed home renovations, we are keeping it simple today. Using wrapping paper, craft paper, construction paper, or even computer paper are some of the simple ways to decorate. This wall art above I made with a silhouette of my kids.

One of my favorite ways to decorate in general is with wall art, I have wayyyy too many ideas for wall art. Using paper is a fun way to decorate a home with wall art without breaking the bank.

chevron home decor

Aside from wall art, I also really, really like putting function in my home. I have three kids, who seem to be committed to making my home messy. I am just as committed to keeping it organized. I don’t go crazy with labels, bins or baskets (not too much at least) but I do try to encourage my kids to help us keep things organized. I am not going to be the only one trying around here. I purchased these paper organizers for our mudroom area. I fancied them up with chevron paper. I like patterns, turquoise, and function. I got to do all of these in this really easy project with paper.


I feel like I am laying out all of my decorating habits right now. I like to add function, organization, upcycling, and I also move things around a lot in my home. I have figured out the best layout for the furniture in my home so I do not move them around a lot. Tiny accessories, I move those all the time! I look like a confused and lost person, walking around with random objects in my hands. Setting it down, tilting my head certain ways (which never helps, but we all do it). Then I either leave the object or pick it up and keep walking around until I find a new place for the item to stay for exactly one day. Then I pick it up and move it around again, a weird decorating circle of life. I create, set up, admire, move, ponder, set up, admire, and then move. This is how I spend my days….

Because of this constant movement of items in my home I like to keep a fair amount of “fillers” for my home. Like various vases, small knick-knacks, or these paper flowers I made.  These are so pretty and easy to make. I created a video for all of you to see that I am not exaggerating this, anyone can do this and the possibilities are endless with size, color and pattern.

kids quote DIY wall art

oh, wall art! I just can’t quit you! I made this 3-D hot air balloon art that is in a gallery wall in my boys bedroom. I love the whimsical feel of the colors, and of course that Dr. Seuss phrase is so sweet. Using paper for wall art is like putting peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich, it just works. Confession, I stole from my kids art supplies, until I got smart and purchased my own art supplies. Which I now have to smuggle into my home, and never let my kids know they exist. Just like if I want to eat a cookie or a candy bar I have to smuggle it in and eat in the dark of my closet. Kids can sniff out any treats, or art supplies.

Being a Mom is hard work,  crafting and art supplies are a hot commodity around here. This has resulted in my daughter Nora whispering to me her demands for more construction paper, me making sure she is not wired and her brothers who waste construction paper are not listening in. If all is clear the drop-off happens with me meeting her in a corner of the hallway and a quick handover. I have to limit the supply from the demand, having to keep the good stuff for me.


I just redid my bedroom that I also use as a office/craft room. Using paper can add a special and beautiful detail to furniture. This is what I used as the backing in this cubby storage piece I have all of my craft supplies in. The ones that I do not have to hide from my kids. This is peel and stick paper, and is so easy to use. I am obsessed with this idea and am literally holding myself back from adding paper to the back of every cabinet. I love the look, but don’t want to turn it into a situation of too much of a good thing.


The wonderful thing about decorating with paper in a home is that most of the paper you will find is sooooo cheap to purchase. Which means you can change things around, update easily. I made this serving tray, and added this cute wrapping paper to the tray. I can actually change out the paper on a whim, which happens a lot.


I used the same paper, and a few more additions to dress up some glass hurricanes for my spring decor.  Guys, these are all just wrapping paper purchased form Target and some well places double sided tape. Just like double sided tape saving celebrities from any “wardrobe malfunctions” this tape made wrapping paper into bright and fun decor for a home.  Although, if the tape fails in this case you would just see some glass vases and faux flower stems. A lot less innocent then if a person’s double sided tape on a outfit fails, bigger issues in that case, just ask Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

Oh friends, I could go on and on with these simple ideas, talking all kind of paper. You get the ideas though, paper of all kinds is a legit decorating addition. I have all of the simple home decor ideas planned for the week but maybe I should change one and just share ways to use tape and glue. It is surprising how often I use those two items when making things for my home. I always assumed decorating a home and being a DIYer meant serious power tools, hours of work, and maybe a lost finger. But, that is not the case with most home decorating. It is all in the details, the small additions that make a home.

simple home decor

Like today with the Simple home decor, creative ways to use paper. I don’t remember what prompted me to use paper, wrapping paper or construction paper in my home as decor. Maybe it all started in my preschool days… not sure, but I am happy I made the connection. It allows me to think outside the box, try new things, and gives me fun ways to update the decor in my home. Tomorrow will be another way I use simple things to decorate or create home decor. I love sharing these easy ideas, I can impress you with my eventual laundry room redo, or a detailed furniture redo. But, the simplicity of decorating and those ideas are what we all can relate to.

What is a simple way you decorate your home? Any wardrobe malfunctions of your own to share with the class?! 




  1. I love it all but I really love, love, love the paper roses you did. I would absolutely love to try that one for myself!

  2. These are all love ideas, but I really like the balloon canvas!

  3. So many great ideas! My favorite is the 3d balloon canvas. What a statement piece.

  4. So many great ideas! I am partial to the balloon idea though since that is my favorite Dr. Seuss book.

  5. I am always looking for new ways to decorate my house! Pinning this now 🙂

  6. All of these are great ideas, but I especially love the paper flowers, so cute!

  7. Absolutely love the serving tray! I would love to do that and have various designs for each season.

  8. I love using paper to decorate. Especially since you can swap it out when you don’t like the pattern or color anymore.

  9. I will definitely be doing the plant paper liners…… I have a window garden that I could continually update with the season! Brilliant! And reasonable too! Thanks

  10. The family silhouette project is awesome! Such a great keepsake, too!

  11. The vases are so pretty! I love that it’s so easy to just take the paper off and “rewrap” to go with the change of seasons.

  12. SO creative, I love repurposing and teaching my kids about it too.

  13. I love to find new ways to use paper. I used to be a Stampin’ Up! Demo so still have a great stash of beautiful paper. I love the paper roses!

  14. I love the idea of lining wiring baskets with decorative paper. What a cute and simple way to add a little character!

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