Simple bathroom updates

Simple bathroom updates

simple bathroom updates

Ok guys, this week has been brutal on me… But I made it to the end, Friday is upon us and I am talking about Simple bathroom updates! For anyone who missed this week, I was all about simple ideas to decorate. I shared ways to use paper and rope to decorate. I needed the simple because Gavin who is my youngest was sick with Pneumonia all week. It was also his Birthday yesterday, my baby is 5! With this week being crazy, the simple home decorating remedies were much needed. Also some kid-free retail therapy!


**This is a sponsored post, my opinions of the brand are my own**

I left my Gavin napping, Dale was working from home and I ran nicely left home all by myself! I cranked loud music in the car, even with some curse words in it, woah… rebel. I got myself some coffee to perk me up and I went shopping for my home. Some girls like shoes, I like home decor items. Just how I roll. I rolled into JCPenney to get some new fluffy towels for Dale and I. This feels very decadent to me because we have used the same hard, scratchy towels we purchased in our first apartment over 12 years ago. It was time to treat us to some fluffiness.

home towels

Guys, this weekend they are having a crazy store and online wide sale. The Penney Days sale, you buy one item and get one for 1 cent. Say what?!!! This sale is running now until April 17th. I found these plush Home brand towels and knew I was in lurve with them. Not love, lurve with them. I need my towels like I need my chocolate chip cookies… big! I like to wrap myself in them. Also, because Dale and I were like two college kids with random towels, I was looking to upgrade to the fancy stuff.

Because I was enjoying my “me time” I took way too long perusing the home section, I got some weird looks from the employees. I was doing circles and happily shopping. I left with two over sized towels, and two smaller towels. All for under $30 total, which blew my mind. I also left with two purses, which we don’t need to talk about. OK a little bit, they are dreamy, pretty and nothing like a diaper bag. I have a newly minted little that is 5, which means my kids are 8,6 and 5. My diaper bag toting days are over.

big towel

I took my finds home, Gavin was awake and apparently feeling perkier. He is in lurve with these towels too. He has a blue blanket and insisted these are his new blue blankets. I was about to throw down for these towels, they are mine! I wanted to show you all how big they are and asked Gavin to model them for you, I figured a cute little guy wrapped in a towel is adorable. A grown woman wrapped in a towel is all kinds of things, and not one of them would be adorable. I know my place, it is behind the camera and styling the home.

towels before

Of course I had to do a little sprucing up of my bathroom. I layered the two different sized and colored towels on this towel rack.


Broke out my twine.

cute towel idea

Tied it around and added a few sticks. It fits in with the nature theme in this bathroom!

gavin cape

While I was doing this, Gavin was being superman with the new towels. I knew these were exciting but he took it to a whole new level. In case you missed it, I recently redid my bedroom and you can see it all here. This is where Gavin is base jumping in these pictures.


bathroom after

Once I wrangled the towels from Gavin and Dale bribed him with food I was able to set them up. Our master bathroom we redid about two years ago, it is tiny and that cannot be helped no matter how much sprucing up I do. We do not even have room for a bath towel rack. I set a few on the top of the toilet (so fancy) and we drape the wet ones over the shower. There is a shower in here, it is to the right of the above picture. You have to close the door to get into the shower. I told you it was small. Somehow we make it work, with (gasp) only one sink! According to House Hunters that is a major no-no.

The new over sized towels where they are sitting is perfect for reaching out after showering and grabbing one. One day maybe I will have a big enough bathroom to have an actual towel rack or at the very least a place to put a few hooks. Fingers crossed… dream big Emily! 

galvanized pipes

In keeping with the theme of the week I wanted to highlight the toilet paper holder and hand towel rack in here. I used galvanized pipes purchased from a hardware store. I love the rustic feel and they are really unique.

pipe details

pipe towel holder

The light towels and the dark pipes are a great combination.

simple bathroom updates

Our newest bathroom additions. A little backstory, the nature pictures are actually pictures from a calendar purchased from The Dollar store. Wall art at a major discount!

new towels

turqoise towels

jcpenny towels

I planned to get towels with a different color, away from my standard turquoise or gray. Then I saw these light blue/teal ones and I was done for. They are very subtle with the color so it is not exactly what I go for. There were some amazing colors and patterns with other towels at the store, and I have non-buyers remorse in not picking up some of the fun patterned ones for the kids bathroom. You all know what non-buyers remorse is, when you DON’T buy something and are still thinking about it once you are home. Yeah, I figured you knew the feeling. This weekend I will be going back to pick up some brightly colored ones for the kids bathroom, maybe a few more for Dale and I to have on hand too.

bathroom details

bathroom redo


This bathroom with it’s tiny space is always this picked up. I do not like things left out on the counter or not put away. Even one item out of place makes the room feel impossibly small and cluttered. It does help me keep things neat and clean though!

stick decor

This is such an easy little addition to a hand towel.

new bathroom

twine towel holder

bathroom redo

I warned you about this week, all about simple ideas. This Simple bathroom updates consisted of some new fluffy towels and a quick addition of twine. Oh, also mentioning my unique towel and toilet paper holder. I like to impress you all, and the big renovations are so fun to do. But, I think anyone can relate to little changes like this, easy and low cost ways to decorate. Also a good sale, anyone can relate to a good sale! I think that is the full-proof way of knowing if you are an adult. When someone comments on something you own saying they like it, instead of bragging or ignoring the compliment you turn into a full on sales person explaining how much you paid and how you saw something similar for wayyy more. We can all learn from each other and want to brag about our fiscally responsible selves. Home decor is about exciting, fun, maybe a little bit of showing off, but mostly it is about making it accessible for all. We all want a dream home, the fully decorated home, so these simple decor ideas are what we use day to day to make that dream home happen.

Any recent simple updates you have done to your home? How long did it take you to get plush and fancy towels?


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  1. Love those towels! They look so lovely and spa-like. I’m ashamed to say that I also have towels kicking around from my university (or even pre-university) days…

    • I love the new towels! I feel you on waiting to buy new towels, it is such an overlooked thing to update. But was worth it so much!

  2. I love the colors you chose for this room. It gives it a very calm effect. I also love the cute idea for the towels! My kids would make a mess of that in minutes but I love the look of it! You always add such nice little details to your decorating!

  3. Gorgeous bathroom Emily and I luv yer little super towel men!!! LOL…cutie!

  4. I love how simple and easy this is!

  5. I love the ideas for this bathroom. It definitely makes me want to spruce up mine! I love the white tiles with darker grout lines, too.

  6. Your updates always make me so jealous. I wish you’d just come fix our house for us! Our bathroom is halfway updated so it’s half 1950’s retro and half modern. It looks terrible!!!

  7. And now I need to update the bathroom look…

  8. I love the spa-like vibe that you have created in your bathroom!! I just recently got some big, fluffy towels for our bathroom and it made all the difference 🙂

  9. We are getting ready to redo our bathroom, so this is helpful!

  10. Really pretty. Love the new towels.

  11. I love the industrial pipe hand towel holder and the sticks and twine wrapped around the towels. I love all things non traditional. What cute ideas!

    • Thank you! I love a little bit of non traditional too, I figured I could pull it off because I had the very classic subway tile as a grounding aspect.

  12. Love all the updates Emily! There’s nothing like new towels and also my other favourite is clean bedsheets!

  13. I love your bathroom and all the updates you did. The towels look very nice. And, your son is a cutie!!

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