Front door makeover, how to paint

Front door makeover, how to paint

front door makeover

Hi Friends! It has been so long since we talked last, which I am so sorry for. Two weeks ago my littlest little Gavin was sick with Pneumonia, then last week he decided to share it with me. Needless to say, I did not have myself together enough to share anything here or do anything around the house for that matter. I managed to get kids to school, fed and in bed on time. That was my magic accomplishments between being miserably sick. I will take me being sick over my little guy being sick, that was downright torture to see him so sick. I gladly held him in my arms for many nights, kissing his too hot face and rosy cheeks. I cuddles him close with the knowledge I would probably get sick too. My only thought was comforting him. He got better and I got worse, I expected it. I took it like a champ, who wanted to be cuddled and taken care of too. No red carpet bedside care for Mommy though, which is fine. I am a tough chick!

There is a happy ending to this sordid tale, it involves me getting better… yay! It also involved me getting back to my ever present need to DIY. I get an itch to paint, craft or sand something. I have been itching to do a front door makeover for a while now. The weather finally warmed up and I am no longer sick. Today I am sharing the full reveal of my improved entryway and how to paint a front door. 


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Here is what my front door looked like for my Spring home tour. Perfectly nice, but nothing special. The color of the interior side is a cream color. The front of the door is a forest green which matches our shutters on the exterior of our home. Now, before I go any further I will say that this is a partial makeover. I did not get to do the full scope because I have a Home Owners association, which apparently requires exterior doors to match the exterior shutters. I did not know this until I made an off-hand comment of us refreshing our front door to one of my neighbors, who informed me of the rules. We are holding off on painting the front door now to decide if we want to have new shutters as well.

I won’t complain about our HOA because they are lovely people that keep our neighborhood looking gorgeous and work hard to keep us all happy. They are also ladies who lunch, have perfectly manicured hands and scare me. In the loveliest of ways possible of course (honestly.) I guess I did not read the fine print in the HOA agreement. I was determined to go through with this makeover of my front door and settled for a new interior paint color and some new door hardware from Unhinge Hardware.  For now, I will either be repainting the front forest green for a tiny refresh. Or going big and replacing the shutters to a dark gray and then painting the front of the door to match. Guess which one I want? Go big or go home, I am already home but going big when it comes to home decor is always best!

painters tape

I was worried how to paint this door, I had visions of it either becoming a showstopper new front door or a DIY fail. All with visible paint strokes, lines and a horrible color. In my mind I only have extremes, perfect or a hot mess. The key for this is first, prep. Because I am putting new hinges on the door too I was not too worried about those getting paint on them. It is best to paint the door laying down flat, but the weather was still a chilly 50 degrees here, too cold to take the door completely off it’s hinges and have the front wide open tot he elements. Tape up the windows, trim, and frame. I used painters tape so that once I am done painting I can peel it off and the paint stays on the door.

dark gray paint color

The other key is the paint itself. I chose a exterior acrylic, latex house Maxbond. This means it can handle extreme temperatures, with it being an exterior door (even if this side is in the interior) it still counts. The front door is not wood but metal, and this paint will go on perfectly with it. The color is a dark gray from Dutch Boy called Improbable. 

foam roller

I used a soft foam roller, no paint brushes were used in the painting of this door! Doing that would have given me my nightmare of a front door finish with brush strokes like crazy. Using the foam roller allows for smooth application.

one coat paint

This is with one coat spread on evenly. The key with this is to not blob it all on at once. Take your time and make the applications even.

using foam roller

Going up and down, only on the flat surfaces of the door.

soft sponge brush

For any details in the door I used a foam brush. Gently blot paint onto the details and curves of the door. In my case it is around the window trim and the door panels.

door two coats of paint

Two coats of this paint was needed for beautiful coverage.

unhinge hardware before

This beauty is going to be my new front door hardware! I got the Richmond Oil rubbed bronze handle from Unhinge Hardware. I love the curves of it, and that it matches the rest of the door hardware in my home perfectly.

front door hardware template

This helpful template came with the door hardware. My existing holes lines up perfectly except for a tiny hole at the bottom for the front side base to connect with. I marked where the tiny hole needed to go and drilled through my door. I double and triple checked my template before making the hole, there is really no turning back. But, follow the template perfectly and you should have no issue.

putting small hole in door

The new hole is ready for the pretty door handle set to go up!

how to put in door hardware

This set came with everything I needed!

dark finish hardware

Even snazzy and pretty often overlooked pieces like this.

putting in new hardware

Here is the front view! Ignore the old and ragged forest green front. I will either be repainting it forest green or painting it gray to match newly put up shutters (apparently they have to match).

front door details

The new hinges fit perfectly.

unhinge hardware handle

Be still my home decor loving heart. Little updates like this is what makes my heart go pitter-patter.

DIY painted front door

how to paint front door

This Front door makeover, how to paint; is done and the details in this door are stunning with the new paint color. Before they blended into the door itself, but the drama of this dark gray lets them shine. My home is officially 50 shades of gray (in a wholesome and non-erotic literature way).

dark dray front door

The black pipe legs on the console table I made pop so much more with this new hardware and door color. I love a room with dark painted walls, but I have never done it in my home, they scare me. I worry I will not be able to pull it off. However, this dark gray door is giving me dreams of dark walls. I think I can do it!


The ceiling light was a makeover I did to update the lighting in my home. Another simple use of paint that makes a huge impact!

front door handle

small entryway

Guys, this front door makeover is making me so happy! I had my reservations on if I could do it, I am legit DIYer but sometimes I let my doubts get the better of me. However, with the right supplies, and taking my time I was able to make my door turn out beautifully.

dark gray door

front door

I know gold or brass is a big deal right now and a huge trend. But, I cannot quit my love of oil rubbed bronze. It feels so classic to me and I hope (fingers crossed) that means it is will be timeless. I will never convince Dale we need to spend time or money to redo all of these finishes in a few years time. Not happening.

front door makeover collage

Alright Ladies and Gents, this project is done! I feel great, back to my good ‘ole self. I am constantly needing to be busy, doing things, and creating. Since I cannot sew, cook, play music, or do any other creative things, mine is all about the home. I am back in action and going crazy with my ideas. Gavin is on the mend, I have disinfected every surface of my home, people in it and dogs… just in case. To break me back into home projects I started with this Front door makeover, how to paint and am looking to revamp my outdoor space next, and finally finish the laundry room. There is also some major-ish talks happening with Dale and I on what we are going to do with our home. Possible changes coming up and ones I will be asking your advice on soon. Can you tell I am feeling better and beyond obsessed with home projects? My two week break made me stir crazy!

Front door makeover (1)

Have you ever painted a door before? Oh, do you have any DIY fails? 


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