DIY picture frame

DIY picture frame

Hi friends! This week has been a little crazy for me, it was spring break last week and I had all three kids home… all day… staring at me. I had their crazy expectations of entertaining a 8, 6, and 4 year old. Spoiler alert, at some points I failed miserably. The two older ones are back in school full time and my youngest is in his normal preschool routine. I have been trying to clean up the mess, get caught up on work, showering again (yay). I am back into my normal routine and realizing I need to get a new game plan for when summer comes. This former Stay at home Mom is now officially a Work from home Mom and singing ABC’s all day long is not going to happen. I have words to write, Pinterest to fill with ideas, and home decor to… well… decorate. Which is what I am doing today! I made this DIY picture frame for the artwork in my new bedroom.

poster title

wall art collagedifferent color

I love to create wall art, as you can see from the above picture. I think the reason I am obsessed with it is because when I first purchased our home I wanted wall art but the good stuff was so expensive. So I had to create it on my own, and I have not stopped since. In fact, I need to buy a new home with just miles of blank walls so I can fill it with more! This wall art I am talking about today is featured in my bedroom/office/craft room. I shared the full reveal a few days ago.

flower poster

This beautiful poster was purchased at Hobby Lobby. This is my second foray into fancying up poster pictures. My first go around was in my boys’ bedroom when I made some fun wall art and frame. This is a throw back to me to by-gone days, I used to decorate with posters all the time in my childhood bedroom. Back then the posters consisted of NSYNC, Hanson, and Britney Spears, I have graduated to classier options for wall art. Not so much music, I still happily rock out to all things 90’s way too often. But, back to this simple poster that is more than enough to have beautiful wall art for a grown up home with or without 90’s music playing.

wood pieces

Of course I could have purchased the poster and a frame, but I am DIY for life (I should get a tattoo with that phrase) and knew that the simple frame was something I can do for sure. So can you! I also saved money because a large frame from a store this size would have been a lot of money. I used thin pine wood pieces that I had in my garage, measured the size of the board and cut the ends at a 45 degree angle. These will make them flush on the corners.

glue on back

Next comes the super fancy stuff, grab your glue stick. I guess we are doing a throw back project all the way today, talking about NSYNC, posters on walls and glue sticks for the project. And yes, I am blasting 90’s jams while I write this, you should be too! I used the glue stick to put on the back of the poster itself. I kept the cardboard that the poster came on and that is what I am gluing the poster onto. Reduce, reuse, and recycle here.

gluging down

I centered the poster picture onto the cardboard. Then bringing out the big guns in crafting, quick drying and serious glue.

putting heavy glue on poster

I lined some of this glue on the very edge of the cardboard and the poster image.

DIY poster frame

Make sure all is aligned right and then push the wood down. The frame is made!

how to make hook

Now for even fancier stuff, I am really impressing you all here. I DIY-ed my own picture hanger using tacks and a twisty tie. Putting my contraption on the top and center of the picture. I was able to do this because my supplies make this thing weigh nothing. If I had used a wood board backing instead of the cardboard, or bulkier wood for the frame I would need a standard hanger. This is hanging above the bed and weirdly enough it falling onto our heads at night does not sound like a good time. So this light wall art I made will be fine, but if you are using heavier supplies get an actual hanger and screw it into the wall art back.

DIY hook

Only the best of supplies and ideas are shared here people. I know…. mind blown….

bed ideas

What is mind blowing is how pretty this picture and DIY picture frame is! It is soft, sweet and the pine wood of the frame left as is roughs it up a little. I have to share this room with Dale, who is a man. All of these pops of pink (that would be a really good band name) and flowers needs to be manned up a little, hence the un-finished wood. I am not sure if that is sufficient for him, but he has not complained. I think he is just happy to have a semblance of a bedroom back, with a spot for him to sleep. He puts up with the flowers.

top of frame

wall art ideas

I think if I had wanted to paint the frame it would have been a simple white. Let the beauty of the poster print shine.

frame details

DIY poster frame

Who knew with the help of a DIY picture frame a poster can become actual works of art?! I would have been the classiest teenager ever with my NSYNC posters if I had just put the wood frame around them. Missed opportunity to show my 15 year old mature status. Fun and random fact, I gave all of my old pop CD’s to my 8 year old daughter Nora. She has an alarm clock that has a CD player in it, she blares NSYNC, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey daily. I always find myself in there singing and dancing with her, just like old times.

flower wall art

flowers on pillow

The little pops of pink were not planned. But when I was adding the finishing touches in this room, I felt a little pink would be perfect in here. I have not decorated with it in the rest of my home too much but the softness of it is so sweet in this bedroom.

master bedroom collage

As you can see, this DIY picture frame floral print fit right in with the soft, bright and slightly rustic room. I have elements of all three, and they all function in my office and craft room. Somehow making it work well enough that it does not seem like a bed has been thrown into a craft room. That was my goal, and I think I accomplished it! I also now know a way to class-up some NSYNC posters when Nora decides to become boy band obsessed. With some wood, glue, and tacks are the best way to class-up things for sure. I need to write a etiquette book on decor, only the best decor advice here!

Seriously, I hope you all get my sarcastic humor. I have low cost and simple solutions to decorate a home, sometimes fancy, sometimes practical and some times fun. In this case glue sticks did the job perfectly fine to create a large wall art. 


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  1. Simple, but beautiful!

  2. This is so beautiful Emily! I love the picture, but the frame really adds to it! Pinned!

  3. My walls have been mostly bare the entire 4 years we’ve lived here. I would like to put some wall art and family pictures on the wall, but I’m afraid I won’t do it right. This has inspired me to go ahead and do it.

    • Do it! There is no right or wrong way to decorate your home, as long as you love it is all that matters. Putting wall art up is such a simple way to customize a space and really make it feel like your own.

  4. I love how your frame turned out!! What a great way to make an easy frame for a pretty print.

  5. What a great project! This is just the type of thing my dad loves to do, I am going to forward this post to him. Maybe he will get the hint and make something for us!

  6. Simple yet classy. I think it looks beautiful and matches with the pillow on your bed. Oh, and not too much pink, lol.

    • I am so happy you don’t think it is too much pink. I think I added just a little, but it is nice to have others say the same thing.

  7. I love the contrast of the pine with the image. What a simple DIY that saved you money!!

  8. The framed picture really completes the look of the room! So pretty.

  9. What a great idea and I have several big empty walls here that need art. Looks like I know what to do now!

    • Thank you! I have to say, I am so envious of you with empty walls. I am running out of wall space. Have fun decorating yours!

  10. That frame is absolutely fantastic! I really love that understated look, and it seems super easy to make.

  11. I always wanted to make my own picture frames, you make it look soo simple!

  12. No, seriously I love you! I wanted to make a lightweight frame for the posters above my kids’ beds and now I find this, plus I’ve seen other things you’ve done andI love your style, only problem I tried to follow you on blogger but it seems I can’t. 🙁

    • Hi Alessandra, I am so happy you found this helpful! Thank you so much for your sweet words, I am happy you like my style. You cannot follow me on blogger because my blog is not hosted there. You can follow me through a ton of social media, if you scroll to the top of my blog there is a picture of me and all of the social media icons under it. Click on any of those and you can follow there. I always update my social media with new posts. To get daily updates, as well as access to free printables you can subscribe to my email newsletter, here is the link for that. I hope you are able to find a way that works for you to follow me, let me know if you need any other help or maybe I am missing a social media you prefer to use. Let me know! Have a great day!

  13. I cant figure which is better – your DIY skills (with lots of class) or writing style (with lots of humor)

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