Spring silk floral arrangement and paint dipped mason jars

Spring silk floral arrangement and paint dipped mason jars

DIY spring floral arrangement

I have said it before, yesterday actually, but…. is it Spring yet?! I am ready for warm temperatures, more outside fun, no snow, and my flowers!!! I have some beautiful blooms in my garden. Hydrangeas and roses are my top faves and I am eager to see them blooming, I know it is a few months away at least. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create Spring silk floral arrangement and paint dipped mason jars. Let me back track a little, today is another edition of the Ready, Set, craft challenge! This months theme is Mason jars, myself and 3 other blogging friends, Gav & Ro, Amber Oliver,  and XO Kerry are the ladies behind this challenge. When mason jars were selected for this month I was not sure what to do, there are so many options.

To me when I think Mason jars I think of flower vases. I fill them all spring and summer long with beautiful floral arrangements I make. This is your forewarning that come that time of year this blog will have some crafts, some DIY, and a whole lot of floral arrangements. I might even get fancy and post some videos, just how it will go. Time to accept the overabundance of flower posts now. Give me all of the flowers! I wanted to do something a little different to the mason jars and also find a creative way to make a spring floral arrangement, even though it is not “technically” spring yet. I used a paint dipping method to redo the mason jars and got my silk flower shopping on for this challenge!


mason jar project

I always pick up a few mason jars when I am at a consignment shop, I can buy them for close to pennies and I surprisingly go through them. Not because I break them, but I turn them into other things, add rope, glitter, lights, paper, anything. I like to have options.

turqoise paint

I also always have a ton of paint sitting around. This beautiful turquoise color is what I painted our laundry room with.

paint dipping

This is the easiest project I think I will ever share here. I shake the paint to get it mixed well, open the can. Wipe the mason jar down to make sure it is all clean and dust free.

painting mason jars

Put the mason jar directly into the paint can. Swishing it around to the desired level you want the paint to go to the jar. I wanted the paint to be slightly over half of the mason jar.

how to paint dip mason jar

Wiggle it around a little to get the line nice and obvious.

paint dipping technique

Pull the mason jar out, keep it over the paint can for a minute of two for the major dripping to stop. While waiting “ohh and ahh” over the pretty paint dipped look.

moving mason jar

I did not want to have paint collecting on the bottom when I sit it down still wet. I was not going to stand holding the mason jar above the paint can until it drys, I have better things to do then watching paint to dry. I fixed this by setting the jars down on paper and then every 5 minutes or so move the jar around, to get rid of the excess paint. So I sort of watched paint dry, but my arm was not aching from holding it up. I was able to go do stuff and come back to move the jars around.

mason jar craft

They were stunning!

fake flowers

To make the Spring floral arrangement happen without going to spend money and buy fresh flowers (which was so tempting) I decided to buy some beautiful silk flowers. I went to Hobby Lobby and figured buying some now will last me for years, think of this as an investment. Should I put this in my stock portfolio? Discuss this investment with my Tax person? I selected some hydrangeas and tulips, both of which I will have for real in a few months!

fake hydrangea

I have always been hesitant to use silk or “fake” flowers because I have flashbacks to the 80’s when people decorated with fake flowers that were somewhat corny in bulky arrangement usually in some kind of basket. This is not what I am doing. I think the thing that has always hung me up on not using silk flowers was I left them as is. Which is weird because the way I create beautiful floral arrangements with my flowers from my yard is cutting the stems and actually arranging them. So I am going to do that.

First, I decided cutting was not needed for these Hydrangea stems. I folded them in half. The brilliant thing about the paint dipped mason jars is that the bottom of this where the stems and bottoms are seen is hidden in the pretty blue paint.

stem still showing

Whomp, whomp… silk floral arrangement fail! I am still learning here folks. The folded over stem could be seen above the paint dipped bottom.

bending hydrangea stem

Take 2! I bent the stem lower and twisted it around, hoping this would all become hidden in the paint dipped bottom.

paint dipper vase

Success! These hydrangeas look legit!

tulip picture

The tulips are so dreamy, I took way too many pictures of them just sitting here in the sun.

cutting fake flowers

I felt the reason the fake floral arrangements look fake is because they come with this base stem. It makes it difficult to arrange them in anyway other then a cluster. I used garden clippers and got to hacking these down. I did feel weird clipping and cutting new flowers, I mean the receipt was still warm from being printed. But, I was a woman on a mission for a Spring floral arrangement! 

making fake flower arrangement

I clipped them all down off of the main stem.

cutting silk flowers

I decided to do the equivalent of what I did the last time I went to the hair salon, I cut a little and then just kept cutting. I ended up with a cute little bob with side bangs when I just intended to get a trim. I intended to trim these tulips and they ended up shorter and leaf-less. Like my bob hair cut, it was all for the best. I will be sharing in another post (and video)  on what I did with the leaves. Watch out for that!

bending flower stems

I folded the stems the rest of the way, going one by one to have staggering heights.


I put the tallest in the middle and then fanned out to smallest.

silk floral arrangement

This Spring silk floral arrangement and paint dipped mason jars turned out beautiful! I was actually surprised with how realistic and stunning these look! The paint dipped bottoms really helps set it all off in a sweet and whimsical feel. It also helps to hide the folded stems to have the appearance of a real, fresh cut flower. Can you feel spring coming now?

silk flowers

console table

The sweet spot for these paint dipped mason jars are on my console table.  I like the pop of color it added to this space.

paint dipped mason jar

The paint dipping technique is flawless. There is zero brush strokes, it is all pure paint and pretty.

living room with WM

I finally got a wide shot of of my new gallery wall. I had tried earlier but had some couch potatoes who would not nudge. I do like the addition of these mason jars on the tiny entryway I have. I use a lot of light colors but always need to add pops of brighter colors to make my home feel casual. I don’t want it to be a white or stark feel. We are a lively bunch here and I want my home to reflect that.

mason jar with WM

paint dipper mason jar title with WM

The process to create this was crazy easy. I feel guilty even calling it a tutorial. However, I liked the idea and thought updating some mason jars in this way is a little modern twist to the classic. I am eager to see what the other ladies created with mason jars. The fun part of this is that You can show off your mason jar creations too. Do you have a project that incorporated mason jars, an upcycle, floral display… anything! We want you to link up and show us what you created too. Ready, set, craft! 


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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    What a lovely idea this is. I love how simple it is to make, too! Very cute.

  2. I used to feel the same way about silk flowers too. Nowadays, they are made of much better quality. I just finished 2 spring-related projects using silk “faux-fabulous” flowers. 🙂

    Love how simple & pretty your mason jars came out!

  3. I totally love the versatility of mason jars – we use them for so much! This is a really cute and easy spring craft and it looks amazing.

    • Me too! I always buy some and my husband wonders what I will do with them when really the question is what WON’T I do with them? 🙂

  4. This is such a cute project! Moving them around on the paper was a great idea!

  5. What a nice diy idea for giving a house some Spring flair. My wife likes to make pens out of silk flowers to freshen up the atmosphere around her desk each Spring.

  6. Great watt use leftover paint and much decor to the house. those are really nice fake flowers too.

  7. I love your jars. They are so pretty for the Spring and Summer. Looks great displayed on your table too.

  8. I can’t get over how real those silk flowers look! I also love the blue you chose for the jars! Super cute job!

  9. Very pretty! I can’t wait for spring!!!

  10. So pretty. I love your flower choices.

  11. Very beautiful ad creative. i love the paint color too. Pinned.

  12. I love the colour you chose for the mason jar; and it matches your home too!

  13. What a fun link up! I love how mason jars are so cheap and easy to decorate with. I love what you did. Pinning!

  14. Such a cute idea! They add such a nice cheerfulness to the room, can’t wait to try this!

  15. I love this Emily! Of course, I just threw away a bunch of jars as I was cleaning out my pantry. Darn! Next time though, I’m going to do this!! Thanks for linking up with us at the Your Home Décor & More Link Party!!!!

  16. So Gorgeous, Its really looks stunning.. I love this amazing post…

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