Spring home tour 2016

Spring home tour 2016

Ah, Spring has officially sprung around here! The sun is shining, there has been some days where the windows are open. In Wisconsin this is a big deal, this time of year we have Spring emerging or a snowstorm, sometimes in the same week. But, this year my home is ready for Spring and so is the weather. Nice of Mother nature to let the two work together. I am giddy about today because I love home decor, obviously… but I also adore my blogging friends. I get to bring those two together in a wonderful Spring home tour 2016.

Spring home tour title

At the bottom of this post you will be able to go and see who shared their homes yesterday, who is sharing today and who is sharing the rest of the week. Yep, you get a whole week of Spring inspiration! We are also hosting a giveaway, with one lucky winner getting $400!!!  You can thank me in the form of chocolates and flowers.

home entryway

If you are her visiting from one of the other talented ladies and their blogs, Hi! I am so excited to have you here taking a tour of my home. I have to say, this is a great time for you to visit. I just cleaned up the place. For any of my regular peeps I have some wide shots of rooms this time around. I have had a few people mention they can’t figure out the layout of my home and I wanted to make it all a little clearer. I did this by having my house clean, which is no small fete to do. I had to banish my dogs outside, my husband to our bedroom (which is in a major overhaul) and my kids were in school. I wish my home looked like this all the time, but we live here. So I get to admire the pretty pictures as I stub my toes on a skateboard, step on Lego’s, fight with my dogs on leaving the pillows on the sofa, and deal with forever art supply messiness. I try to balance the pretty with the real around here, this is not a business this is my home. Welcome to it! 

small entryway ideas

I have done so much to this home, only a few major home renovations. Most have been tiny fixes and updates, like all of the ceiling lights. They have been replaced with secondhand finds and redo’s, it makes a huge impact on the feel of a home.

small entrway ideas

this one

I have carved out an entryway in my home from well placed furniture and putting in some wainscoting. This helps separate the small entry from the living room and dining room. I made this console table and gallery wall be focal point of the home and am not sure I will ever change them. They make my decorating heart go pitt-patter.

mason jar craft

gallery wall ideas

console table decor ideas

custom pillows

decorating with shells

I grew up in Southern California and my home reflects that so much. I tried to fight the urge for coastal decor because I felt it did not have a place in a small town home in the Midwest. But, I can’t quit the beach. We spend a lot of our summers back in California and the shells we collect are a big part of our home decor. I have embraced this style and let me coastal flag fly. Which I assume is a turquoise and gray flag with cute little crabs and a starfish on it. I imagine this is what us coastal decor lovers would wave. I am in great company as I noticed many of the homes in this Spring home tour 2016 have a coastal feel to their home.

coastal living room homes

coastal gallery wall

coastal living room ideas

I do have to blend a rustic element to the space because my husband likes a country feel. This is what marriage is all about, coming together, sharing a life, compromise, and blending the coastal and rustic decor preferences. I am almost certain those exact words were in my vows.

coffee table decor inspiration

decorating coffee table

Everything in these baskets was purchased from a thrift store. It is insane to me what people throw away! Another mans trash is my home decor treasures.

decorating with plants

scrap wood crab

spring coffee table decor

I created this coffee table by cutting down the legs of a too-small-for-my-family-of-five table and adding the wood planks to it. I love the size of this table and it fits perfectly in my over sized living room.

spring home decor


sitting room in home

spring mantel

Would you believe the fireplace decor consists of scrap wood, sticks from my backyard, glass vases and wrapping paper? Seriously, I feel like if this was a decor challenge show this is the supplies we would all be given. When you get creative and think outside of the box decorating your home does not have to feel daunting or needing to break the bank. I also love playing with colors and patterns to make the home feel more lively.

home decor blog tour

paper home decor craft

The tutorial for these wrapping paper vases can be found here. 

geometric decor

Gordmans home decor

diy window curtains

I made these curtains in our living room. I fell in love with fabric and regardless of any sewing skills in this home I had to have the fabric for my windows.

decorating with books

coastal shelf decor

The bright spiral wall art was something that I loved to create. I shared a video of the whole process and gave away another set of them. I will be sharing more wall art tutorials and hosting more giveaway. Mainly because my home only has so many walls and it cannot contain my ideas and need to create. Look out for that!

coastal shelf decorations

butterfly decor

coastal bookshelf decor

Remember when I said I love to decorate my home with colors? Well sometimes that bold color palette needs a calming base. I painted these two bookshelves a stunning and bright white. It allows me to get creative with the accessories and it does not feel overwhelming.

coastal decor

coastal decor pillows

basket decor

antique camera decor

My home is filled with personal touches, such as this antique camera. It is from my husband Dale’s family his Grandpa more specifically. I love adding pieces of each of our family. All of those people and their lives are part of ours and I want them to surround my kids. This is our home and it needs to feel personal and special.


no sew chair reupholster

living room decor

As you can see from this shot, the front door is right there, smack-dab in my living room. I dream of having a grand foyer and winding staircase. For now my separation of the entryway and the living room is a well placed sofa and some wainscoting for distinguishing the two apart. You work with what you have.

living room ideas

spring living room

The bright turquoise bench is a recent redo and I am hooked on a bold pattern to add to furniture.

bench redo

coastal entryway and dining room

We have a open concept-ish house. I add the ‘ish to it because we have the entryway, living room and dining room all within eyesight of the front and back of the house. But there are two doorways separating the kitchen and study from the main living areas. Which is nice, because kids are loud and I have three of the. A few interior walls is always a good thing. I am not crazy about the full open concept, leave a few of those load baring walls.

hallway gallery wall

We have a slightly open concept but a really long and L shaped hallway. I have put it to use as much as I can with a coastal and shell display gallery wall.  I also kept the white wainscoting going in here because there is zero windows in this space and it needed some serious brightening up.


hallway with WM 2

I warned you that I make useful space out of my home, even an un-used end of the hallway. I turned it into our family command center.  This is not Spring specific, but the bright colors work perfectly for this time of year.


Teddy and finn in hallway

“Who let the dogs in?!” Ugh, now I have that song stuck in my head. An appearance from Teddy and Finn.

spring dining room ideas

Back into the main living area, I have this dining room. I revamped it a little recently. It has never felt quite right to me. I think it is the awkward layout and that it needs to function as a dining room but also is a major walkway in the house. I am still playing around with this room and have some big-ish plans for it in the near future.

spring table decor

I just made this tray and adore the bright colors on it. When I am not using it as a serving tray I felt it was too pretty to sit in a closet.

dining room decor

Gordmans large lanterns

decorating large lanterns

I always struggle with what to put in lanterns and glass hurricanes. I thought this candle and fake garland was a simple but effective use of it.

decorating with tree bark

decorating with shells in glass

decorating table for Spring

I love the light and bright colors of Spring! 

glass vase with shells

glass hurricane decor

farmhouse dining room

coastal living room

I am still working out the details for the dining room, but I want to add some storage (because we all need more storage) and maybe rearranging the table. It works now for sure, but I want to create a more bold and bright look.

bold living room

The study, which is right off of the kitchen, we use this as the big kids play room. My kids are 8, 6, and 4, so they do not need mounds of toys. They have their bedrooms for that, but I still want to encourage creativity. So I set up this room with their books, and their art table. It is perfectly bold and more of the way I want to go in the dining room. Still light and bright but with a few more bold colors and patterns. I did the super country when we first bought the house and am transitioning into a slightly different look. I think it is just me trusting what I like and my instincts. It may not look like anyone else’s and before that scared me. Now, I love that my home is unique.

book storage ideas

I made this bookshelf out of an old spool. It is big, bulky and awkward but I will forever find space for it in my home. This is full of my kids books.

decorating with lemons

decorating with fruit

“When life gives you lemons….