Simple Spring home decor ideas, Gordmans finds

Simple Spring home decor ideas, Gordmans finds

Simple spring home decor title

Oh friends, how are you all doing? It has been a few days since I checked in, I have had a ton going on… and this week it will all be revealed! Be sure to check back in for my master bedroom/craft room reveal. This week I also have my kids home, they have Spring break. So I will be enjoying those extra cuddles, love, giggles, and pulling my hair out and yelling  being stern with my kids just a few times this week. This is the reality of two kids in school and one in preschool all being home. They are used to their routine and become wild animals when not in their natural weekday habitat. Because of this I figured I would share a few Simple Spring home decor ideas, Gordmans finds. 

Gordmans is a home decor store, if not local to you, you can also shop it online. They have all of the cute, fun, and beautiful home decor items, a lot that look like they were done DIY style. I say this fits in because I am all about the simple around here this week. I would love to take the time and whip up some new decor items, but kids, blog deadlines, writing, kids, and KIDS, make things be short and sweet sometimes. I get it, not everyone can or wants to do things DIY style. That is why I love sharing other options as well. These Gordmans finds are all able for you to get as well!

Our house now a home spring home tour collage

**This post is sponsored by Gordmans, I was provided the products. But my opinion is my own**

I shared my Spring home tour recently, but wanted to add a little more fun, color, and the beach feel to my home. I tried to keep my love of all things coastal to a few subtle hints. However, I have decided to embrace my native beach girl in full force. So these Gordmans pieces from their coastal decor line fit in perfectly with my love of the beach.

coastal table decor

Oh, this picture frame quote speaks the truth. Although on the west coast where I grew up it is called simply the beach. But, the sentiment is the same here. The quote as well as the frame all came together. All I did was open the box and set it down, and dream about the ocean. Simple! 

dark blue lamp

Oh cobalt blue. So pretty, although this is not a color I use a ton in my home. To be honest, it is because I was afraid of it. The color blue is so bold. When I first started decorating I liked safe, because I did not trust what I could do with decorating. Now, I am not sure I trust my instincts anymore than before, but I have gotten to a point that I simply don’t care. If I like it, sweet! My home, so I say what goes. I call this my “I am 30, own my home and can decorate how I please.” phase. I think this lamp would be lovely in any home, and enjoy that I can confidently put things in my home for the sake of me loving them instead of worrying if I can pull it off right.

lamp shade

This perfectly bold lamp is one of those things I would have loved but been worried I could not pull off a few years ago. Just like some women can’t pull off bright red lip stick or heels, (I can’t do either, one for safety reasons and my wanting to not break an ankle) I always worried bold patterns were hard to pull off. But this lamp is all things fun, and it has a safety net of only having two colors. So really it is not too much risk, just a little busy with the patterns. This would make a beautiful addition in any home, and let you feel a little bold in your choices.

kids play room

bookshelf decor

Some Simple Spring home decor ideas is to add color. Even if it is a simple picture frame or new lamp shade. When I think of Spring it is all about the color, inside and outside the home. So the color is what will make your home feel like Spring no matter what the additions are.


bold color living room

The old spool redo in this picture can be found here. 

Gordmans picture

Of course I love this picture frame, it has my absolute favorite color to decorate with… Turquoise!


The kids art table is on the other side of this room for a point of reference on where this little seating nook is.

bold coastal decor

dining room cabinet decor

These lanterns in my dining room I used over fall and they are also from Gordmans. I fell in love with them and knew they would become instant home decor staples. I have them in my dining room for now. I am sure they will float around my home in various ways for years to come.

decorating large lanterns

For Spring I put in a light green garland of leaves and a candle in the center. Really simple, and I love the light green color, a perfect pop of it. It can be difficult to know what to put in these lanterns,  candles are a really easy way to dress these up.

dining room cabinet

beach decor

I got this little white table from my Grandma and found a happy place for it under the window in our dining room. I have a little beachy theme going here.

happiness picture quote

The other quote picture frame from Gordmans I fell in love with. These frames look like something I could have made, which I adore. I do a fair amount of DIY home decor pieces and I do not want them to stick out from the shiny new ones. This rustic and rough edged approach to store bought items is a perfect way to blend the two.

nautical decor

whale wall art

The last new addition is the beautiful whale art! I mean, rope, wood, and metal, all in the shape of a whale… love this! I saw this art and had to keep my cool, keep it together while my home decorating insides were doing flip-flopping gymnastics moves. I get way too excited about home decor.

whale coastal art

These Simple Spring home decor ideas, Gordmans finds are the easy ways I added just a little more touch of Spring in. I cannot rely on the weather yet, it is warm-ish here in the 50’s today. So my home needs to be bright and warm.  I thought the whale art would be a perfect blend with it’s dark colors and rough finish to have on this wall with my no sew chair redo. I always try to blend colors and patterns, but with a grounding of natural elements. It seems to work out in a way that creates a warm and inviting setting. Coastal decor can sometimes come off too pristine, but my home is lived in. I think wood elements and fun patterns helps out those feelings.

Also the piles of dog hair, kids toys hidden in cushions, the trail of socks and shoes…. My home has that going for it to make it feel lived in. Case in point, this picture with the line of tea set cups in the background in the kitchen waiting for tea to be poured into. I kept my kid’s waiting long enough. It is time for me to enjoy a little Spring break, and while not exactly like a college spring break of keg stands and bikinis. In this house we have tea parties, full house participated hide-and-seek, and maybe a walk to the park. Yeah, we get crazy around here!

Do you have any kids home for Spring break? What do you like to do? I am all about simple this week, how are some simple ways you decorate for Spring?




  1. That blue lamp is adorable! I’m a bit scared of bold pattern too, but that is just fun enough that I would go for it too!

  2. Great finds! LOOOOOOOVE that side table/ book shelf!!!

  3. Your home is so bright and fresh, I have enjoyed watching it develop over this last year!

  4. These are such fun decor ideas! I especially love the book shelf and kids art desk.

  5. Love the table with the books. The blue lamp is also very nice!

  6. I need to freshen up my decor for spring. I love the colors you used plus that book table is so fun!

  7. Looks like you got some great finds. We don’t have a Gordmans here, but I will have to see what store we have that are similar. You can certainly get some unique items.

  8. I wish I had ambition to create such gorgeous home decor. This is beautifully decorated and so simple – yet so pretty. 🙂

  9. Great pieces! I love the whole look. It’s colorful and fun. Just what a playroom should be!

  10. Wow! So many great ideas. Definitely saving this for later.

  11. I was thinking how much I really loved those quote frames (I grew up on the beach too 🙂 ) and then saw that whale art and my heart just about stopped I love it so much! That’s exactly the kind of earthy, beachy, eclectic stuff I want to fill my home with. Thanks so much for sharing your style.

  12. Samantha @ What's Up, USANA? says:

    Love how you decorate your home! I love the whale picture.

  13. Absolutely adore the bookcase table! I love furniture pieces that can do double duty, and look great too.

  14. Oh my gosh! This is such a beautiful decor. Love the pop of colors that makes it a perfect spring decor. You really inspired us a lot Emily!

  15. Hello Admin,

    It’s really interesting post
    I just bought a house in December. Decorating has been fun, but quite stressful and time consuming!

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